Five killed by 'bad batch' of heroin

Anyone with information related to the case is asked to contact police.
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Jun 19, 2014


Five people have died and others have nearly overdosed from what police say is a “bad batch” of heroin being sold around Akron.

On Tuesday, two men — a 31 year old from Schiller Avenue in Akron and a 58 year old from Largo, Fla. — were found dead.

Three other heroin-related deaths have been reported in Akron in the last two weeks.

Police issued a warning Wednesday telling “illicit drug users not to take heroin which they procured over the past few weeks.”

Police are unsure what’s causing the rash of deaths. They speculate a deadly ingredient was added to the heroin, or that the heroin is nearly pure and extremely potent.

For those in need of aid, call the Summit County ADM Crisis Center at (330) 996-7730.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Akron police at (330) 375-2490.

Information may also be provided anonymously by calling Summit County Crimestoppers at 330-434-COPS(2677) or by texting TIPSCO plus the tip to 274637. Tipsters may qualify for a cash reward.


By Phil Trexler - Akron Beacon Journal (MCT)

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Your neighbor

Oh Well!!!! Kill em all off won't it!




OH? Isn't all of it bad? Eventually it's gonna kill ya.

Is this the Krokidil stuff?

Oh well, I say kill more of 'em quicker ... it's cheaper for the rest of us that way since WE are paying for them.

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

There is never a good batch of heroin. People who decide to shoot heroin take their lives into jeopardy with every dose. A nincompoop wrote this headline.

Kobayashi Maru

Were there a lot of local people in the Akron area when this bad heroin was consumed? If not this story is useless for this website.


This story (about bad heroin) was everywhere, they had it on the Toledo news too. Not sure where the supply came out of, but they are warning everyone in the state of Ohio. Not that I am worried about it. Druggies do not usually watch the news, or take their heroin back for a recall, but the story is not worthless on this website, they are sending the story everywhere in the STATE.

JMOP's picture

Sooner or later..


Once again you guys showed your ignorance and when someone in your family gets a disease, I hope you have some compassion for them, I doubt that you will and since you all are perfect do it a favor and end it all! I'm sure the world will be a better place without you! And no none are my family contained in this article!

JMOP's picture

You talk about having compassion, yet you tell us to end it all and the world will be a better place without us?

You, my friend, don't have comPASSION, you have a PASSION of hate.


I agree with you! Sickening the way people talk about someone's loved one suffering from this disease!

Whiskey Tango F...

Heroin is a drug and an option, not a disease. Cigarettes are not a disease, caffeine is not a disease, alcohol is not a disease... These are all decisions. I am tired of paying for other peoples bad decisions. Mine are expensive enough, and that scar on MY body reminds me not to do it again. These people do not learn anything other than to be dependent not only on a substance, but also dependent on a society of others to provide it for them. I will be slaughtered for writing this as everyone else expects us to pay for them! My scars don't involve needles or rehab, but my upbringing with positive roll models and parents who held themselves accountable for their children's actions helped to guide me.


I have had family with a DISEASE. I have watched people die from DISEASES. Things that they had NO CONTROL over. A choice is NOT a disease. No I pray I never watch people in my family find out they have cancer, heart disease, ALS, MS, etc. (do not start with the addiction is a disease ask any doctor bull $ hit, I know, I do not care).


Disease- my ass! No one in my family ever was this stupid and if they were they would be kicked to the curb ... it's called not putting up with druggies' bullshit!

That mantra has served my family well over the years.


The cure for this heroin "disease" is NOT to try drugs in the first place. Just say NO!


I'm so sick of addiction being referred to as a "disease"!!! Choosing to do something that can cause addiction is a choice, not a disease. People with a disease don't have a choice..... Addicts do!!!


It IS a disease!


No , it's a choice. You choose to play with fire and you're going to get burned.


@Love1610 with this logic I take it that anybody with aids is also to blame, ya know since you choose to have sex. How about hepatitis passed from a mother to a child in utero, or getting diabetes. I'm not bashing on you bro. My best friend died of an overdose while trying to clean up.

Whiskey Tango F...

Unprotected sex with strangers will get you HIV, Bad decision create this epidemic! Guess what else spreads HIV? Heroin from dirty needles! Pregnancy is not an accident! It is the result of poor judgement and bad decisions!


Doing something once may be a mistake..doing something twice is a choice...screw your disease. You made the choice. Now pay the Piper.


I am SURE someone you know and/or a family member has this addiction! It usually starts with an addiction to pills. It's a very sad, hard situation. These people don't CHOOSE to live this way, they need the drug like all of us need air to breathe! Please show some compassion for these people and their families! Try putting yourself in their parents, sisters, brothers, cousins, close friends, etc shoes! Someone is grieving horribly over the loss of a child, etc. it's obvious that some or most of you have never had to deal with this and definitely don't know the facts! Since it is a major epidemic, chances are you WILL have to deal with it someday, so be careful what you say! This drug doesn't choose it's victims. Some start out as 14 and 15 year olds experimenting with pills, etc. most of them now are sons and daughters of professional parents. We have almost all experimented with something at that age! Unfortunately, Heroin and Oxy's seem to be the most accessible drug around now! They only way this will ever end is to take out the big cartels, (the money makers), by legalizing it and treating it.


Please read the above comment before you say they don't "choose" to live this way...and the last time I checked, "experimentation" is a 14 or 46, it's still a choice..


They only way it will end is to let them all OD and die. Legalization doesn't end it..their death dam sure will.


Is there a such thing as a 'good batch'?


No tears shed here


Legality aside, alcohol and nicotine and even caffeine are 'drugs'. If you partake of any of these substances, whether occasionally or habitually, do not be quick to judge drug users -- you are one yourself.Learn not to judge people based on their life decisions. Drug use has been long recorded throughout the history of humankind; there is no such thing as a stereotypical drug user. Famous 'users' include: Salvador Dali, Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle, Ben Franklin, Jimi Hendrix, Albert Hoffman, Pope Leo XIII - learn to accept that while drug use may not be healthy, it is a common feature of modern and ancient society. You probably know somebody who uses drugs without knowing.


...(uh, you missed out William S. Burroughs and Ginsberg)


Many users in the rock scene hit the "27" club .. so not impressed.

Most especially when MY tax dollars are involved trying to treat and coddle, rehab, feed and house these people. I don't know of any other "disease" which public tax monies are used like that.

Your neighbor

Heroin is not a disease!!! You haven't come to reality yet to realize your family member is a drug addict by choice. I do have a couple close family members who are heroin addicts by their choice. Nobody twist's their arm to make them do it. They do it on their own free will. Stop feeding their addiction by telling them it is a disease. IT IS NOT!!!