Convicted priest Gerald Robinson dies in prison hospital

Clergyman convicted of brutally killing a nun.
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Jul 5, 2014


Father Gerald Robinson, the former Toledo priest convicted of brutally killing a nun, died early Friday in a prison hospital, his attorney said.

Robinson‘s death comes one day after a federal court judge denied his plea to be released from prison to live out his final days.

The priest was serving 15 years to life in prison for the 1980 slaying of Sister Margaret Ann Pahl.

He suffered a heart attack around Memorial Day and was told he had 30 to 60 days to live.

Rick Kerger, Robinson‘s attorney, said he spoke with his client Thursday afternoon to share the court‘s ruling.

“He was having a hard time understanding me, so I knew it was getting close,” Mr. Kerger said. “It‘s unfortunate we couldn‘t finish out the federal case, I think it would have had a different ending.??”

Robinson, 76, died at 4:15 a.m. at Franklin Medical ?Center, a Columbus hospital run by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. He was given last rites about a month ago, after finding out his condition was terminal, Mr. Kerger said.

Robinson was found guilty of murder in 2006 by a Lucas County Common Pleas Court jury for the slaying, which was in the sacristy of the former Mercy Hospital chapel.

Mr. Kerger, filed a petition for equitable relief on June 27 in U.S. District Court in Cleveland.

In Thursday‘s? ruling, U.S. District Court Judge James S. Gwin wrote in his order that the federal court did not have jurisdiction to grant Robinson’s motion for a compassionate release. He said state law allows Ohio’s governor to order that an inmate be released on compassionate grounds, although Robinson was not eligible under state law because it excludes those convicted of murder. A previous plea to Gov. John Kasich was denied on that ground.

The Ohio Attorney General’?s Office wrote in its response to Robinson‘?s request that he had committed “a particularly gruesome crime.”

“I‘m sorry he passed, and I‘ll miss him, but he‘s in a better place now,” Mr. Kerger said. “With his faith, he‘ll be fine.”


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The Answer Person

"With his faith, he'll be fine." And so now we all puke.

Cliff Cannon

@ The Answer Person : Amen

JMOP's picture

I could get past the typos, but all the random question marks distracted me from reading the rest of the article.


Lets hope he was guilty of the crime.

Cliff Cannon

@44846 GWP : Honestly , I hope he wasn't guilty of such a horrible crime, which if he is guilty of was compounded in my viewpoint by him giving mass at Sister Pahl's funeral.

However, I do think, he was guilty. Do you as well ?


Amen, I bet he's burning hot!


Judge ye not, unless you be judged !

swiss family

Oh don't throw that "Church" crap out there like that ... this hypocrite killed a person.. then was brazen enough to stand up there and say the mass for her funeral... so do I count on God to Judge him.. I sure do... do I have the right to have an opinion on what a monster and hypocrite he is... and was.. of course it is what I have come to expect from nearly all Catholic Priests... so do we all not only have the right to judge and analize them and decide if our children are safe around them... YES and if you know your Bible as you seem to want to throw out the verses that you choose .. check and see what Jesus says about protecting the children.. and to do so you really need to form a judgement about any danger to them, and when you see sooooooo many , what are supposed to be beyond reproach, men who are called to be men of God, also known as Priests involved in molesting children and allow them to NOT be judged and held accountable for that.. then you will also be judged accordingly in my opinion.... sorry if the truth hurts.. and if you can't handle the truth..


"How great thou art"

Another Opinion

I thought this was an interesting insight. This was a "cold case". It did not come to trial for many years. When this murder happened there were two priests working as Hospital Chaplains at the time. The other priest immediately got an attorney. He then came to Fr. Robinson and said, "why did you do it?". Fr. Robinson said he had no knowledge of the murder. When Fr. Robinson who was a very meek person was convicted, his reply was "someone had to be convicted". Perhaps if you like me in my mind had convicted Fr. Robinson until you learn what I was told by another priest, you may allow God to be the final judge. Let's allow Fr. Robinson to Rest In Peace.



swiss family

OH I do hope that Father Robinson rests in peace in Hell...he is a murderer.. I guess if you do not want to look at facts you can be blinded by what you and you family and your history and ancestry all along have been taught, and now you are too frightened to think for to you he just has to be innocent.. because he was so timid... so what does that make the murdered nun??did she deserve to be murdered in your thinking??? you say that it was a cold case.... and why do you think that was???do you think it was because they had no evidence against Father Robinson??NO, that's not it... the truth is that for some reason the Catholic Church has more power than the USA Government..the Church decides and controls if and when the detectives can see the crime scene, and for how long and when it will be cleaned up.. the Church hides away the Priests and Nuns that should be interviewed and puts them on "Sabbatical" which is another word for >>> "get out of here and get your "POOP" together" the Church pays NO TAXES yet has more power than the Government... that is why it was never closed... not because they did not have enough evidence to put him away a long time ago........I will bet that you still don't believe that any of the priests molested the young boys???? or that the boys in 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and on and on seduced these men of God and Made them do sexual things to them...right?? because in your mind, the Church and Priest can do no wrong... and even after you see all of the scandals and how big they are you are there ever Sunday throwing in your money to support them to continue although you know that NOT ONE priest did any jail time for the molestation that took better think hard and deep about your choices, because you will be accountable for them some day as well

Another Opinion

Swiss, I am glad I do not allow anger to dictate my outlook on life.


swiss still has a sore butt hole..

swiss family

no you let DENIAL o that for you...nicely..

swiss family

@ Another Opinion...... Jesus himself was outraged and went into a fit of anger in the temple when he saw the way that it was being turned into a carnival... just the same as it has been in the past 30 years...So you can keep your condescending BS and timid denial , and put it into the collection basket on Sunday, where even the Priests and the Pope are shocked that you and people like you still financially support them. If it had been any other religion, or club, or ethnic club that was found to have so many charges against them, and so many felonies against them, and so many levels where it is not just the Priest who did the deed, but his co workers who knew about it, and covered it up, and the Pastor of their parish who covered it up, and the Bishop of their Diocese who moved them around instead of holding them accountable etc.. and on and on all the way up to the Pope.... a Pope who I might add was just declared an "Angel" hahaha...yea Lucifer was an Angel too!!! So you see I do not have anger as you mistook it.. I have frustration.. I do not understand how any rational person, (and I am giving you the benefit of the doubt here and thinking you might just be a rational thinking person) But how a rational thinking person who wants to do the right thing.. continues to give money to any organization that allows their higher up to abuse any children???if a Kindergarten was mentally and maybe physically abusing kids would you be outraged?? of course you would?? this is worse than that .. and you support the abusers??? I just do not understand