Greenwich voters could see two new levies

Council has vacant seat; area residents can apply.
Heather Chapin-Fowler
Jul 6, 2014


Voters in Greenwich could see two new levies on the November ballot if village council has its way.

The levies would fund the improvement of the town cemetery with an additional $21,000 and put an extra $27,000 in the park fund, if passed by voters.

Village officials unanimously OK'd the first readings of both ordinances last week. The next two readings are expected to be voted on at the next two meetings July 15 and Aug. 5, according to council's regular meeting schedule.

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What improvements can you make to a cemetery? The maintainence to mow it and the semi annual clean up... And if you are going to improve that park make it swim-able. Its time that started generating money. Other places has "liability" risks and they make it work... Make people who use it sign waivers. That's the only thing left you could do to that park. its got pavilions, its got play ground equipment, and its got a nice stone walking path that is covered in geese poop... The only thing left to do is maintain it... I wanna see improvements elsewhere in town. Tear down old abandoned stores and houses... fix sidewalks... why does that have to be the property owners responsibility... I loved the christmas tree that was put up last year... that was a nice change from the usual drab things put up in town that they have had for 47 yrs...I will vote no for both of these issues unless changes are clearly stated as to what this money is going for...


Greenwich needs something for the older kids to do in this town! There is a playground for the little ones but nothing for the tweens and teens to do here. They could use the money to put in a skate park for the kids. I think there would be a lot less vandalism at the park if the kids actually had something to do except get into trouble. Put in a basketball court. ANYTHING is better than nothing.


There WERE tennis courts, basketball courts and a skating rink down there years ago, but they kept getting vandalized by the 'older kids'. Maybe you should organize a parent group and raise money for playground stuff like they are doing in North Fairfield? If their parents are involved in raising the money, maybe the 'older kids' will be taught to have more respect for the equipment and not destroy it.


Please vote NO! We do not need our taxes being wasted on stuff that isnt right. Including the stupid traffic camera in town. That needs to be removed for good before I vote yes on any levy.


First don't be a coward use your real names.nikki6279 if you think mowing is the only up keep of the cemetery you should stop posting because you have no clue.foodforthought traffic cameras didn't come from tax money and if drive thru downtown Greenwich at 37 mph you need a ticket!There is a open council spot if you guys are so smart run.