Child rapist gets life without parole

Local man made his bedroom "a torture chamber" for two girls who were younger than 10, judge says.
Cary Ashby
Jun 25, 2014


A Milan Township man was sentenced to life without parole Monday for raping two girls several times when they slept over at his Mudbrook Road home.

An Erie County jury convicted Joseph D. Wagner, 63, of 10 counts of rape for sexually assaulting two girls who were younger than 10. The Erie County Sheriff's Office investigated the incidents which happened between 2011 and 2013 when Wagner lured the victims to his bedroom.

Wagner maintained he didn't abuse anyone when he made a statement to Erie County Common Pleas Judge Roger Binette.

"I did not abuse anyone, nor have I ever considered the heinous things I've been accused of," said the defendant, who was found guilty June 11.

Binette, according to the Sandusky Register, told Wagner he groomed the victims "in your own sick ways" and made his bedroom "a torture chamber for those two children."

The judge also told the defendant the sexual abuse was similar to a life sentence for the girls. Binette said he took into that consideration plus a woman's testimony who alleged Wagner abused her decades ago -- and possibly at least five other victims -- when he decided the defendant's sentence.



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He will get dealt with in prison.


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I'm with you on this. This should be a common procedure for any convicted pedophiles.

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Let's hope his cell mate pays him back for the rest of his life


Maybe i missed it...but why were two little girls staying overnight? Were are the parents. What the heck is wrong with people just leaving their kids with whoever will babysit??!! Hope someone cuts his junk off in prison!


While I feel bad for the victims unfortunately he will be put with others like him and protected.


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Linedriver that is where your wrong for some reason men in prison get real nasty about people that mess with kids, his life in prison won't be an easy one and I couldn't be any happier about that if I tried.

Seen it All

Lead between the eyes is the only way to deal with someone like this. A whole lot cheaper than feeding him, clothing him, and housing him for the rest of his life.


I have to disagree. It's totally worth the money knowing that he's gonna spend the rest of his pathetic life in a bent over position. He might as well have "open for business" tattooed on his a$$.


I agree...Just think about it. It is our TAX DOLLARS that will be paying to feed this creep.


A bullet is too humane for this guy. He needs to suffer for his actions. If putting him down is the thing to do, then at least make the method of his execution a horrible way to go.


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Tee866, they have a prison in southern Ohio that house's just these types of criminals. It is where they send all child molesters. Do some research on the ODRC site. I forgot the name of it.


Either way, those type of inmates still have strong sexual appetites needing fed, and his a$$ is gonna be on the menu.

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