Airport survives on little to no funds

Unforeseen expenses have drained the airport budget.
Scott Seitz2
Jul 18, 2014


Maintenance items continue to chip away at the funds available at the Huron County Airport.

Since the county commissioners stopped funding the airport a few years ago, the main sources of revenue for the facility are the sale of fuel and hangar rentals.

Doug Arnold, airport secretary, said a number of unforeseen expenses have drained the airport budget.

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da wind

here we pilots with their hands out


Oh really?
Bader has taken grant money! Some of your and my tax money.
Here is the link to the article-


Yes, and he has produced many, many times that amount of grant money back into the county and taxpayer.

It is not all about YOU. There is you and a half dozen more and then there are 60,000.

Get it yet?


And it's not all about YOU either! It is about the other businesses who have the right to have access to a local airport.

I have seen executives fly into that airport for business meetings at Fisher Titus and the old Norwalk Furniture. They fly in from other states, hold their meetings, and then fly right back to their headquarters in time to have dinner with their families. This can be a great perk for any big corporation looking to expand into Norwalk. Executives know that time is money!

Sunrise has stated that the airport is important to their bottom line. Being a rural county where farms occupy 70% of the county's acreage, Sunrise plays an important role in the financial health of the local agriculture industry.

The airport is not there to make money for itself. The airport is there as a tool to help the local businesses to prosper . . . including the racetrack.


No more taxpayer funds for this decades old non revenue producing, liability ridden albatross.

Enough already. Protect current revenue (Summit) and rid Huron County and its taxpayers of this gross waste.


While you're at it, let's cut off all taxpayer funds that go to these non-revenue producing county "albatrosses":

ADAMhs Board
Board of MR/DD
Education Service Center
Community Action Commission
County Fairgrounds
Health Department
Humane Society / Dog Warden
Huron County Transit
Huron County Landfill
Law Library
O.S.U. Extension
Services for the Aging
Solid Waste
Soil and Water
Victim's Assistance
WIC Clinic

By your standards, if an entity uses taxpayer money and does not produce revenue, it should be gone.


That would be stupid because everything noted above is used by a lot of people. The airport is used by a dozen, maybe.


And 100+ local businesses (documented).


Documented over 40 yrs

chicken noodle

I heard a prominent member of the airport board say that the only reason that a plane uses the airport is to get fuel. Because Huron county has a pump and not a fuel truck. And as far as crop dusting that is a thing of the past as most farmers are using field sprayers because they are more efficient then a plane.


@ chicken - Last year the crop dusters operating out of the Huron County Airport spread $750,000 in products purchased from Sunrise. The crop dusters were out at that airport spraying fields a few weeks ago. Obviously crop dusting is NOT a thing of the past.

FYI, those crop dusters pay taxes on the fuel they buy from the airport. When just ONE of those planes is purchasing 450 gallons of fuel A DAY, THAT is a LOT of tax money going directly into the County's treasury!


@ DaMob - 100+ businesses documented within a 12-MONTH period.


Why is it that stupidity seems to reign the day instead of logic and reason. AA- Be careful, if Billy stops quickly, you will end up suffocating. The airport is as important as the raceway to this community but, if it has to be Billy and your all or nothing, you can both pack your bags. There will certainly be much less controversy although a bit more intellect, once you've left the blog.


"The airport is as important as the raceway to this community ..."

I will not insult you with name calling like you did to me, but, seriously, even you know better than that. Private company responsible for own liability while bringing mass revenue to the taxpayer vs. liability laden taxpayer owned money pit?



If the airport closes, we are all doomed. Lol. Sell that piece of sheet.


Maybe the airport should sell race fuel. I heard there is high demand for it out that way.

me arse

Now that's the kind of outside the box thinking we need. The commissioners could also open up a gift shop.


I can't think of any public facility that won't deteriorate if it's not maintained, can you? Guess we'll just have to wait until someone's injured or killed and sues the county for criminal negligence before something is done. Then, you'll see your tax dollars at work.

Way to go, Reflector. Another piece of hack/hatchet work. Why don't you try being part of the solution for a change? You are a disgrace to this community.


Exactly what is inaccurate in this Reflector article? If the airport is in such bad shape that it's dangerous then it's necessary for the county to close it before someone gets hurt.


Why would the county put money into something that isn't used? They could pump millions into that place but it isn't going to bring in any more planes or money. I say if it is so unsafe it needs to be shut down immediately. I have a solution, sell it. You and your other airplane hobbiest build your own runway on your own property. Quit trying to milk the taxpayers for your own hobby.


BILLYS business brings LOTS MONEY to the city!

The airport has 3-4 rich snobs fly out of it


The county is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the airport in PERPETUITY, regardless of the opinions of the bloggers on this website. There is NO way around it. The Commissioners have already spent $7500 of the taxpayer's money to try to find a loophole. There are NONE. So, like it or not, if the Commissioners continue their attempts at devaluing the airport, the FAA WILL step in and they WILL send the county the bill. Whether it is used for one or 9.9 million planes, the airport is a part of the local infrastructure and, if promoted properly, could become a very valuable tool for attracting new, bigger businesses to this area.


You've had 40 yrs to promote that place. Enough already.


It's too bad you were not in attendance at the face-to-face meeting a few weeks ago at the airport with the FAA representative and Commissioner Hintz (who shares your opinion). No matter how it was explained to him, Hintz couldn't understand it either.


The only thing you flyboys got is the FAA this, the FAA that , cuz the FAA says so. You even know this area would benefit more without the airport and Bader expanding. But all you got is the FAA won't let it happen. They must not be very smart either. I can't wait to drive by there someday and see the airport gone. It will happen.


dmob and AA have the same my way or the highway attitude and never neverland idea that the raceway has a major impact on the community. 230 full time jobs with benefits and taxes will have an effect on the community. Unfortunately Jr has had the same my way/highway attitude. That is why we have this continuing dilemma. The raceway wasn't even listed in the top 25 businesses in the county. Help is paid less than minimum wage and the majority (90%) receive NO benefits. Fact: The raceway is not going to get the airport property. Live with it and move on. Accept the fact that the airport will be there no matter how much Dmob and AA complain. Why don't the two of you come up with solutions to keep both businesses instead of your normal bs? Your 5 rich pilots attitude shows the public just how ignorant you both are.


You keep talking about the top twenty employers and how much Bader pays. In this situation, it's not about the number of employees, it's about the tens of thousands of people who visit that park and spend their money in this county. Most of the jobs out there are part time workers, that work full time elsewhere, just trying to make some extra cash. Here's my solution to keep both businesses. Sell the. Airport to Bader. Since it is the only business out of the two. Not a money pit for the flyboys. and I've never said the flyboys were rich. Most of them aren't. They just have an expensive hobby. What pi$$es me off is that it's at the taxpayers expense. It's not just me and AA that feel this way, it's most of the county.


What part of the FAA's statement 'THE AIRPORT CANNOT BE SOLD' don't you understand? If it could have been sold, Billy would be building his racetrack mecca on that property right now. BUT THE AIRPORT CANNOT BE SOLD, ONLY RELOCATED.


DaMob, you're wasting your time arguing with these guys. They are either too dumb to understand the situation or else they are willfully lying. They are all against government interference until they think it's working for them, then it's FAA this and FAA that.


Get rid of the airport.. Sick and tired of these planes spraying deadly chemicals around my properties and dive bombing at the ground. Willard has a perfectly good airport. Put money into that place and say that is the new huron county airport. Because last time I check willard is in huron county... Right? And I see 10 times more planes flying in and out of willard. Only time I see planes flying in and out of norwalk is right before or after a big summit event.