Troopers to do area sobriety checkpoint this week

Patrol hopes to intercept impaired drivers.
Cary Ashby
Jul 9, 2014


The state Highway Patrol has announced troopers will operate a DUI check point and intercept impaired drivers this week.

"If you plan to consume alcohol, designate a driver or make other arrangements before you drink. Don't let another life be lost for the senseless and selfish act of getting behind the wheel impaired," said Lt. Chad Enderby, of the Mansfield post.

The county where the checkpoint will take place will be announced the day prior to the event and the location will be named the morning of the checkpoint.

Local law enforcement agencies will provide operational support for the sobriety checkpoint.



Can you believe it, they announce the checkpoints and even tell beforehand when and where they will be and they still catch people.


Many people don't read the paper


Or they are really impaired !


Just where do the police get the right to stop people without probable cause?


Technically it's entrapment but they're above the law so....


It's entrapment if it's not announced... Hence why we have to have the same conversation every single time one IS announced.... SMH

Brock Lee

they aint gonna kech me on bar stool