Dad charged in toddler’s hot car death fired from job

Man charged with child cruelty and felony murder.
TNS Regional News
Jul 12, 2014


Justin Ross Harris, the father of the 22-month-old toddler who died after being left in the family’s SUV for seven hours, has been terminated from Home Depot.

Company spokesman Stephen Holmes confirmed Harris was let go in a brief statement to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“We do not get into the details of individual personnel matters,” he said in the statement.

Cooper Harris died June 18 in the SUV parked outside the Home Depot office where Ross Harris worked. The father was arrested the same night and charged with child cruelty and felony murder.

Holmes said Harris has been on a leave of absence without pay since his arrest.


By Rodney Thrash - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (MCT)

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Mr. Harris should be tried in the court room not the press room.


We all know that will not happen. This is going on far too often. Never mind all the odd evidence they have found against them. I honestly have never searched the odd and weird ways for children to die. NO matter how worried I am about the things that COULD happen to my children, I do not research the "who, what, when" hows it could happen. I am a mother, premature twins at one time. I had a million and one worries, but I never thought to look up the specifics of hot car deaths.
I think the general public is fed up and scared of why this is happening so often, too often. Are people that worried about their smart phones? Do people just really not want their children? If you are that preoccupied that you do not realize that is a child in your backseat, maybe you should NOT be having sex, or having children. You clearly are not old enough, smart enough or mature enough to have a little person depend on you for their life.


This seems to be happening more and more frequently. It hurts my heart to hear of a child (or even a pet) left to suffocate in a searing hot vehicle. I know this sounds a little "kookie" and no doubt someone will ridicule me and/or my idea, but to everyone who buckles a toddler into the rear carseat, take off one of your shoes and toss or lay it on the seat next to your child. It is highly unlikely you will fail to realize you are wearing only one shoe when you exit your car, no matter how distracted or absent minded you may be.