Willard Memorial Library hoping to put bond issue before school district voters

"Nothing has been done for decades."
Aaron Krause
Jul 5, 2014


As she looks out from her office, Huron County Community Library Director Laura Lee Wilson can see 12 light fixtures.

Two of them work.

The Willard Memorial Library, which is part of the Huron County Community Library, is poorly lit and some lights don't work. The furnishings date back to the 1963 construction of the original building.

"The time has come that we need to modernize the building to provide 21st century library services to our service area," Wilson said. "Nothing has been done for decades. I have no shame in asking for (additional money) for the people who use the library.

"It's gotten to a point now that if we don't do something now, something drastic will happen."

Library officials are in the process of seeking approval for a .75-mill, 15-year bond levy that will bring in a total of $1.6 million for capital improvements such as interior construction, lighting, carpeting, painting and furnishings. The bond issue only will cover the Willard Memorial Library. The Huron County Community Library also has libraries in North Fairfield, Greenwich and Wakeman.

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I STRONGLY encourage all to vote NO if this levy does come up. Laura Lee Wilson has not used the last levy money the way it should have been used. At no time was that levy to help pay for employees to receive more money but that is exactly what she did with it. She has cost the tax payers thousands of dollars for her lack of properly managing the library. I could go on and on and on but I wont. VOTE NO and do not give this person the ability to continue using our money for something other than what she should have for in the first place. And her comment that "nothing has been done for decades" is FALSE as well. She needs to be removed from the position and the board needs to be held accountable for her actions.


Well Foodforthought, why don't you list what she wasted all those thousands of dollars on? How do you know that she is giving employees money from the levy? If you can go "on and on," let's hear it. If you want people to vote NO so badly, give some accurate sources, because otherwise it sounds like a personal vendetta against this director.


I am not sure where Foodforthought got their information but it appears unfounded and as if they have a problem with the current Director as everything references her.

The last levy was an operating levy for the library system to purchase new materials and there are numerous books, dvd's, and other items that have been bought with that money. There are even stickers in the new material saying this item was purchased with levy funds. The Library system has also increased their hours back to pre-budget cut levels and increased their programming.

As for the staff, they have always been nice and helpful when I have been in there. If they did receive raises, maybe they were planned in anyway. Most places even with today's tight budgets, do see a raise at least once in 4 years (time since levy). Also, minimum wage has increased and depending on library pay, that may have an impact on raises.

I do not personally know if anything has been done for decades, but I do know from walking in after a recent rain storm that the roof was leaking, and just the other day that even more lights were out then the last time I was in. I even asked the staff if it was a new power saving strategy and they informed me that no, more light fixtures are out.

I hope that voters in the Willard School District visit the library and see how much work needs done. Without their support the library may end up completely in the dark.


Runner10, if this is Mike or Jen then your comments are biased due to the position that is held by the latter of the two. The fact is the current director has abused the last levy money and has used that money for things other than why it was voted. There is so much else as well but I will not list them on here. And NO, I am not employed there or ever was. I am just citizen that the library falls into where I live.

Vote no on any levy as long as the current director is on charge! Your last levy money was not used 100% as it should have been.