Suspected heroin balloons, paraphernalia seized from Norwalk apartment

No charges filed yet.
Cary Ashby
Jul 9, 2014


Prosecutors are considering charges in connection with the seizure of multiple heroin-related items from a Norwalk apartment.

Huron County Sheriff's Deputy Josh Kaufman recently received a tip about heroin possibly inside a Bouscay Avenue residence. Kaufman and Sgt. Tod Wagner went to the apartment Sunday.

"They knocked on the door. They were greeted by a 34-year-old female resident," Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said.

"They discussed with her about the possibility of heroin being in the apartment. She admitted there was heroin inside. She signed a consent-to-search form," he added.

Deputies seized five balloons of suspected heroin and multiple items of drug paraphernalia, including burnt spoons, inhaling straws and tin foil. Patrick said the officers also found "heroin residue on razor blades."

The sheriff's office forwarded the evidence to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation for testing.

No arrests were made, but deputies forwarded a report to the Norwalk Law Director's Office for the consideration of filing charges



Bouscay.. go figure


Took the words out of my mouth.


Good druggie..shows how stupid they are. "Hey, we heard you had heroin in the place, mind if we take a look? Why sure officer, please just take me to jail now!" You have gotta be the dumbest drug user ever! Wish they were all this stupid. Then the Po Po wouldn't need those pesky search warrants!


Where are the Norwalk super cops ? Fulton wake up, nap time is over.


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Maybe she thought the cops were actually strippers coming to her party..."Come in officer. I'll give you consent to search anything you want....". Could have just been an honest mistake....


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She lives in public housing because of low-income yet can afford heroin?? What am I missing here? I am sure once she returns from CBCF, she will still have her apartment to do all over again!! SMDH

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There were balloons from Maple City Rubber with the HEROIN written on them all over the place.


I'd say it is her apartment but not her heroin. Maybe a boyfriend she wants out. If it wasn't her apartment how could she sign the consent form?


that's what I say... or could be a mom wanting a kid out...




I imagine you are correct as charges are not yet filed. If it was hers, they would have had her half way to her slap on the wrist by now...


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