Benedict/Elm work begins; paving resumes throughout Norwalk

Elm Street will be closed at Benedict Ave.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jun 22, 2014


Work on the Benedict Avenue/Elm Street widening project will begin Monday.

Truck traffic on U.S. 250 will be re-directed around the intersection as follows:

Northbound 250: U.S 20 east to Ohio 18 to Cleveland Road west to Schauss/Ontario/Republic northbound back to U.S. 250.

Southbound: Opposite of above.

Vehicles will be allowed through the intersection at Benedict/Elm, one lane at a time. Locals are encouraged to use alternate routes (Norwood/Linwood) around the intersection. Elm Street will be closed at Benedict Ave. (U.S. 250). This will expedite the construction to ensure timely completion on the work.

The schedule is subject to change and the weather. For more information, call (419) 663-6707.

Paving of U.S. 250 resumed in Norwalk on Monday. Crews are on the north side paving Milan Avenue near the Norwalk Korners plaza. Crews also are on the south side paving Benedict Avenue near Fisher-Titus Medical Center.


swiss family

BEGINS????????? hat has been happening the past 4 weeks??


New there would be that one that would complain..if Norwalk looks like crud..people b**ch..try to make it better..people b**ch...go someplace else if the inconvenience bothers you...I'll take it if it makes my little town better..

swiss family

I guess you have a difficult time distinguishing the difference between "complaining" and "wondering"... my observation, was that when they said that they will "BEGIN" on Monday.. is kind of confusing to anyone who has gone down Benedict or Elm in the past 3 weeks only to have been slowed down or stopped or rerouted because of the construction going on.. I was NOT complaining, as you imply, I was only observing that anyone who went through there and was detained would disagree that it is starting on Monday.. because it has been going on for weeks....Now I have to say I knew that there would be one that would misread what I wrote and b!tch about it, and try to make it seem as if I am saying something that I am not... why don't you read things several times before you type your response and make sure you understand what you are b!tching about, before you look like an a$$