Helicopter company withdraws local interest

Company rules against setting up shop at Huron County Airport.
Scott Seitz2
Jul 10, 2014


A regional helicopter company, which had expressed recent interest in locating at the Huron County Airport, will not be setting up shop at the local facility.

Carol Knapp, executive director of the Huron County Development Council, broke the news at the airport authority board meeting Tuesday.

Knapp had been negotiating with the company for a few months. "They are no longer interested," she said.

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Commissioners, get rid of the airport, NOW. No more delays or discussions. You know how to eliminate this albatross (yes, even though in so-called "perpetuity").

Do not take even the slightest risk in losing Summit Motorsports, the city and county cannot afford the loss!

Happy Hermit

You sound like a broken record to say the least. I personally would like peaceful quite weekends. Also a lot less traffic mess.


It will be quite peaceful since nobody will be around at all. Norwalk would lose a large tax base for them and also lose the injection of local spending that they provide.


In 2006, when the FAA told them IN PERSON that the airport could NOT be sold, only relocated, the Commissioners didn't take NO for an answer. Instead of beginning work to relocate the airport and to get all of the required environmental impact studies done, the Commissioners WASTED $7,500 of OUR tax dollars on the 2011 Clark and Weinstock Report, which stated in no uncertain terms, that it is IMPOSSIBLE to sell the airport. Still, the Commissioners could not take NO for an answer.

So, here we are EIGHT YEARS later and we are basically in the same place as before, except Bader is now leaving and there are NO businesses who want to move into the dilapidated airport buildings. Huron County is left with NOTHING. The Commissioners could have relocated the airport by now and Bader could be working on the expansion of his business at this very moment, but the Commissioners choose to keep their blinders on instead.

There is a reason for the old saying, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket." Well, the basket is going away and all the eggs are cracked. Remaining on this course, I anticipate Huron County will be back at the top of the list for unemployment in no time while you and the Commissioners keep holding on to your delusion.


summit motor sports is as good as gone,Bader is pi$$ed off and he needs 500 acres and for everybody to kiss his butt


earl- he's not going to get the airport, so why can't he grow up and pursue other options to the south and west. I grew up with Jr, and I know what the problem is. He always got everything he wanted so he believes he should get the airport property. You don't always get what you want Rolling Stones). Buy the property from Linder. You have a good thing going here. Stop acting and whining like a 5 year old and move on

swiss family

bull.............he deserves to get that property.. and for you to say.."Buy the Linder property" shows that you do not know much about INERTIA... he already uses their property for parking.. so you start their to park or stop.. you go to the park and the cars speed down the track going..North. very very fast..so he needs to buy the adjacent property to the North to expand.. which is the airport.. it is too bad that some of "JR"S" intelligence didn't absorb into you growing up... but then again. like you said."you don't always get what you want"


He "deserves" to get that property? Bader is a business owner just like the other 2093 business owners in Huron County. The only difference is that Billy Boy is the only one written about in the NR whenever he whines about not getting his way.


Come on Bader, make my wildest dream come true. Relocate that dump of a race track! You threaten and cry..time to put your money where your a$$..errr mouth is!

swiss family

says the man with no money and all a$$... the raceway one of the 2 anchors of this town.. people should be out picketing at the airport, and at the county commissioners offices..


If put to a vote it would be overwhelmingly in favor of ridding the taxpayer of this little, expensive and liability-laden playground of the privileged few.

No Commissioner will be elected/re-elected if they do not get rid of the airport and work to keep a long established revenue producing company.


The Commissioners CANNOT sell the airport, the FAA will NOT allow it. Even if you were able to get a 100% vote to sell it, the airport can only be RELOCATED. So, instead of working to relocate the airport during the past EIGHT YEARS, the Commissioners have done absolutely NOTHING to help this situation. Their incompetence is reason enough that all three Commissioners should NOT be re-elected.

swiss family



@fedup2 If you call that place a dump, I would like to see your place. You wouldn't know a dump if it threw up all over you.


Which one of my places? I own several in different counties. I know a dump when I see one, a crybaby when I hear one, and a kiss a$$ follower when I read one!

Dr. Information

Factually, the NR raceway is one of the best in the nation. You are nothing more than a hater.

Fibber Mcgee

Good Bye Mr. Bader.





Your neighbor

I don't blame the helicopter place for not wanting to locate here, they probably seen all the articles and bickering about the airport in the Norwalk Reflector.

what the eff

Losing Summit Motorsports Park to another location will be locally the equivalent to Clev losing LeBron James...All efforts should be put towards supporting Bill Bader and family to keep that facility right where it is..Local businesses that benefit from the track should show strong support for that track.
That track shines Norwalk in a very positive light more so than any other bizz in our area period. Growth shows productivity..and that track grows..Success should be rewarded..not insulted by ignorance...If that track relocates, you might as well put failure on the city entrance signs.. dont it always seem as though...you dont know what you got till its gone. Hang in there with us Billy..


Unfortunately ignorance seems to abound with some of these bloggers. SMP is not going to get the airport so if Billy really wants to remain in the area he can either expand to the south, or west to accomplish his same goal. It's time for him to accept the fact that his paid local politicians will not be able to strong arm the feds. Again, expand to the south and west and publicize the airport to bring in more customers to your events. Elf - I don't think you can equate a part time seasonal business dependent on weather with business like Borgers, Americraft Carton, John Manville, or even with Lebron leaving Cleveland. Either way, Cleveland survived after Lebron left. If Billy can't accept that he won't get the airport property then he should quit whining and threatening, and MOVE. I am also tired of his annual rants when he doesn't get his way.

swiss family



I sure would hate to see a county of 60 thousand lose the revenue from Summit for a couple dozen few that are throwing fits for fear of losing their playground.

Ask voters in Willard (which has an airport), New London, Greenwich, Monroeville, etc. if they give a rat's behind about the playground. I'm sure they would rather have the revenue from Summit to keep their taxes down.


Most voters in Willard, New London, Greenwich, Monroeville, etc, don't give a rats behind about whining Billy Jr. or his playground. You are talking about farming community areas in our county, farmers who use the aerial application service Sunrise bases at the airport. That has more effect on the local economy than Billy's events. I talked to people who attended last weeks nationals. They said even though we had perfect weather the stands were not full either Friday or Saturday night. Billy doesn't own or have exclusive rights to do whatever he would like at the airport. It's time for Billy to grow up and accept the fact that he will not get the airport property no matter how much he pouts. We will see if Lorain or Erie county will put up with his whining.


So when exactly were you appointed the official spokesperson for our local farmers? Where are the numbers to support your claim? Until you can provide proof, you're simply talking out of your a$$.

swiss family


yea right

and to think.. if the Huron co. airport would have closed down them NASA would have have put in an airport big enough for C-5's to land.. it would have also brought in UPS hub and FEDEX hub..think of all the workers that would have lived in Huron co paying taxes..wow loser county..I hope Bader does move and everything else in that sorry excuse of a county..teach you all a lesson..


Yeah, that NASA airport sounded real good at first. Then we found out that Huron County would have had to pay back all the federal grant money, pay to close down the airport and pay for half of the cost of building the NASA airport. Sound like a good deal to you?

yea right

yea it does..hundreds of jobs paying taxes for a life time compare to a few bucks to pay back..hmm common sense on that one..