Fred Fox, Sue Goodsite apply to be Norwalk's next school superintendent

Read the resumes and job applications for all 11 candidates here.
Cary Ashby
Jul 2, 2014


Former Huron City Schools Superintendent Fred Fox is among 11 people who have applied to be the next Norwalk City Schools superintendent.

Also included in the list of applicants is Sue Goodsite, Norwalk's assistant superintendent/curriculum and grants director.

Norwalk City Schools Superintendent Dennis Doughty, who has served in multiple positions in several local school systems, is retiring July 31 after 38 years in education. However, Doughty has been named the president of Norwalk Catholic School effective Aug. 1. There he will replace the same administrator he replaced at Norwalk City Schools -- Wayne Babcanec.

A story published in Thursday's Norwalk Reflector includes comments from Fox and Goodsite, as well as other background information.

Here is the list of 11 people who have applied to be the next Norwalk City Schools superintendent:

• Curtis M. Clough, superintendent, Strasburg Franklin Local Schools.

• Patrick Colucci, superintendent, Ashtabula Area City Schools.

• Milton V. Folson, principal, Northridge Middle School, Northeastern Local School District, Springfield, Ohio.

• Fred M. Fox, superintendent (contract ending July 31), Huron City Schools.

• Sandra S. Goodsite, assistant superintendent, Norwalk City Schools.

• James A. Millet, school administrator, Riverside Local Schools.

• Geoffrey G. Palmer, special assistant for transition, West Geauga Local Schools.

• Jerry P. Skiver, No present job listed; Last job listed was interim superintendent, St. Marys City Schools.

• Christine A. Standring, curriculum director, North Point Educational Service Center -- Huron City Schools.

• Scott P. Will, superintendent, Ashland Crestview Local Schools.

• Timothy J. Winland, superintendent, Paint Valley Local Schools.

(NOTE: To read the resume and job application for each candidate, click on the links below.)



The NR blocks out the addresses, but leaves all phone numbers in tact ... hmmm.

swiss family

this is so "hokey" we all know who will get appointed to the position already... there is no "suspense" but if you really want to make it appear like there is a competition, why not show the prospective Supers next years total budget... and all the expenses that they need to cover, and give them all two weeks and then meet with them and have them show the school board how they will be able to run the school system withIN the budget that is available... and if they want extra credit, show how they will be able to stay within that budget for the next 5 years...The taxpayers can not afford any more levy's and tax increases to fund the schools.. the Super needs to be creative and an absolute financial wizard, to keep everything running smoothly... in my opinion


Swiss I agree they need to stay within the budget for the given year. But to ask for them to project and stay within a budget 5 years down the road they would have to have a crystal ball. The state changes their funding formula almost every year. So districts are not sure what their state funding will be. Then throw in all the unfunded mandates that the legislature enacts, no wonder schools have a difficult time keeping their heads above water. Compound all that with the increase in inflation and you have a ticking time bomb. It is just a matter of time before the district has to go back to the voters. All districts go through this cycle. It all comes down to schools be funded on local property tax and those levies not offering any growth or inflation. So the levy passed 15 years ago for $1,000,000 still only generates $1,000,000. Show me any company who can run a successful business given flat line income. We all know expenses will not be flat line. Anyone taking on a leadership role in a public school system will eventually have to go back to the voters. Its the way the system has been set up. Thank your local state representatives.

swiss family

so then what you are saying, is that this past primary election when the school board decided to put the carefully planned out "5 for 5 " system in effect... with the promise that after the 5 years are over , that the tax will go away.... that again, they lied to us???? that they knowingly did not ask for enough money to fill the need, because basically the need is and always will be a run away hot air balloon, because the taxpayers keep funding it more and more without restrictions????

I do Understand that with the rising cost of everything, and hidden expenses hiding everywhere, that no one will hold any of the candidates to their projected future years of the projected budget.. I think this coming years budget should be something they should be accountable for though..I also think there might be a valuable lesson to be learned in this for the County Commissioners.. when they make out their budget.. you see with most of the other departments.. pretty much most things stay the same, but for the Sheriff's dept, with the cost of gas fluctuating so much it really throws off their budget a lot and needs to be brought into their equation, and should not be a fight with them every year..

I would just find it interesting to see what the candidates had up their sleeves... we need to do something different than the same old thing...personally I don't think anyone is happy with the way it is working out for all of us right now , in my opinion


Scott Will's name on the list is kind of a surprise.

He resigned from Crestview per the following story in the which read as follows:

Will’s resignation will be effective July 31, 2014. Each board member echoed words of thanks voiced by Board President Bill Bolin.

“The board would certainly like to thank Scott for his service to the district, and we wish you the best in your future endeavors,” said Bolin.

The Crestview Board of Education selected Will as the new superintendent in June of 2013. Prior to serving as superintendent, Will served as the principal of Crestview High School for three years. He has approximately 15 years of experience in education.

Will stated he plans to stay involved in the Crestview school district as a parent to his five children. He said he may consider an administrative position again in the future, but for now would like to spend time focusing on his family.

“Thank you again for the opportunity to be here,” Will said to the board. “This has been probably the most rewarding four years so far in my educational career. I’m fortunate to have been part of this district.”

Guess his desire to return to administration arrived sooner than later as was quoted in the article.

J Cooper

Fred Fox, you got to be kidding, oh well an entire new dating pool and maybe a water park.


I like the idea Swiss came up with, but common sense like that won't be used in the thought process here. Doing the "due diligence" and then handing off the job is usually how it works.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Really ? Deleting my comment because it contains the TRUTH ! Most of his "references" no longer hold the positions he penciled in on the application. Happy now ? I used no names and it contains NO Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights). He's running out of friends in key positions it seems ! Ha !


Hire Fred . Then we would have areal fun comment section !


Goodsite is qualified, and deserving of this position. She has done great work for NCS, and in the community.

me arse

I could not agree more! Sue is certainly qualified, and deserves the position. Fred seems to need a list of excuses in order to do his job. We don't need that kind of baggage or controversy in our school system.

swiss family

I guess i can understand your thinking behind your statement about the "controversy" but then with Ms Goodsite... if she really Did want ti be "super" some day, like she always dreamed, and she is so dedicated to the schools like she says.... why did she retire??? she did say that she "gave her best" almost sounding like it was in the past tense... well if she has already given her best... and has retired... do we need her now , giving less than her best , as top dog making the most money with the most authority, and having the most control over the everyday control of our kids????I really think that there should be some kind of "test" or a series of "what would you do" situation questions , along with budget numbers and examples of how each candidate would bridge the gap when the numbers start to get short.. which we all know will happen... so I think we need to know what they believe the solution will be, and anyone that says that either cut busing, or paying to play sports , or putting another levy on the ballot is automatically politely excused... would be a perfect place to start..... and above all, with all of the results made public...otherwise, the already questionably honest school bard will choose the candidate that we all know , who will already get the job, and they will tell us that she did outstanding on her answers,with no absolute proof that she even took a test or even had to compete in any way with anyone else... again in Norwalk it is who you are and who you know..


Say what you want about Fox, but he is an awesome super. Huron f***d up by losing him over what I believe was a personal vindeta (sp). He turned the Huron Schools around. Maybe I am missing something??? He has been found "not guilty of his charges".