Bartender charged with over-serving

Woman served alcohol to individuals involved in a fatal crash with a train, authorities say.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 3, 2014


A Holmes County bar employee was charged in Holmes County Municipal Court on June 24 after agents with the Ohio Department of Public Safety’s Ohio Investigative Unit filed the charges after an investigation revealed she served alcohol to individuals involved in a fatal crash with a train.

Elizabeth Breitenbucher, 32, of Lakeville, was charged on one count of sale or furnishing beer or intoxicating liquor to an intoxicated person. She is scheduled to appear in Holmes County Municipal Court for arraignment on July 2.

Administrative charges were also filed on the Woods, LLC., also known as the Woodland Inn, 13550 SR226, in Big Prairie for sale  and furnishing beer or intoxicating liquor to an intoxicated person.

In March, the Ohio State Highway Patrol requested agents trace-back the sale of alcohol while investigating a car verses train crash in Wayne County. The passenger was pronounced dead on the scene.

If you have information about over-serving or you have information of alcohol violations at a liquor permit establishment, please notify the Ohio Investigative Unit by calling #677 on your cell phone and your complaint will be investigated.


swiss family

I am sorry, but except in extreme situations, what ever happened to being responsible for your own actions?? Why on earth would anyone want to be a bartender?? I think they are lucky to make minimum wage, they make money from tips and end up having to hear the sad stories over and over again from the people who are too drunk to remember what they ordered...Plus , a lot of the really thrifty drunks know that they can have their own stash of their favorite drink in their vehicle, where they bought it from a store, or if it is something more hard core, from the liquor store, because it is cheaper than buying it from the bar.. and only buy the drinks from the bar to be social, and keep going out to their cars to have a "smoke" and a couple of shots, that the bartender doesn't see so they have no idea how drunk they actually are, or how many more drinks they will drink in their cars, after they leave the bar, but before they unfortunately get into a sometimes fatal crash... why should the bartender be held responsible for that???


We don't make regular minimum wage. Minimum wage for tipped employees is $2.13/hour. After taxes I make about $1.50/hour.
There are ways to prevent people from getting wasted in your restaurant. I don't know the details of what happened here, but it's always clear when you should stop serving someone. Also, if need-be, there are several things we can do to avoid a problem, such as offering to call a cab to asking for their keys, or even calling the police if you think they are too drunk to drive and they are going to anyway.
Only if the patron walks into the restaurant/bar drunk, and the bartender does everything in their power to not get them to drive- only then can they not be held accountable. And even then it's not certain.

swiss family

@Daniel... I agree with you.. but you have no control over what happens once they leave your bar... suppose they are drinking at your bar, and get a little buzzed... then they leave.. they go to their car, where they have a bottle of whatever booze they were drinking in your bar hidden in their car, and continue to drink it until the bottle is empty and throw the bottle out the window... so then they get into an accident and kill someone and even kill themselves.. the Police will investigate and find that she was drinking at your bar, and by her blood alcohol content you will be cited... how is this fair?? where is her own responsibility?? that is my point.. In America, we are to the point that it never seems to be the injured party's fault it is always someone else s fault, and when they can not find anyone else to blame.. then it is declared a "disease" once again taking away the blame and responsibility from the offender... that was my point


Yeah it's pretty screwed up. People act...differently in restaurants. Nowhere else can you buy something, use it, destroying it in the process, and decide you don't like it and get a refund.

If I buy a firework and blow it up and I don't like the color of it- I can't return that. For some reason we don't even hold people accountable for the food that THEY ordered. If you complain enough, you get a free meal AND a gift card to come back! (And then the manager yells at you and you make no money). The entire system the U.S. has in place for waiters/waitresses/bartenders is ridiculous.


It has nothing to do with waiters/waitresses/bartenders. People in our society no longer take responsibility for their own actions. It is so much easier to find someone else to blame. We have learned this from our elected officials.'s Bush's fault!