Half-full beer can found in disabled vehicle

Driver charged with DUI.
Cary Ashby
Jul 1, 2014


A state trooper's investigation of a disabled vehicle turned into a probe about suspected drunk driving.

Trooper Tom Halko, of the state Highway Patrol's Norwalk post, responded to a disabled vehicle off the side of the road about 9:45 p.m. June 22. The 2001 Nissan SW was near the intersection of Ridge and Hasbrock roads in Bronson Township.

The driver and only occupant, Curt J. Snelling, 54, of Cincinnati, refused to take a breath test after Halko reportedly found a half-full can of Milwaukee's Best in the center console, according to the patrol. The trooper determined the vehicle didn't have any brakes and Snelling was using his emergency brake to slow and stop.

Snelling was charged with driving under the influence and an open container violation.



half full, there is hope!


What did they do with the beer? I gotta know...

Cliff Cannon

Since the 54 year old Mr.Snelling was sitting in a car that went kaput. That he had been driving with no brakes, while he drank beer.

Philosophically speaking, I sincerely doubt if he base's his optimism on the can being half full or half empty.

However, sharing " beernsmokes2's " concern over the possibility that, that top shelf, high quality " Milwaukee's best " beer may have been poured out.

As well as recognizing, how philosopher's like " mikeylikesit " everywhere, will applaud the optimistic tone of the can being 'half-full'.

I will spend my day locked in a moral conundrum. (Now I have to go look that big word up. So, yet another problem) Which,of course, is still better than Mr.Snelling, who will spend his day locked in a jail.

shovelhead's picture

Rookie mistake. When drinking and driving, it is imperative that you stand outside of the vehicle with you're beer after breaking down. This way, they have to prove you were drinking before the vehicle stopped.


Never leave a beer behind...