Area needy residents benefit from volunteer work through organization

Teens come from nine different states to help people in the Plymouth area.
Aaron Krause
Jul 2, 2014


About 333 teens and adults from 30 youth groups recently were in this area for several days. They came from nine states.

They completed work on 65 homes within a 25-mile radius of Plymouth High School at no cost to the homeowner -- but at a cost to the volunteers.

They were part of TeenServe, a Christian-oriented, Wisconsin-based, non-profit organization with a mission of serving those in need.

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The area needy also BENEFIT from those too busy to volunteer cuz there WORKING!!
But that point NEVER seems to get any credit or thanks..
I have yet to have someone in a grocery line turn and say THX.

swiss family

I have to say "truckin" I am a little confused by your comment, so you are saying, because you are blessed enough to have chosen the right career and still have a job, you are now the backbone of this area, and you are the supplier to all of the weak and pathetic, "Needy" who do nothing but sit on the couch and "take and take and take" all day as they use their food stamp card, paid for by you, in housing , again paid for by you, watching TV with electricity, paid for by you, while you are out their working your fingers to the bone, and no one ever says thank you????

So then let me ask you this, do you think that the Norwalk Furniture workers , who worked there faithfully for 20 years, were lazy , takers??? how about the Epic workers??? and the Janesville workers??? and Sheller Globe????all worthless takers.. according to you .. right?? how about the guys getting out of their time in the service??? lazy bums too right???OR did these jobs get unexpectedly pulled out from under them, and before that happened, they felt secure enough with their careers, like you are with yours now, to have kids and buy a home etc, and suddenly have the money all could happen to you, so they are trying to make ends meet in an area where the jobs are sparse and money is tight, so yes, some of them are also needy... but you say it like it is a BAD thing...when in fact it is an actual thing, and being that, it can and will happen to anyone at anytime, and you know what they say about Karma....


1st... whether "needy" by choice or no fault of one's own doing..
There is NOT a darn thing wrong with telling someone who is continuing working and having part of there pay withheld to subsidize.

As far as JOB??? do you NOT think i have changed companies due to rate cuts? closures? had gone thru lay offs? mergers? Moved to better location for one reason or the other? Then had to relocate again?
You definitely don't know me..

Heck just 1 example, I had my own company with 3 other drivers under my own authority my name on the trucks back in the 90's, few good years, a half a million in assets, then when fuel raised in late 99 about 1000 extra a month, with no fuel surcharge in place yet, it didn't take long to go thru asset cash, then went all profit made, by other trucks, plus lose wage of my own.. truck sale market plummeted.
What did i do?
I DID NOT SIT & WHINE boo hoo. I regrouped, sold what i needed when could, traded others, took some loses.. took time... but got back to 1 trk and made it work a few more years.
Decide to move back around home with a supervisor position in hook. Tried, liked, but realized around here it was a losing battle being in management.. EVERYONE is willing to work any hours, any shift, until they get hired, then one excuse after another for needed days off, etc.
Then comes the boo hoo, mean person, racist.. Heck i had it all thrown at me.
Now that i saved my money got back to my own deal. i am somehow LUCKY??
Luck doesn't just bounce off the sidewalk.


truckin, if you really want people to stop now and then to kiss your a$$, then I suggest you pucker up, bend over, and do it yourself.


not just mine, there is about 50% of the population in which should kiss up to the other 50%. fact
just a bunch of greedy, ungrateful people out there..
see swiss why the resentment, everyone thinks it's a butt kissing thing when actually the ones busting there hump everyday while watching so many sit, just wish for a little thx.


truckin, let me be a little more clear since you don't seem to get it. People who REALLY volunteer don't want to hear someone say thanks. We are willing to put aside our own busy lives to lend a helping hand and not expect anything in return. I'm sorry but you sound like nothing more than a selfish complainer. I don't like paycheck deductions but it's the cost of living in America. Our basic economic philosophy is simple..."if you want to be rich then work your a$$ off", if not then stay a bottom feeder. The only thing you accomplish by complaining all the time, is that it makes you feel miserable. I'd rather work hard and enjoy life, not to mention I like having that feeling of self accomplishment. Yes, it's true that people take advantage of the system, but many don't and who am I to judge? I'd rather contribute to society than contribute and complain. If you feel so strongly that people should be thanking you in the store, then I suggest you don't shop at Walmart.



swiss family

truckin... you are getting all confused here.. I do not have resentment, and I do not think it is a "butt kissing thing...what I do think is that some people are meant to drive for a living and some people are not...obviously the people who took the factory jobs that I already named and stayed there were not meant to drive for a living, so should they be punished and shamed because their jobs disappeared??I don't think so.. and another thing that I am finding interesting these days, is the real staunch critics who are shouting out the loudest about there being way too many "takers" seem to have short memories... because if you were to examine their past you would find times in their own past when they needed help, and thank God that there were organizations available to help them so they did not end up out on the streets, but they seem to forget all of that.. because now it is someone else who needs the help, and luckily they are alright... short memories.. it is a bad , and growing disaster these days... OH and your point about not being able to volunteer.. because they are working??? I know plenty of people who work and still volunteer as well.. so it is an excuse.. you know it and I know it..OH and about thanking the working people??? are you serious??? I do know who you are... and I do think that if someone ahead of you in line at a grocery store who used a food stamp card, and turned to you and said thank you to you.. I am pretty sure you would think they would be making fun of, or trying to start a fight with you in my opinion..