Suspected prostitute arrested in Norwalk

Woman took a "selfie" in light-colored lingerie while she stood in front of a mirror in a bathroom, advertising herself online as a prostitute.
Cary Ashby
Jun 30, 2014


An area woman who reportedly advertised herself online as a prostitute was arrested Thursday morning in Norwalk.

Kim A. Dowler, 47, of Wellington, is charged with one count each of prostitution and possession of criminal tools. She was arrested in the city and transported to the Huron County Jail.

"She said since she'd been in Norwalk, she had four clients. It appears she travels all over and does this; that's my belief," Norwalk Police Detective Sgt. Seth Fry said.

The detective was asked if Dowler has a history of being a prostitute.

"She has no prior arrests on this, but based on the evidence I found I believe she's done that before," said Fry, who declined to say what those items were.

"The items are evidence and she hasn't gone to trial," the detective said.

Detective Sgt. Jim Fulton received information about the case via a confidential informant and forwarded it to Fry.

"They reported to us. We took it from there," Fry said.

The detective doesn't know how the informant discovered Dowler's posting on

According to her listing, the woman advertised herself as "**Sweet.. **Sexy.. Dena," being 5 feet 8 inches tall and 150 pounds with "chocolate brown hair and hazel eyes." She provided a telephone number with a 440 area code, reported she took appointments starting at 9 a.m. and requested "same race please."

"She advertised she would be in Norwalk from June 23 through 27," Fry said.

"She had several pictures on there that were sexually suggestive. She was in lingerie," the detective added.

According to information Fry obtained from the posting, Dowler took a "selfie" in light-colored lingerie while she stood in front of a mirror in a bathroom. Another "selfie" is a reflection in a bathroom mirror shows the woman's back to the camera and she is wearing a light-colored, long-sleeve shirt.

"She indicated her name was Dena," Fry said.

"I made contact with her over the phone," the detective said. "I learned where she was staying."

Fry said the owners of where the place Dowler was staying in Norwalk didn't know what she reportedly was doing.

"I have very limited information on the clients. ... I haven't spoken to any of the clients," he added.

This prostitution case was a first for Fry, who has been with the Norwalk Police Department since 1999.

"This probably happens a lot more often than what is reported. This is the first case of prostitution I've covered," he said.

Dowler's case remains under investigation.

"Additional arrests are likely," Fry said.



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And Huron County is already filled with young ladies of negotiable virtue. Paid intimate companionship mostly goes unnoticed here unless it occurs in the Bob Evans parking lot during the daytime. Probably a good idea to check ID's for age if you're a prudent person though, especially if you happen to be in Greenwich or New London.

Red Robin Hood

I wonder what has happened in a person life to make them feel that this is the only avenue they can turn to. I truly feel bad for her.


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1. What's a prostitute's criminal tool? Wink wink

"She has no prior arrests on this, but based on the evidence I found I believe she's done that before," said Fry, who declined to say what those items were".

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Really Reflector? Why?

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It's the first time I have ever called anyone racist. My point was she is running a business, and is being discriminatory. A bad joke, but a joke nonetheless.

If you "date" people the same way she "dates" people, then you're a prostitute.


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