Teacher case headed to trial

School surveillance video showed woman getting rough with kindergartner.
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Jul 2, 2014


The misdemeanor case against a Riverdale Local teacher shown on a May video pushing a kindergartner likely will head to trial.

Barb Williams of Hancock County’s Mount Blanchard faces a child endangerment charge in Findlay Municipal Court, where a closed-door, pretrial hearing took place Tuesday.

Findlay Assistant Law Director Alan Hackenberg said he expects another, yet unscheduled, pretrial hearing before the case likely proceeds to trial.

A school surveillance video shows the teacher using force against Ian Nelson, 6. His parents, Autumn and Anthony Nelson, and their Cleveland attorney Daniel Margolis met privately with Mr. Hackenberg on Tuesday after voicing frustrations to reporters about what they say has been an insufficient investigation into the incident.

Mr. Hackenberg said the parents expressed their concerns, and he indicated he would see “if there’s anything more that could be done.”

The defendant’s attorney, Jay Feldstein, would not comment. Ms. Williams has pleaded not guilty.

Mr. Nelson said the family has not decided “at this time” to file a civil lawsuit.


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My Industrial Arts Teacher told me it was day to clean up and I said it was not. He showed me it was very quickly and I never mentioned it at home .


...mmm ...years ago, mid-school days, I did mention a similar difference I had with a shop teacher and my Dad stuck up for me ...you know, I regret my whining about it to this day ...especially in light of the fact that I still possess all of my fingers and both eyes
...shop teacher's gone now, but every time I power up a table saw, etc., I think well of that guy...


My Dad's fourth grade teacher ripped the shirt right off his back. He was talking in class when he shouldn't have been. He got it worse from my grandmother when he got home. He never did that again. He only had a few shirts and they couldn't afford to buy any more. My grandmother never complained to the teacher or to the school.

It's odd how instances like this were more prevalent 60 years ago, but nobody complained and nothing ever happened to the teacher. Today, if a teacher even looks funny at a kid, she gets into all sorts of trouble from the school and the parents. Wow, our society jumped from one end of the spectrum to the other. Where's the happy medium?

swiss family

I have to believe thay I am seeing a totally different picture with the story that I am reading than that being transmitted to the previous 3 comm enters... in the picture that I see.. I see a Kindergartner being lifted nearly off the ground, by a woman who has to be close to 200 lbs... who is lifting him by the neck part of his shirt again nearly off the ground..... what you guys seem to be commenting on are memories when you or family members were in at least middle school and some in High school, at which time, kids are usually much tougher, and are usually a lot more into deliberately causing trouble, most times just for fun, and not only deserve the punishment they get, but thrive on the negative they get in front of the class... that is NOT the case here. this is a 5 year old CHILD, vs a very large ADULT WOMAN....

I do agree that sometimes parents jump in too often and complain about every little thing, and tie a teachers hands so badly that they are helpless and can do nothing when the kids misbehave, so it gets to the point where it is the kids that are actually the kids who have the upper hand.. again that is NOT the case here... I am sorry, I do not care if this woman has had 10, 12, 15, 20, even 25, "good" years as a kindergarten teacher, and just lost it "one time' she needs to go, she has lost it and can no longer be trusted around kids wihout being supervised, and since most schools do not have the funds to pay for teachers and then someone to watch the teachers one on one.. she needs to go in my opinion..unless she is a teacher in the Catholic school system of course, then she can just be transferred to another unaware school system where they are unaware of the terrible things she can and will do to unsuspecting children.... as they have demonstrated so vividly in the past...


...can't exactly say I disagee with you on this one, swiss
...I was more into the comment dilogue than the story and picture
...there is, however, a difference between a frustrated teacher snapping (yes wrong) and a teacher combining authority and a predilection to bullying to prey on kids (worse, in fact criminal)
...guess thats why we litigate