Arson suspected in 'home wrecker' fire

Wakeman mobile home destroyed.
Cary Ashby
Jun 24, 2014


Several agencies are investigating a suspected arson at the Firelands Manor Mobile Home Park just outside of Wakeman.

"It is an active, ongoing investigation," Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard said late Monday afternoon. "It appears to be incendiary in nature. It is being worked as an arson (case)."

Someone spray-painted the phrase "home wrecker" in large red letters on the shed behind the mobile home at 134 Linden Ave., Wakeman.

Dispatchers received the report of a residential fire at 3:20 a.m. Sunday.

"We received a call during the early morning hours. We went there and assisted the Wakeman fire department," Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said.

Fire Chief Dave Wilson couldn't be reached for comment after the Reflector staff made multiple calls to him.

Howard said the state fire marshal's office is offering a reward leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or people who are responsible. The sheriff said there is a poster on the front of the mobile home.

"I don't know of anybody (who was) injured," Howard said.

The state fire marshal's office received a call about the fire just after 4 a.m. Sunday.

"It's been considered incendiary in nature. It also is still under investigation," spokeswoman Lindsey Burnworth said.

Detectives Kayla Zander and Eric Bardar are leading the investigation for the sheriff's office. Howard said his office is assisting the state fire marshal's office and Wakeman Fire District in the ongoing probe.

"The detectives have been working the case all day," the sheriff said.

Howard confirmed he and the detectives have interviewed several people. However, the sheriff declined to provide any details about the case because he said the information would "contaminate" the investigation.

"I'm hopeful we'll have more information very soon," Howard added.

Anyone with information about the case is encouraged to call the Huron County Sheriff's Office at (419) 663-2828 or the tip line for the state fire marshal's office at (800) 589-2728.

Burnworth said the toll-free tip line is for people with information about the fire, who saw "anything out of the ordinary at or around the time of the fire" or heard someone say something about the blaze "with an unusual level of interest or knowledge."




it wasn't my girls!


Ok Mikey which one did you make mad?


i admit, my cbcf girls are hot stuff, but these days they're too happy to be starting fires.


the only fires my girls are responsible for is the fire down below! gigity!

shovelhead's picture

This is awesome. Just write "home wrecker" on the side in big letters. Nobody will figure that out. Easily worth 8 years in prison.


Revenge Wakeman Style.


Just round up the wife....

yogi bear

"the sheriff declined to provide any details about the case because he said the information would "contaminate" the investigation." Never stopped him before...really means they don't know anything yet.


Spend an hour in the local bar or their local greasey spoon. That's where you'll find all the town's best gossip.


Sounds to me they will figure this out fast` sounds like either a mad ex or someone was fooling around in a marriage.


It very well may not have had anything to do with adultery. I hear that is the old manager's place. You know, the people that hand out evictions, high heat bills, etc.


This wasnt the managers place. Just a resident who was gone for the weekend


I would do the same thing if some tramp tried anything with my husband. I'd probably commit a double homicide, too. So this one got off easy.


So you would blame the tramp??
Probably some innocent lady who had no clue the man (your husband) was even married?
and yet still not enough confidence in yourself to just walk away..


Bro points!

Sitting In The ...

Arson "suspected" gee you think ? what gave it away?




Glad no one was hurt.


Homewrecker was a decoy to throw off people....if u notice both ends are burned....hmmm fire started at both ends....i believe if was set for insurance money...and no this was not the managers home.


I think you're right.


It's Huron county would you expect anything more. Lol seriously it's becoming a joke anymore.


How convenient they were gone for the weekend.


That park went to .... went Daltons sold it. Poor excuse for park managers


Agree with that! Mr Dalton would never have put up with the shananagins going on now!


Drug deal gone bad?


or better than planned? that's usually how the house looks after one of my drug parties..


Good comeback, had a few myself.

sunny day

This park use to be great to live in. Now it has gone to s**t. So much drugs. Needles being found By kids. Kids running around with no one watching them. They destroy your property. Corruption by managers. It just keeps getting worse and worse. When you think of trailer parks and the trailer park trash stigma this is the park.


I heard homes are being pulled out, given back or even left abandoned because of some of the reason Sunny Day just mentioned.


I was just informed the people who took it over back in March are evicting everyone and "renovating" it...and that they dont know what the hell they are doing that is why they are "evicting" people....a friend of mine was taken around and shown the "give away" mobiles and 3 out of the 5 they were told to look at had needles, beer bottles, etc laying everywhere...they leave the trailers unlocked as well so anyone can get into them (empty ones) so glad i moved out of there in Feb. i never had an issue until it turned hands...