FTMC expanding to the north

Fisher-Titus Medical Center will expand services to the north end of Norwalk with the purchase of property on Milan Avenue (U.S. 250) next to Bob Evans Restaurant.
Aaron Krause
Nov 4, 2011


Fisher-Titus Medical Center will expand services to the north end of Norwalk with the purchase of property on Milan Avenue (U.S. 250) next to Bob Evans Restaurant.

The land will provide the site for a multi-purpose medical office facility, said Patrick J. Martin, president of Fisher-Titus.

Construction will begin in the spring, Martin said.

"We've had several of our physician practices express interest in a location on the northern end of the city," Martin said. "In addition, there are some hospital services that could more conveniently serve our clients and patients with an off-site location. In fact, area residents themselves have expressed a desire for an additional Norwalk location for various hospital services."

A purchase agreement was signed with Pride One Norwalk on Friday, Oct. 28. The agreement involves purchasing two acres with frontage on Milan Avenue and includes an option to purchase an additional two acres stretching back to Theater Avenue.

"We've been working on this project for quite awhile," Martin said. "As in any economic development project, a lot of behind-the-scenes work happens before a 'deal is done'. Mayor Sue Lesch and Norwalk Economic Development Corp. Director Ellen Heinz have been actively involved in this project which stretched out over the past year as we investigated various options. We certainly appreciate their efforts and expertise."

"What an exciting project for Norwalk and the northern part of our city! And what an advantage for the residents in this area to have such close access to Fisher-Titus services," Lesch said. "Surely this development will be an asset for the entire community because Fisher-Titus maintains such a high standard of excellence in everything they do."

A team at Fisher-Titus has been formed to work on the project to determine the best combination of services for this area.

In addition to the facility, Fisher-Titus plans to use part of the land to establish a "community garden" under the direction of John Loose, director of dietary services at Fisher-Titus.

"Since the agreement calls for us to maintain all four of the acres, this would be a great area to provide a community garden with plots for city residents," Martin said. "Using the expertise of hospital personnel like master gardener John Loose and our dietitians, while collaborating with other community organizations, we can use this 'unexpected' resource to address some of the health concerns identified in the Huron County Health Assessment that was just released."




Awe come on Dale! Why would you want that?


LOL. Dang I must have missed that day.

mister wizard

October Surprise in November ! Too bad for Suzy it ain't gonna matter.......


This should come as no surprise with the sky rocketing costs of medical care. The medical field is the only thing growing in this economy. Isn't the hospital Huron County's largest employer? YOGI BEAR.....YOU MIGHT BE ONTO SOMETHING. Of course it would mean a slight paycut... of about a gazillion dollars for Pat.


Really????????? I think it's great that there will be a facility on the other end of town. Does there always have to be an agenda? Wow some of you people really need to do more than sit around and make these crazy comments. Since everyone is all knowing what is good for the city and what is not then why don't you run for mayor and fix everything. Oh wait you people just want to complain about everything> sorry for all of you.

Kottage Kat

@babsiebear, Have you been to a council meeting? I have lived here 63 years I have seen the good, the bad and now the ugly. I know this is my hometown, I have a great fondness for it, and seeing what is being done to ultimatly destroy it makes me angry. Perhaps if I were younger I would run for Mayor. Comments are not crazy, it is the truth, have been to councill and have seen the way citizens are treated by those running the city. What is good for the city is NOT Mayor Lesch. that I know for a fact. Kat;}

swiss family

it is sad that these people who think they know all the answers to all the problems always have an excuse as to why they Cant do anything.. if they would have asked you why you didn't run for an office a couple years ago, you would have said that you were too busy working.. but possibly once you retired???? so now that you are.. you say you are too old??????please!!!!! excuses, excuses....I think you would at least get 12 votes anyway... you and the "rebel" squad that find fault with everything, and go to council to do your best to disrupt the meeting for your own agenda.... how old are you girls again??? maybe you should act it....or how about just complaining, how about offering an alternative possible solution???????? just as we all thought.. you don't have any solutions, just alot of crying and complaining....oh when I said 12 votes, I was counting on you voting for yourself 10 times....


One more positive that dah Duncan can't claim. Great job mayor....


Hey Martin, since you have all this money to burn did you ever once think about giving back the holiday and overtime pay you took from all your employees!! I heard you even paid for the remodeling and improvements needed for that fitness place in the old Foodtown store.Nice of you to do all these great things while forgetting about the ones who make your money to construct gardens


Oh no wonder they have money to burn on gardens. Tell us more please. Plus Martin is way over paid and does not even live in the city of Norwalk I hear. Skeletons will really start coming out of closet now. My question is he said Doctors have interest of being on north end. What Doctors? Is it our family doctors who can no longer make rounds to us in the hospital or are the ones who now work for the hospitals that know nothing about us? If we have to have strange doctors to treat us in the hospital then I guess we have options to go to Firelands and Willard and might get better treatment with strange doctors. Which I have done and did get treated better. This hospital is not as good since they have gone to this system. I learned this first hand.


It is your doctor's decision whether to make his rounds at the hospital or use the doctors employed by the hospital. They are called "Hospitalists" You physician is the one who decides that he is not going to the hospital anymore. If you want a physician who does make his own rounds at the hospital you should call and find out which doctors are not utilizing the hospitalists.


That is not so. Your doctor cannot treat you. I was admitted wrongfully by a misreading of a Cat scan After about 13 hours I demanded my specialist. In 15 minutes after my Doctor got there I was release with nothing wrong . My family doctor could not admit me I had to go thru ER which was a circus. Was the hospital informed you bet 5 page letter. Did I receive a phone call from Pat Martin. No. Just got call from hospital attorney. Did I sue no. Should I have. Probably, but I am not a sue happy person. What scares me is if they are reading my results wrong how many people results have they cleared and maybe something was wrong. Just info for you to remember. Sorry thing is my insurance paid for this mistake.


It is your doctor's decision. If he has priviledges at the hospital he can come to treat you in the hospital. Most of the physicians in Norwalk chose to let the hospitalists treat you, Dr. Crosby, for one, will come to the hospital for his patients.


@KottageKat what does going to a council meeting have to do with Fisher Titus buikding a facility on the north end of town? To answer your question no I have never been to a meeting and have to intentions of ever going to a meeting. so your saying by Fisher Titus building a new facility will be bad for the city? Well why don't they just build another auto parts store or pizza place because that is what we need right. This town doesn't even have a nice restaurant so nothing will evr change in this town as far as politics go so maybe you just need to accept that fact.

Kottage Kat

You have completely missed the point, why now is this being made public when the conditions and Pride one have been questioned, and been discussed multiple times at council. I do not object to what goes in there, I object to the political ploy by the Mayor, she has never up until today EVER mentioned that this would be developed, why is that? Thank you for your input Kat

swiss family

obviously you have never been in charge of any important position... protocol is that there are many many things that can and will be released by the appropriate parties in due time... the reason that the facts could not be released before this is probably (prolly, so you can understand) the deal was not solid and signed so that all parties involved wanted to speak about it... If you would use any reasoning... you might see that this was an agreement between Fisher Titus and the owner of the property... it is their "call" on if and when to release the information I doubt very highly if the Mayor had any say on the day or timing of releasing of the information...I believe that the Mayor was probably aware of what was being discussed and investigated for a while, but could not speak about it, or even give out any hints about it because it could have stopped or changed the details that were being worked out by these other private parties............. It seems that your policy about yourself and everyone you consider to be your "friends" is to think you have to tell everything you know or ever heard regardless if there is any truth to it...as an example, I will use you instant heartless and callous statements about the medical condition of the now deceased Doctor , whom you claimed to have known personally... it seemed to be very important to you to have everyone think that you knew all about it....... but most people don"t work that way... most people use a sense of decorum and dignity and when things are not their business and it is not their story to tell they stay quiet, not you ...you give out too much information about yourself.. which is your business but you feel the need to tell everyone else's business too... IE letmepicu.....and others.....so until people trust you with private information , and you do NOT tell everyone about it, you will never understand...but many times, when you are in charge you are limited to what you will and can say...(think of President Obama, and killing Bin Laden) if you still don't get it???....................or do you think that the Mayor went to Mr Martin and asked him to buy this property and build something wonderful on it, and wait specifically until the week before the election to announce it????????? that is a great story, but hardly even possible.. in the real world... but you might not really be living there now, are you?????


Anything being built out there is a plus but you really should go to council meeting just to be informed and to see for yourself that some of the bloggers are really telling you the truth as to what is going on. Also helps council and the mayor and the newspaper to be more accountable. I agree we don't need more pizza or auto stores but I heard possible another auto store coming to town just not sure when.


I hope they use someone local to build this. They are also going to plant a garden on site?? At a hospital? hmmmm.


I dont read all the posts so if these have been answered, sorry. Mr. Martin does live in Perkins Township. And filling in of the "swamp land" will actually cost FTMC more money because most of that soil will now need to be removed for footers and base for a parking lot. And im sure a big part of the reason that they picked that location is because Firelands has a care facility in the Smetzer Center just south of the location. And my wife thinks im crazy for posting on here with my real name. Starting to realize how smart my wife really is.


On a side note - what is the dot com address for The State of Ohio & hospital ratings? (looked years ago & forgot) Hint========FTMC is listed & rated - that I do remember.

6079 Smith W

@ kURTje: Can't afford a search engine huh? http://ohiohospitalcompare.ohio....


Amazing how there always has to be some "hidden agenda" now a days with everything that happens. Im sure FTMC planned on waiting till November to break ground to help the mayor get re-elected. Wow, really? The crazys on this site posting some of their best stuff yet.

Kottage Kat

@armcrmn, If you have not seen the Mayor in action then you do not know, as a non- resident of Norwalk, and not having seen what some have seen, makes your input invalid. Thank you Kat

swiss family

everyone is entitled to their opinion !!! only a close minded person who is insecure in their own opinion, would want to squash the opinion of another....in my opinion


Actually I have had several discussions with people who have had experiences with this mayor and all have said that she was very professional and actually called and set up meetings to talk to them face to face, unlike many political figures these days. Keep beating the hater drum.

6079 Smith W

@ arnmcrmn: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." (Hamlet: Act 1 scene 5)