Goodsite, 4 others to be interviewed for Norwalk superintendent job

Here are the five finalists.
Cary Ashby
Jul 15, 2014


The Norwalk City Schools board of education has interviews scheduled with five superintendent candidates this week.

Board president John Lendrum, who released the list of five candidates to the Reflector on Monday, said all the applicants have one thing in common -- their experience in administrative positions in a wide range of district sizes.

"Not all of them are from a district as large as Norwalk," he said

Lendrum said each of the candidates are from school systems that are smaller or slightly smaller than Norwalk, which has about 3,000 students.

The five candidates (and their current positions) who being interviewed this week are: Patrick Colucci (superintendent, Ashland Area City Schools); Sue Goodsite (assistant superintendent/director of curriculum and grants, Norwalk City Schools); James Millett (school administrator, Riverside Local Schools); Scott Will (superintendent, Crestview Local Schools); and Timothy Winland (superintendent, Paint Valley Local Schools).

"We have five people we are going to interview this week," Lendrum said. "I would not say these are the only people we are going to interview. These are the first people we've been able to confirm."

One candidate the board hoped to interview isn't available because he has a new unspecified job.

Geoffrey Palmer most recently was the superintendent/special assistant for transition at West Geauga Local Schools.

"He's been interviewing. He took a job elsewhere," Lendrum said.

Sixteen people originally applied to replace Dennis Doughty, who is retiring July 31 after 38 years in various positions. Ten people returned applications requesting an interview. Starting Aug. 1, Doughty, Norwalk's superintendent for five years, will be the president of Norwalk Catholic School.

Lendrum earlier told the Reflector that board members want someone who can lead the district, continue Norwalk's "excellent programs," is capable of thinking strategically and help the school system continuously improve.

"We want to be a top performing district," the board president said.



Glad to see that the School board is not even wasting their time interviewing Fred Fox. Great Move


Tell me about it. When I saw his name I couldn't help but be snarky and jokingly say that he would be a great hire. Why did he even turn in an app this close to Huron? Like people aren't going to know his reputation.


Even Geoffrey Palmer knows.

swiss family

wow the tension is building... who is it going to be??? I wonder??? I am guessing???? who is the most qualified??? who will do the best job??? who will they pick?????I can't stand it..PLEASE>> PLEASE tell us already...WE ALL know YOU are going to pick MS Goodsite... so why not just tell us?? WE ALL know you were going to pick HER as soon as SHE announced SHE was running.. so why make it even appear as if there was even a contest????????YOU do realize that you are a leading example to our children in what you you do ..right?? so why even prolong this farce??admit that it was not even a contest, please admit that as soon as this RETIRED employee threw her hat into the running, that she had he job and since then you have been lying about any contest, and get on with it..our kids are watching...and so are we... and she had better be able to run the school on the money available.. or the manure will hit the proverbial fan....

eat my shorts's picture
eat my shorts

Stop being such a tard. I like how you keep trying to make "RETIRED" out to be some kind of dirty word. She's more than proven herself qualified. Also, don't worry about her running the schools within the money available. It would be pretty hard to forget you'll be watching her every move, just waiting to throw crap at the proverbial fan (that threat even gives me the chills).

swiss family

first of all your favorite word of "tard" is a derogatory word.. it is no different than the "N" word for blacks, the "C" word for women, the "Q" word for gays, etc.. it is outdated, and offensive.. and should be dropped from the English language forever... MR J> CENTERS<
Now you tell me what the word "retired means to you?? I believe it means she no longer wants to do the job she has been doing for a very long time???? so she retired... so why then would she want to come back as a position higher than what she had?? if she couldn't do what she was doing??I do not know her but if she is burned out being second fiddle, I doubt that being top dog is a good fit, but if she comes back as librarian, part time, or bake sale coordinator, or chaperon for class trips , mostly on a class trips and school dances.. I say good for her, and go for it... but mot in the top position.. after all she quit... no one made her quit.. lets respect her wishes


I asked you this in the previous article...

MON, 07/14/2014 - 8:04AM
I'm just asking ..... If Law enforcement officer retires at 50 years old and 25 years of service, are you opposed to them, say, then being employed in some other form of security?

If you would share your thoughts it might enlighten me, as well as others.


Be careful......Your asking Swiss to share his thoughts.....


It was asked and not answered before. But thank you for your cautionary message!


It's not that they are playing favorites, it's just that they don't have the 4 pictures of the other candidates...That sounds good doesn't it?

jim collins

Here is a novel thought. If you don't like the job that the elected School Board is doing then toss your hat in the ring and maybe you will be elected. You can then work at improving the job being done. Dale Egle (Swiss Family) with your knowledge and close following of the past moves made by the Schools your involvement could possibly improve the way things get handled. Regards, Jim Collins

Cliff Cannon

Jim : I have to warn you from much prior experience. If you disagree with great, all knowing, ego maniacal 'swiss family' even in a gentlemanly fashion, it will be the hades with the issue and----you will be attacked personally---- at every level his hate filled mind can possibly attack on.

As I've written before. I worry for the safety of any public official who dares disagree with him in person. For God alone knows what that ego maniacal, judgmental, hate filled man will do.

Glad to see a man of your stature on here. Great day to you & your's my friend.


Well said Jim & Cliff !


I wonder who the Reflector wants to win?

Kottage Kat

Guess? ???


And so it goes........let us not move forward, let us stay right where we are. WAKE UP!


somehow I figured everyone had equal stature,but some believe that certain people are higher than others,even on this lousy comment section

Cliff Cannon

earlduck : I urge you as well as anyone who questions the sincerity of my concerns for the safety of public officials, should they disagree in person with 'swiss family '. To go read page 4 of the article " Bader sets the record straight "

In there you will literally see 'swiss family' fall apart in hatred towards me, simply because my opinion as well as mode of action differs from his. You will see out right fallacy's, you will see his typing fingers unable to keep up with his hate filled mind and in the end you will read 2 nearly incomprehensible essay's.

Obviously, anyone who reads blogs knows that 'swiss family' attack's me personally over and over and over and over and .... So this is not new. What is relatively new--- in my viewpoint--- is the utter disintegration one will find his essay in, by the end.

Which right or wrong that level of extreme anger, which I believe to be powered by hatred or ego- mania, causes me to worry for those public official's who must make decisions that actually count, then must deal with him personally.

Honestly, I pity him,hope like hades I am wrong to worry for the safety of public officials who must deal with him and pray he can find some relief for his hatred, other than people who disagree with him

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eat my shorts

It's only natural that many of us have a hometown favorite for the job. As for the other thing, what you see in these comment sections are normal responses toward a neurotic blogger. I'm not sure, but it looks like the above comment contains like 11 snappy questions plus a comical threat. Does that seem normal to you?


well I don't know that much about Swiss but I agree with him that ms Goodsite was going to get the job from the beginning and its wrong to make other people think that they have chance to get it,they spend hours and days preparing for an interview then travel a distance and then sit back and hope for a second interview,then four of them wait even longer and they had no chance in the first place