It's official! Borgers chooses Norwalk

New $60 million facility in Norwalk will employ 230.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jun 30, 2014


Officials announced today that Borgers USA Corp., an automotive supplier based in Germany, has chosen Norwalk for its second North American manufacturing facility.

The new $60 million facility will employ 230 Ohioans who will help the company meet growing demand in the U.S. market.

“Borgers decision to choose Ohio for its new manufacturing facility not only brings a high number of good jobs to Norwalk, it demonstrates the strength of auto manufacturing in the state,” JobsOhio President and Chief Investment Officer John Minor said. “This is a fifth-generation company with a worldwide reputation for high-quality manufacturing as well as being an involved partner in the communities where it invests; we are delighted that Borgers now has a presence in Ohio.”

Werner Borgers, CEO and president, said one reason the company chose Norwalk was they believed in the quality of the workforce.

“Norwalk is a great location regarding logistics as it relates to our Midwest customers and the labor force is exceptional and highly motivated. In addition to that we feel that there is a great emotional fit between the people in Norwalk and the values and characteristics of our family business. We are very excited about becoming part of the Norwalk community and we look forward to starting the project soon,” said Borgers, a major shareholder in the family-owned business that was founded in 1866.



“This is great news for our community. The Borgers Company is a quality operation and we are ecstatic that they have chosen Norwalk for their new U.S. operation,” said Norwalk Mayor Rob Duncan. “This has been a collaborative effort with our many partners from the State and JobsOhio, Team NEO, our own Norwalk Economic Development Corporation and Executive Director Ellen Heinz, as well as local community and business partners.”

Borgers USA Corporation is the U.S. subsidiary of Borger AG, an automotive supplier that manufactures acoustically efficient interior and exterior components. JobsOhio began attracting the company to Ohio during a visit to Borgers’ headquarters in Bocholt, Germany, in November 2013. The Norwalk facility will supply the company’s Midwestern customers.

Look for more details later on this website and in Tuesday's Norwalk Reflector.


CrankyBalls's picture

Cool !


Thank you Borgers for your commitment to Norwalk. The community will work hard to prove you made the right decision. And thank you Ellen Heinz for first, making sure Borgers considered Norwalk and then doing an incredible job to be sure each of the puzzle pieces came together to bring this world class company to Norwalk.

Cliff Cannon

Ausgezeichnet ! ( Excellent !) Thanks to all for the fantastic job you did to, once again, make Norwalk, a city of champions!


The mayor made good on his promise. Good job !!!!!


I'll bet before it is all over Gary, Joe, and Tom will claim the credit for getting them here. Especially Joe since he's running for re-election and trying to pretend he's worth the air he breathes. Good work ellen.


can anyone direct me to where to apply for a job here? looking to move back to the area.

swiss family

great news...... thank you!!!

Fibber Mcgee

Excellent! Great Job state, county and city officials.
Thank You Borgers. Welcome .......


Yes! This is AWESOME! Great job to all involved! Wonderful things happening in this fantastic town we call NORWALK!!! Now, (rubbing hands), lets see who can twist this excellent news into rain showers????

I need serenity

Finally, some good news. As one of the people still at Janesville, this is hopeful news.


Hopefully they can keep the UAW out of there !

swiss family

I hate to say "I told you so" but just putting the picture in the on line paper of the old fashioned, charming bulletin board, that Mr Obrenovich wants in the park, to bring back that small town charm, that factories and businesses are looking for, and BOOM!!!!BAM!!!! here come a factory with 230 jobs !!!!!!AMEN!!!!! what other treasures do you have hiding in a basement somewhere Mr Obrenovich, that might just lure more factory jobs to our area,????

Kobayashi Maru

Worst comment ever.


To bad nobody will be able to pass the drug test.


Best wishes that the much expected and anticipated success of this endeavor comes to fruition.

Fibber Mcgee

I'm not raining on the parade,just asking, is the new building in Milan or Norwalk school district?

Cliff Cannon

Fibber Mcgee : To the best understanding of this citizen. Everything north of the 'rec center' is Milan school district. So I believe Milan is the answer to your question

My source,is the now deceased school board president from the 1960's who took part in the north side school system partioning . And may I add, often wished he could have a 'do-over' on that partioning decision.


Re: "Milan school district."

The first inklings of a pyrrhic victory?


Both school boards approved the enterprise zone so I assume the property lies in both school districts. Pyrrhic schmyrrhic, this is unmitigated good news for our area.


Re: "Pyrrhic schmyrrhic,"

More like taxpayer giveaways to big business - smoke and mirrors.

Don't liberals like to whine about the corruption of "corporate welfare"? Hmmmm.

Too bad the politicos bend over for big business and let sm. business pay full freight.

Heck, if 230 local sm. businesses were able to hire one new employee each, it would add up to the same amt.


I looked at the comments just to find Winnie and his "gloom and doom", and there it was. He never changes, same old, same old.


So you agree with taxpayer sponsored big business corp. welfare - hypocrite.

Cliff Cannon

@Whoopball : When Fibber Mcgee asked their question. I thought only of property taxes and the twinkle in my friends eye as he described his desire for a 'do-over' in the division of the north side land from the 1960's.

So hastily I replied, casting aside thought's of city income taxes as well as lacking knowledge of an 'enterprise zone'. I apologize for my lack of information.

However, I do agree with my late friend and share his wish, that Norwalk could have a 'do-over' on that land split from 1960's.

P.S. " this is unmitigated good news for our area " Amen to that !


From the Small Business Administration to our local employee training tax credits, there are lots of programs that help small business as well as large. Even with the tax breaks required to compete with other sites, this will be a net gain in revenue for the schools and the city. Conty, I don't understand why you are so anti-growth.

happy time

contango is pretty much anti-EVERYTHING.


Re: "this will be a net gain in revenue for the schools and the city."

The jury is still out on that piece of the smoke and mirrors.

Wait until after the hoopla dies down and reality begins to set in.

Politicos have an 'amazing' track record of overpromising and underperforming.

The area needs "growth" in a sustainable manner.

Taxpayer giveaways and grants are corporate welfare and not a sustainable path no matter how one slices it.

Better to lower taxes for ALL business and let the free mkt. sort it out. Instead of letting mostly non-business experienced bureaucrats attempt to pick winners and losers.

230 (potential) mfg. jobs (with questionable pay and benefits) is still a net loss when compared to a number of past decades and the exodus of numerous businesses.

Kottage Kat

Jobs Jobs Jobs Whahooooo