Charges pending in local vandalism spree

Suspected underage party being investigated.
Heather Chapin-Fowler
Jun 20, 2014


As this village cleans up after the extensive rash of graffiti, police have collected several suspects who are expected to be charged for the attack on the southeast part of the town and events leading up to the vandalism.

The investigation started with the vandalism on June 3, but has grown to include a suspected underage party.

Five juveniles are suspected of drinking and three adults who were allegedly at the home at the time, said Police Officer Kevin Verburg.

One of the adults includes the 19-year-old who was allegedly part of the vandalism. While another of the adults is on probation and could face a violation of probation charge if he is charged. However, Verburg is keeping the investigation close to the vest until his reports are filed with appropriate prosecutor's offices.

Both the eldest female and male at the residence during the alleged drinking party denied any knowledge of the drinking, Verburg said earlier this week.

The investigation has been tedious and time consuming because police have been waiting for information to come in regarding the amount of damage being reported from homeowners who were hit by the graffiti.

Even the village is still cleaning up after the barage of paint was left throughout the area on signage.

Some residents have already repainted their homes to cover the red and black painted anarchist signs left on homes, cars, garages, sidewalks, fences and apartment complexes. Others got the paint off their cars immediately that Saturday morning at a local car repair shop.

But, many of the signs remain on aluminum sided dwelling, apartments, fences and the homes of the elderly as an ugly reminder of the night the town was painted red and black.

Police are confident that at least the 19-year-old and two juveniles will likely be held responsible for the vandalism while the other suspects could face underage drinking violations.

The eldest member of the vandals has a history of criminal behavior while details on the other two are being withheld due to the ongoing investigation.

"I hope to have my reports sent to the prosecutors' offices this week," Verburg said yesterday.

Verburg is working with the Huron County Adult Probation Office regarding the male who was at the home during the underage party who is not being charged for anything regarding the vandalism, he said.

The officer will also work with the Huron County Prosecutor's Office for the woman who was present at the party as well as the 19-year-old alleged vandal while the county's juvenile prosecutor will handle the cases against the five juveniles, if Verburg collects enough information to recommend charges.

"Maybe we'll make an example of them," Verburg said of the suspects as summer just kicked off for the New London students the weekend of the party and vandalism.

"With all the information we are getting we're going to have to sit down with the prosecutors and figure out who is getting charged," Verburg added.


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eat my shorts

Heck yes make an example out of them. Don't say "maybe".


Why is this even a story? How hard is it to walk around and take pictures of the damage these idiots caused? Is the nlpd too busy? The glorification of these small town cops by this paper is beyond pathetic. The cops will wait until all the damage is cleaned up, then blame the prosecutor because the idiots get off with a small fine. Mean while the residents have to spend unnecessary time & $$$ cleaning this crap up.

retired and happy

The great feature of the online comment section is anyone can offer their own opinions, suggestions etc.... We don't have to agree and we do have the right to write a rebuttal.
With that said as a long time resident of New London I believe as well as many residents that the police department does an excellent job. Read the New London Record or the police departments Facebook page to see what goes on here and what the police department does on a daily basis.
The last few articles in the Reflector involving New London included this vandalism story and the lost child story last week. What was clearly left out by the 2 commentators (dusty and nlrob) was the police made arrests and found the lost child. I would understand your contempt if nothing was done but what better an ending than arrests and a found child? There probably will be restitution for the graffiti artists also.
There are residents who support the police department and will be commentating on what we believe to be misleading comments.


You must not be reading the police log very well it full of "Gone on arrival" and "Unable to locate" But rest assured if McDonalds or Mickey Mart we ever hit by criminals NLPD would be Johnny on the spot. And 20 days to do the spray painting case it a little long don't you think? In both cases it wasn't the cops that solved them it was tips from the resident's that solved them. The adult that was caught red handed (red and black) should have been charged that week! He the only ones who going to get any punishment anyways. For a department that has 2 new cars and a 80-90k redo for the police dept. I'm sure more than nlrob and I are feeling a little short changed.


apparently ur dumb as they come. do a little more reading little less blabbing. it clearly says waiting on estimates. charge the kid soon as he was caught so what he walks without restitution due not having damage estimates??? thank god u arent the police chief of any town it would be destroyed quicker than u can blink an eye. all u do is blab blab blab like u know what your talking about. i believe everybody just wants u to read more of the article without opening ur mouth and making yourself look stupid.


You can't get restution till you get a criminal conviction. You simply keep that part of the case open or make it a part of the probation. I'm sure the estimates were turned in long ago. I'm thinking the insurance company's will go after them civily. All the residents will get is there deductible.


They will be gave a slap on the wrist! Hell when i was a kid you do crap like this you would went straight to dh!


The story is pointless, no other police department gets articles printed about pending investigations. So live in denial about how great of a job they do, as no major drug arrests concerning heroin have been made. The volunteer fire department does a great job. The ambulance service treats people every day and does a great job. Where are the articles praising the work that those agencies performs? I guess you socialize with the police at McDonalds when they are supposed to be working. I didn't know knocking on doors was news worthy. Where's the conclusion to the rest of these stories?


@factnotfiction, since you know some much please educate me who is holding up this process. Insurance adjusters don't usually take 2+ weeks to process claims, in my experience anyway. Since the police referred the citizens to free change auto to have the paint fixed, you would assume the police took pictures of the damage before it was fixed. You know what happens when you assume though. In the other story where the great chief knocked on doors, how long will it take them to determine who's drugs those kids took? My point was clearly stated, the paper over dramatized every thing the police respond to. The police take a real long time doing investigative work. Then the paper doesn't give any more info in a timely manner. Then people want to glorify the inept. So based on the story, free change auto did a disservice to the citizens by fixing their cars because the cops couldn't take pictures in time. No good deed goes unpunished.


NLRob let's not forget if it was done for free that's exactly what the restution will be "0" knock down the total overall cost. And for the police to shamelessly recommend one shop over the many in town is just wrong.


free to people that took their cars down there. what about houses and fences that were damaged that has to get repainted and resided. u cant go to court without restitution costs due to the double jeopardy factor once convicted u cant go back and add to the sentencing. NLrob and Dusty ur clearly making assumptions and for u that say who puts vandalism in a paper or makes it news idk maybe everybody does for example fox 8 did it this morning. same exact thing as in new london. sounds to me like u both have beef with the police department and have nothing better do to than hide behind your computer. retired and happy always has good stuff to say so does n. fairfield so im guessing they are law abiding citizens that dont cause trouble and dont have beef with the pd. im pretty sure everybody gives free change auto kudos for the act of kindness to all the victims. nobody should dispute what he did for them. both of u make assumptions and think ur assumptions are correct hence why many people dont care what u have to say on here.


You still lack a single response to the questions I previously asked you, I'm so shocked. The nlpd took credit for helping the local family named the Biller's, specifically the chief. Then a short time later they were bragging about arresting Freddie and dramatically searching him for weapons. For me personally I am not shocked that the story went from free press grab by the chief to arresting the same party. Any drama this paper can glorify on his behalf is very evident. I am not hiding behind my computer as you say, sounds like a threat to me, ask your bff where I live and I will gladly discuss his job performance with you personally. You can check my record why your are at it, a few speeding tickets is what you'll find. Personally the chief has lied numerous times to my face, so excuse me for loosing respect for him. Maybe the town should get the speed cameras like Greenwich, and pay a sheriff to monitor the town and save some $$$ for the town. Great job to free change auto for helping out. Great job to the volunteer fire fighters and to the ambulance service. You never read about a house left burning or a citizen dying because of no medical attention.


That's nowhere near double jeopardy.. LOL Go back to high school and get a clear understanding of how our court system works.


I'm clear on how it works apparently u understand some of it. I'm well aware that's not double jeopardy seeing if u actually read what I write and not skim cuz I swear u skim articles and mention things all the time that are in the article but u say something opposite. NLRob let's see here do u read the full articles or all of them atleast because if u read all the articles of the billers the pd did all they could and it was in the hands of aps. After that there is no more that can be done. U can even go back and check the article for the case workers name. U can't blame someone for something that isn't in their control.