Local man gets Tased after throwing bar stools

Police Chief: Suspected cited for resisting arrest in bar altercation.
Cary Ashby
Jul 9, 2014


A man accused of throwing bar stools and forced to be Tased by police is out on bond.

Michael J. Ringer, 40, of 85 New St., Apt 1, Greenwich, was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. The misdemeanors are in connection with an incident about 2:30 a.m. Saturday at Hunter's Brew in Greenwich.

"An officer was driving by and noticed an altercation in front of the bar. One person was involved," Greenwich Police Chief Steve Dorsey said, referring to Ringer.

"He got into it with a female. He pushed her off a bar stool and started throwing bar stools," the chief said. "The female claimed her knee was hurt."

It's unknown what started the incident.

"Officers confronted him (Ringer) in the bar and took him outside to talk about it. They talked to him about the female and (Ringer) decided not to cooperate with them," Dorsey said.

"He tried to walk away from the officers and he pushed one of the officers," the chief continued.

After the suspected push, police took Ringer into custody on disorderly conduct.

"He wouldn't comply with the officer's order. He wouldn't comply with what they wanted him to do. They had to force him to the ground," Dorsey said.

Police were forced to use a Taser on the suspect when officers wanted Ringer to put his hands behind his back.

"Ringer would not put his hands behind his back and that's why he was Tased. … After the Taser was used on him, he did comply," Dorsey said.

Ringer was transported to the Huron County Jail, where he later posted bond.


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That's great. "Alright partner- I got his hands....Now SHOOT! dammit SHOOT!"......"Thanks, I thought I was never gonna get to shoot this thing off in this one horse town." "This was more fun than rescuing that one-legged cat from old lady Johnson's apple tree last year."


He was tazed AFTER he was hand cuffed?!?!


Ringer had his hands behind his back TO BE handcuffed. As I read it, they couldn't get the cuffs on him because he continued resisting. Once he was tased, he complied so that they COULD cuff him.


Or, was he cuffed and not wanting to get in the car. It looks like there were 2 cops there they should have been able to handle him without a taser.

Cary Ashby

There was some confusion and an obvious mistake on my part about the sequence of events between the suspect's hands going behind his back and the Taser being used. I have corrected the story. If you read the last several paragraphs now, the situation should be much more clear.


So the guy was so out of line and causing such a disturbance that the bar owner didn't call the cops??? The heroes just happened to be driving past the bar, or is it possible since they were right across the street they rushed over with their taser drawn trying to save the day. Then the dumb@$$e$ tell the guy to stop who was walking away. Then this story is made up to try to incriminate the guy who was walking away but the bar owner didn't call the cops who are literally right across the street. Way to cover up for more abuse of power by these small town idiot cops.


If he was in the bar when they confronted him, how was he "walking away"? And if he pushed a woman off her bar stool and the bar owner didn't call the cops he is a fricking loser too. Way to run an establishment. Let the drunken idiots push the women around. That's great for business.


Oh yea! Greenwitch! It couldn't stay quiet for long, They just had the festival last weekend! Looking forward to more reports from Hunters Brew!