Dog dies during fiery crash

Driver “took out a telephone pole and crashed into a tree.”
Cary Ashby
Jun 30, 2014


A driver’s dog died during a one-vehicle crash this weekend east of Monroeville on U.S. 20.

Seventeen firefighters from the Huron River Joint Fire District responded to the crash, which involved a full-size pickup truck. Chief Tom Beck said the female driver “took out a telephone pole and crashed into a tree.”

“The driver was ejected. The vehicle caught on fire. It was fully involved on our arrival,” he said.

The fire was out in six minutes.

“We were toned out at 4:30 (Saturday) morning and we returned to service at 5:50,” Beck added.

A LifeFlight helicopter transported the driver from the scene to an area hospital. Beck said the woman suffered serious injuries, but didn’t provide any details. Firefighters secured a landing spot for the helicopter.

The name of the driver and details about the crash weren’t available immediately. The incident remains under investigation by the Norwalk post of the state Highway Patrol.

“She was lucky,” Beck said. “To get ejected she is lucky to be alive.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Managing editor Joe Centers contributed to this story.



17 firefighters for a one car accident? Isn't that a bit much?


I think it's commendable that so many firemen showed up. That's their job! I can say that if there wasn't enough firemen there you would also be voicing the opposite complaint.


The tone went out at 4:30am.....they show up. It does not matter and they do not know how bad it is till they get there. They had a car accident, a fire, and a landing zone to set up. HRJFD has an awesome department.


whopper2013 If you are ever in this kind of a crash, you will want 18 firemen there There is a lot to do and never to many hands. Thank-You Fireman.


Thank you guys! They though the woman was still in the truck that's why we brought so many guys. You never have enough man power on a scene.


The story says was ejected, you say was still in truck. Who's right? If she was in truck, well done either way, and bad reporting.


The story says ejected, he said THOUGHT she was still in the truck.


Yeah that's what I said. The tones came acrossed as a one car mva (motor vehicle accident) and the car is on fire they never told us if she was out or not.

Jade 42077

She has pics of seat belt bruises. A truck driver that came upon accident pulled her from burning vehicle. Her was in right place at right time:)

The Answer Person

What a stupidly written article.


folks folks folks at the time to call came in the firemen thought she was still in vehicle, after arrival found out she was not, hince the article I cant believe you are still commenting on this an accident like this SEND ALL YOU GOT HELP IS NEEDED AND THANK GOD THESE MEN AND WOMEN ARE AWAKE TO COME HELP IF IT WERE YOU OUT THERE< YOU WOULD BE THANKFUL< WHICH YOU SHOULD BE RIGHT NOW< I MIGHT ADD

Jade 42077

She was not ejected from the vehicle I took pictures of her seat belt bruise. The reason she was out of her truck is because a truck driver pulled her to safety because the truck had caught fire. When the cops arrived they made her stand up and walk around. Genius move on officer's part. Really! She has 2 broken vertebrae in neck and her back is broke in two places.The truck driver saved her life he had her lying still and away from burning truck. The officer that made her get up and walk around upon his arrival used bad judgement. Comments sense should tell you let the person lie there until ambulance arrives with proper equipment to take precautions not knowing severity of injuries.

Jade 42077

Chief Beck you should investigate a situation more extensively instead of assuming before making bold statements about her being ejected. Yes she is lucky to be alive because of the truck driver and responders.