Norwalk cops seek leads in Discount Drug Mart break-in

Dispatchers received report of alarm activation from Cline Street business.
Cary Ashby
Jul 10, 2014


Police don't have any leads or suspects and haven't conducted any interviews in connection with Wednesday's break-in at Discount Drug Mart.

"It's a middle-of-the-night type of thing," Sgt. Jim Montana said Thursday.

Dispatchers received the report of an alarm activation from the business at 201 Cline St. at 12:50 a.m. Four officers responded to the alarm drop.

"I don't know of any damage," Montana said.

It's unknown if anything was stolen. No one was injured.

"We've collected some evidence. We're in the process of processing it," said Detective Sgt. Seth Fry, who declined to elaborate during an interview Wednesday.

Montana said he suspects the Discount Drug Mart break-in is connected to a recent series of similar crimes at businesses in plazas on the north side of Norwalk.

Anyone with information about the Discount Drug Mart case is encouraged to call the Norwalk Police Department at (419) 663-6780 or 668-3311.

"If you see anything strange at night, call us," Montana said.


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One way or another, the addicts in this town are gonna get their drugs.


Go knock on the girls door on Bouscay Avenue that was just busted for heroin, She is nothing but a pill popper who needs her kids taken away. Now that she got bust for heroin but you she cry's like a baby snitches on everyone to save her nasty butt and goes right back to being the pill popper mother of a year.


Montana doesn't know of any damage? Maybe he should look at that drive-thru window all messed up right in front of him.


John youngless

swiss family

don't they have a camera system???


No time to investigate a crime or worry about heroin now that they've upped the ante on harassing the law obeying public. Do not be out after 11 pm, if so you have a good chance of getting stopped and slammed with a verbal warning for a lane violation if your not drinking. You might even have an altercation with a psycho cop. Then you've seen something strange at night.