Resurfacing of U.S. 250 suspended until Monday; work continues today on north side of town

Work starting at old Cook's store and heading south
Aaron Krause
Jun 20, 2014


While U.S. 250 resurfacing on the south side of Norwalk is done until Monday, surface work continues on the north side of town today. Work is starting at the old Cook's store and heading south.

City officials ask that people use caution when driving; traffic may be stopped at times. Residents are encouraged to use alternate routes for the duration of this project.

City officials will provide updates as they become available. This is a proposed schedule and is subject to change, depending on the weather.

If residents have any questions, they should call (419) 663-6707.



I call bull$=!+




Funny...they're out front of my place of employment right now. I know they're working, got stuck in traffic.


Have you been on Route 250 today? Started at 7 or earlier. Stuck in traffic for 30 minutes to go a couple of miles.


. duplicate


I say we just let the roads go. Let them go back to dirt. That way people can't bi*tch about them fixing them


The point is, it says resurfacing is suspended.
It's not.


But it's online, so it's HAS to be true! LOL


They need do a better job at letting people know what streets are messed up its marked horrible.


I don't get the 100 foot patch, then old pavement than another 100 foot patch. Then they grinding it all up again?? I know Erie Blacktop knows what they're doing but I've never seen a road done this way.