Doing it because "it was the right thing to do"

Local family helps clean up after Fourth of July parade.
Joe Centers
Jul 9, 2014


It was another great Norwalk Lions Club Fourth of July Parade.

Everybody who was part of the parade -- from the Lions Club members to the participants to all of the people watching along the streets -- should be proud of this community.

But now comes the bad part. When you have all of those people, no matter how well they clean up after themselves, there will be a mess left behind.

That's where Vince and Renee Thompson and their five children stepped in. The seven got up Saturday morning and formed their own cleaning committee.

"It was actually Vince's idea," Renee said. "It was a community service thing to give back and a lesson for our kids. You don't do it because somebody is going to say thank-you -- you do it because it is the right thing to do."

Vince, Renee and their five children -- Olivia, 9, Rebecca, 8, Natalie, 6, Jasmyne, 4, and Xander, 2 -- did the right thing.

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To the Thompson Family: "THANK YOU"

Cliff Cannon

Full disclosure here ; Renee Thompson is my wife's niece. So this proud uncle, who has always called the Thompson family his favorites. Bubbles over with pride for this wonderful, unselfish display of civic contribution.

Thanks Thompson's for teaching your beautiful children that giving back to your hometown is important. I am oh so proud of you all and couldn't love you more if I tried.

Your neighbor

Great job! What a great thing to teach the children!