Local man accused of breaking into home, raping woman

Suspect arrested near crime scene, charged with burglary and rape.
Cary Ashby
Jul 7, 2014


The Huron County Sheriff's Office arrested a rape and burglary suspect near the alleged victims' Clinton Road home early Sunday.

Jeffrey G. Knox, 37, of 1846 Clinton Road, Collins, was charged with rape and aggravated burglary. Detective Rich Larson said the suspect, whom the victims don't know, entered the residence and reportedly sexually assaulted a woman who was staying at the house.

"He (Knox) lives in the area where the assault took place. ... He was not invited there in any shape or form," Larson said.

"The victim is 28 years old. She is from out of the area," the detective added.

Sheriff Dane Howard said the road deputies and Larson worked diligently on the case all through the night and all day Sunday.

"These cases are very difficult. These cases destroys people's lives, so it's hard on the detectives as well," he said.

Howard added he's confident the detectives will complete the investigation and bring the case to prosecutors for the filing of formal charges.

Sgts. Bill Duncan and Chuck Summers responded to the call, which came into the sheriff's office at 2:31 a.m.

"The road units were working on it and then they called me in on it," Larson said.

The detective was asked how Knox reportedly entered the victims' house.

"We have some conflicting information from other people at the house," said Larson, who declined to elaborate due to the ongoing investigation.

"When he (Knox) was confronted by other people at the house, he fled. He was apprehended a short distance from the house," the detective said.

The victim didn't sustain any physical injuries.

"She was transported to Firelands hospital for treatment," Larson said.

A sexual assault nurse examined and evaluated the woman.

"All the evidence will be submitted to BCI for testing," Larson said, referring to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

The sheriff's office interviewed Knox, the suspected victims and witnesses.

"(Knox) had been drinking earlier that night," Larson said. "We have an admission from him he was in the house. ... Sgt. Duncan was the one who interviewed Mr. Knox."


swiss family

well.. it looks like he might have sustained an injury somewhere along the way.... it looks like he has an injury on his forehead... and maybe even a broken nose.. I hope that the victim gave him that... and I hope that they are not showing a full length picture because he has all kinds of injuries,, in all the right places... just as he deserves...


OK Judge, it is time he is locked up for good! Is this not the 3rd time he is charged with this, Lorain Co, Vermilion, and this in Hartland twp. Maybe HCSO should have a warrant for his MOMMY's home you might be surprised what they would find on the parcel of property! Check all the buildings not just his room in Mommy's house.

Another Opinion

We still not have heard of the sentence of the previous 80 y.o. man found guilty of rape of the autistic 18 y.o. He was supposed to be sentenced JUNE 19. Huron County needs to get things processed in a timely manner.


Was he found guilty "Another Opinion"?

Another Opinion

Yes and he admitted his act.


Victim get tested, you know he probably has a STD, creep ..


no calendar shoot for you! good day sir!

swiss family



I'm Jeff's younger brother. I'm not proud to admit that at all. What he has done is irreparable and the woman's life is never going to be the same. Nobody knows what went on inside his head for him to make such horrific decision. This is not the way we were raised. Our Mother raised us to respect people, ESPECIALLY WOMEN. We were taught to work hard. I'm an EOD tech (bomb tech) in the Marine Corps, my other older brother is a carpenter, and my youngest brother does flooring. The point I'm trying to make here is in no way shape or form is our Mother or "MOMMY" to blame for his actions. He is a 37 year old man that makes his own decisions. Search "mommys" house all you want admend245, you won't find anything but the sweetest, most caring woman I know. I, as well as my family, hope he is held accountable for his actions. In closing, if the woman that has been affected by my brothers actions that night is reading this I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart.


If he actually did this anyway.

swiss family

wow...James_2336...I have been on this site for a very long time... I have read far too many comments, where after someone does something so brutal, and out of line, like what your brother allegedly did, only to have all of the family members come on here and start with their usual.."No one has the right to judge"...or ""Ye who is without sin..cast the first stone" and all of their other "Spiritual" crap...In all this time I have NEVER seen any family member come on here and say that what your brother did (not even allegedly) was horrific, and then show compassion for the victim... and then to give "props" to your Mom... ..which I will get back to in a minute....then you tell about the rest of your family, and they all sound like good, responsible and hard working people..... then you say the most amazing thing I have ever heard from any family member.. you say that you "hope he is held accountable for his actions"and you say that is from you as well as your actions??? wha... wha.. wha.... what???? that is unheard of.. that never happens.. usually the family is on here full of hate and full of anger toward us and trying to point out our flaws like misspelled words and try to say we are not perfect either.. and so spelling a word wrong is somehow equivalent to raping a young girl, so now we are not supposed to be able to comment according to the family???

Then James(if that is your name). you say that if the woman from that night is reading this you want to apologize from the bottom of your heart... I am completely floored... you have no idea, how rare you are... and here is where I want to mention your Mom..I do Not know her and you might be right that if I only knew of your brother I might have imagined that she did a pretty slack job in raising her kids, BUT!!! after reading what you wrote... I am completely blown away... she certainly raised you right!!!you actually give me some faith in humanity again and that had to come from somewhere.. and I believe it comes from Mothers.. she did an amazing job it looks like your brother was just not paying attention.. and that is on HIM .. not your MOM or anyone else..thanks for the comments, you have no idea, how much they meant, and how desperately I needed to hear something like that...


I am James_2336 and Jeffs cousin! Jeff and i where raised as brothers by my late father who was one of the greatest men ever...I am not sure who you are or where you received your opinion 245admend, but i will tell you and everyone else that this is not a family wide issue..It is isolated to the one person "jeff" who is being accused and obviously guilty or not has some problems that need dealt with professionally. And let me again say "accused", because we do not know yet if he did do this or not". If he did i will stand right beside James, and the other two brothers with our pitch forks demanding he be punished to the fullest extent of the law. I too am a law biding citizen, father, and successful business person along with Jeff's 3 brothers who are all 3 good men!I am sickened and sad for the female involved, and hope to god if this is in fact true that he gives her the strength, and courage to move forward, and live a healthy and happy life, and i too extend my deepest apologies for my cousins actions!!! In closing if this is not true, and has been
fabricated well then.......