List of Norwalk school superintendent candidates narrowed to 5

District searching for Dennis Doughty's replacement.
Aaron Krause
Jul 13, 2014


Five candidates are now in the running for the Norwalk City Schools superintendent position.

Board president John Lendrum said 16 people originally applied to replace Dennis Doughty, who is retiring July 31 after 38 years in various positions. Ten people returned applications requesting an interview. Of those 10 individuals, board members plan to interview five.

"We've got five people that are strong enough that we feel they deserve to be interviewed," Lendrum said. "That's a pretty good number."

Lendrum declined to name them. He said as of Friday afternoon, board members haven't been able to contact all five and he'd rather they hear from board members before they read it in the newspaper.

Board members will meet in executive session at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in the administrative offices to interview those candidates. Lendrum said not all five will necessarily attend Tuesday, since they may not be available. According to an announcement of the meeting, no other business or formal action is expected.

Lendrum said board members will probably have to conduct a second round of interviews.

Lendrum said with 3,000 students, Norwalk City Schools is a large district for a rural community. Therefore, board members are looking for someone who's had previous administrative experience that "would move them into the next step."

Lendrum said board members want someone who can lead the district, continue its "excellent programs" and is capable of thinking strategically and help the district continuously improve.

"We want to be a top performing district," the board president said, so the candidate chosen will have the vision and capability to lead Norwalk City Schools to that point.

Here is the list of those who applied to be the next Norwalk City Schools superintendent:

• Curtis M. Clough, superintendent, Strasburg Franklin Local Schools.

• Patrick Colucci, superintendent, Ashtabula Area City Schools.

• Milton V. Folson, principal, Northridge Middle School, Northeastern Local School District, Springfield, Ohio.

• Fred M. Fox, superintendent (contract ending July 31), Huron City Schools.

• Sandra S. Goodsite, assistant superintendent, Norwalk City Schools.

• James A. Millet, school administrator, Riverside Local Schools.

• Geoffrey G. Palmer, special assistant for transition, West Geauga Local Schools.

• Jerry P. Skiver, No present job listed; Last job listed was interim superintendent, St. Marys City Schools.

• Christine A. Standring, curriculum director, North Point Educational Service Center -- Huron City Schools.

• Scott P. Will, superintendent, Ashland Crestview Local Schools.

• Timothy J. Winland, superintendent, Paint Valley Local Schools.

To find out more about each of those candidates, click HERE.



Fred Fox would be an excellent hire.


Yes he would...if ya wanna pay for him to play on the computer having an affair on your tax dollar.

J Cooper

Why does Fox want to came to Norwalk, what business could offer him free golf vacations and other perks? It would provide a new dating pool to choose from.

Richard Cranium

Really? Putting on such and elaborate charade just to put Sue Goodsite in? Come on, quit wasting money and just hire her. They are going to hire her no matter what. The "GOB Network". (Good 'Ole Boy) fyi.


Just curious to know if you actually read and compared all of their credentials? We're each entitled to our own opinion, but after reading her qualifications I can't understand how someone could think she doesn't deserve the position based on merit. Who exactly are members of the "good ole boy network" you're referring to? I very firmly believe that if she gets the job, it'll be because she earned it.



swiss family

Please.. stop pretending like there is any suspense.. we ALL know it will be Ms Goodsite... but if you have to play it up this way to make it look like the other ever had a chance , then here is an idea,, give them pencils and papers and give them the total budget, with every employee and their salary on it, every expense that the school board had to pay out for this past year, heck give them the , pay out sheets for the past 5 years, jut to be fair... show them the exact amount of money that they have to run every aspect of the coming year to the penny.. and see if they can do it.. can they run the school system with the money we have.. a balanced budget, or are they going top run it so close to the line that any minor set back wick will leave them begging the taxpayers for more money??.. as a bonus question.. ask them if a water pipe froze and needed to be replaces like it did and they needed more cash, , ( I know insurance should kick in but say there is a 5,000.00 deductible.. what do they do?? where do they make a cut to save enough money???it might be interesting as we let time pass to make it appear that there is a contest going on..


I mean no disrespect.... But do you have this comment saved on your hard drive and just keep copy/pasting?

Throw your hat into the challenge YOU suggest.... Just for ships and giggles....

swiss family

well then I have a question for you.... what does the word...RETIRED... mean to you??? should someone who is RETIRED.. be chosen as head of a school system??? OK I get it.. you RETIRE.. and after awhile you get bored and decide to become a crossing guard to be near the school and the kids.. but to RUN THE SCHOOL SYSTEM????????????sorry..ISPSP>>>>something is just not right there..oh and by the way Pat.. I would like to buy a vowel!!!!

CrankyBalls's picture

It doesn't matter if the person is retired. If they are the most qualified then they should get the job. It's a pretty simple concept to understand.


I'm just asking ..... If Law enforcement officer retires at 50 years old and 25 years of service, are you opposed to them, say, then being employed in some other form of security?


Swiss Family you are always very quick to respond....

I'm waiting simply because I would like to hear your response regarding law enforcement officers and how that differs from Dr. Goodsite.


I hope Goodsite isn't chosen... But very unlikely they will go with anyone else.


That's not a very nice thing to say. Ms. Goodsite probably carries the most local support, so could you please provide us some reasoning that justifies your statement? If you think someone else is the better choice, then you should say who and why.