Boy accidentally kills best friend with gun they found in home

When ambulance pulled in front of the house, mom had no idea her son had just called 911 to report the shooting of an 11-year-old.
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Jun 18, 2014


The front yard of the Frazeysburg house was not yet mowed as the yellow police tape encircled it, two bicycles leaning against the front porch.

Jen Miller had just started to cut her backyard at 43 1st St., while her 11-year-old son, Brady Scherer, played inside the house yesterday with his best friend, Lucas Templin.

The noise from the mower drowned out the siren as an ambulance pulled in front of the house, a neighbor said.

Miller had no idea that her son had just called 911 to report that he had accidentally shot Lucas.

The two boys, in little more than the 10 minutes since Miller had started the mower, had found a loaded revolver inside the house.

Lucas, who lived barely a block away — just across the railroad tracks — was pronounced dead at the scene, a single gunshot wound in his chest.

“Jen was a mess,” said next-door neighbor Rose McNemar. “I tried to comfort the little boy. He was shaking and bawling. He had blood on him. He kept saying, ‘Is he OK? He’s going to be OK, Mom?’??”

Lt. Mike Lecocq of the Muskingum County sheriff’s office said that deputies were dispatched just after 3:30 p.m.

“They were best friends,” said Cindy Swartz, Lucas’ grandmother.

“He was a typical 11-year-old boy, riding his bike all over town,” Swartz said of Lucas. “It was always, ‘I’m riding over to Brady’s house.’??”

Lucas, who turned 11 on June 6, served as the best man in his father’s wedding last weekend.

He would have been a fifth-grader at Frazeysburg Elementary School.

The shooting — including who owned the gun and where it was found — remains under investigation, said Sheriff Matt Lutz.


By Eric Lyttle - The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio (MCT)

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Remember guns dont kill people


The gun DIDN'T kill him..his best friend did. His best friend had to pull the trigger. I have several guns and have never been threatened by them. They have never came up to me and said they were going to kill me. Actually they just sit there until I pick them up. Another gun hater that blames the gun. Did the spoon and fork make you obese? Did the pencil make you flunk 3rd grade.'re right. The spoon made you fat and the pencil made you write stupid answers in the 3rd grade. And now your computer made you write another stupid comment..






The owner of the gun who left it loaded where a child could find it is ultimately responsible for this accident. The problem is that most gun owners give other gun owners more credit for being safe than they deserve. The average person is incapable of safely owning a gun. The guy who recently posted that, hey, accidents will happen is a perfect example.


Roger that!


Rodger you apparently consider yourself average and judge others based on your failures.
More kids die from drowning then from accidental shootings, And the fix for drownings is the same for accidental shootings, that is education.
Take the kid to the range and show the kid what a gun does, in doing so will remove the curiosity about it then the kids will not think it is some new toy to play with.

swiss family

I have to say that I am in favor of the new "smart gun" where you have to wear a bracelet that will only transmit a signal to the gun if you are wearing it on your wrist, and the gun will only fire if you have the bracelet on... So , if they had found the loaded gun and not the bracelet, the gun would not have fired.. and no one would have been hurt or killed..

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

Why not just keep the guns away from children? Seems simple enough.


When that tech is up to the level of reliability that the army and police would rely on it ok.
Right now it fails to work when is supposed to 20% of the time and adds $1,500 to the price on a 22 caliber handgun.
Just like any safety device it will fail when you need to rely on it.
In the end it is people who'll keep something safe or not.


Insert hot button issue........