Summer ‘polar vortex’ cooling off parts of US while the West bakes

Put away those shorts and tank tops, Midwesterners, because as patch of cold air will flow from northern Canada to the Great Lakes area next week.
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Jul 12, 2014


Put away those shorts and tank tops, Chicago, and get ready for another “polar vortex.”

That’s what some people are calling the unseasonably cold temperatures expected to come to the Northern and Eastern United States next week, as a patch of cold air flows from northern Canada to the Great Lakes area and slips eastward toward the coast.

The temperature in some areas will slide as low as 15 to 20 degrees below normal, and some states are likely to see cold rain and thunderstorms as the air mass moves in, according to the National Weather Service.

The upper Midwest could see some of the coldest weather, with highs in the low- to mid-60s, and parts of the Chicago area could even see lows overnight dip into the 40s, forecasters say.

Residents as far south as Nashville could feel a 10-degree drop.

The cool air isn’t expected to be anything like the polar vortex of this January, which brought record-breaking subzero temperatures, school closures and wreaked havoc on air travel for weeks.

“I wouldn’t call it a polar vortex,” Mike Gillispie, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Sioux Falls, S.D., said of the latest temperature shift. “It’s going to be a shot of some colder air … but it’s not going to hang around for more than a few days.”

Still, some areas could flirt with record-low temperatures for July, said Andy Foster, meteorologist for the National Weather Service’s Central region.

The cool-down will bring little relief for the Western seaboard, which will continue to sit in a ridge of high pressure that has sustained high temperatures and drought conditions for months.

In fact, the warm air mass parked on the West Coast is helping create a trough between Canada’s Hudson Bay and the Southwest United States, where the cold northern air will be flowing.


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Brock Lee

wtf wintr wether sucks

Cliff Cannon

Now Brock I have a question. Winter ain't your cup of tea, nor is the summer heat. You do however, like fall. So this weeks fall like temps ought to make your life's like Goldilocks life---- just right, true ?

P.S. Only 159 days till winter is back


Re: "Only 159 days till winter is back"

ALWAYS the eternal optimist! :)

When living in Chicago, I resolved NEVER to complain about the weather.

Because depending on the time of yr. one tended to be grousing about exact opposites. Seems illogical.

Cliff Cannon

" I resolved NEVER to complain about the weather " Me too. Because, I agree it is illogical. First of all, the extent,to what we humans can do to control the weather is protect ourselves from it. Which leaves but one alternative--- deal with it.

Secondly, the weather is one of the few things that truly changes in our lives. So, why not enjoy the change ? Best of all a really good storm tests you wits & courage like few other things do, which even sounds exciting just writing about it,doesn't it ?

Then you hit the nail squarely on the head--- the same people that dislike the cold,dislike the heat, dislike the rain , the dry, the wind, the lack of breeze, the.... In short, they are never happy and who want's to be like that ?

Am I the eternal optimist ? I don't know. I just know that everyday is my birthday and today I turn 21,057 days old . So I plan on having ,yet, another wonderful ' birthday ' party today--- no matter the weather. :)

Great day to you my friend


...Happy Birthday, Cliff, enjoy a cold one (or two)...

Cliff Cannon

@ T.G.W. Thanks for the birthday wishes. It was truly a good birthday. Had a young man ask me tonight about our weather blog's. His question was do I know " The Gravy Whisperer ". I said yeah. He's my buddy. Sums it up huh ? Now where's my birthday present :)


...not printed yet ...its a Premier Edition 201? Mikey Likes It (signed?) calendar with Brock Lee seasonal almanac predictions --- if we can get the two to collaborate...

Cliff Cannon

T.G.W. I can't wait ! Perhaps, Mikey signing in addition to getting Brock's predictions--topped by Contango posing in a speedo, will make this calendar a real keeper ( As well as a hot item on Ebay )


i love it! it's a great idea!

Cliff Cannon

Mikey : Then it is a done deal. That is, if we can get Brock to predict and Contango to pose ? No doubt, they will agree. Can't wait !



When someone complains that it's too hot, I tend to respond, "Yes, it is a bit toasty."

When someone complains that it's too cold, I often reply, "Yes, it is a bit chilly."

Cliff Cannon

Contango : Do you also roll your eyes and wonder why the complainer has nothing better to say ? Thought so. :)

Kottage Kat

Happy belated BIRFTDAY CLiFf

Cliff Cannon

@ K.K. You da' women !