'Fully naked man' seen running in Norwalk

Norwalk man cited in midnight incident.
Cary Ashby
Jul 7, 2014

A Norwalk man described as being "fully naked" was seen running across a business parking lot in the city this weekend.

Norwalk Police Officer Michael Biller was on patrol at 12:05 a.m. Friday when he reported seeing "a fully naked man" running across the parking lot of Dollar General near Taco Bell on Milan Avenue.

The suspect, Matthew R. Reynolds, 31, of Norwalk, was issued a summons on public indecency. The officer advised him of his mandatory court date in Norwalk Municipal Court and his time to appear.



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I hear he hid at a flower show, and got best dried up arrangement.


A summons for "public indecency" ...so he was sober? WOW


Could have been worse Norwalk. He could've been from Bellevue and brought his picnic table with him.

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@warped, wonder how many people actually remember that aricle? It was funnier than this one..LOL


Was he a Blue Streak ?


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