Commissioners consider needs, available funds

Jail chiller replacement could cost up to $180,000.
Scott Seitz2
Jul 6, 2014


The Huron County commissioners have a number of building-maintenance items to consider in the upcoming weeks.

The commissioners recently hired a consultant to provide options on how to best proceed with replacing the jail chiller, possibly at an estimated cost of $150,000 to $180,000.

Commissioner Tom Dunlap said, with temperatures about 90 degrees Tuesday, the current chiller is functioning, even with one compressor out of commission. "We're lucky we have a wonderful maintenance man who can keep a Band-Aid on it," Dunlap said.

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Re: "replacing the jail chiller, possibly at an estimated cost of $150,000 to $180,000."

Get a state or federal grant - they got plenty of free money.


or here is a better idea: let the crooks cook!

Seymour Butts

I say screw the inmates. That's too damn much taxpayer money to spend on a chiller. They're friggin inmates for goodness sakes, not guests at a country club. The commissioners should just go to Walmart and buy some fans.


since when does the government consider available funds before spending? after reading the headline i didn't even read the article. i don't come here for fiction.

Cliff Cannon

No doubt, A/C is part of a criminal's " right's " when incarcerated. However,I do wish it was not so.

Just think of the other savings besides, the cost of the units; maintenance, electricity, no doubt, the roof near the units is reinforced and so on. So it is truly a financial bonanza if the taxpayer, didn't have to fund this jailhouse luxury. ( Although, we would have to get the C.O.'s A/C in their office's for sure )

I doubt, that " doing hard time " will ever reenter the American vocabulary. Which is too bad. Because just saying it. Makes most want to behave and avoid jail


Sherriff Joe in Arizona has a tent city with no A/C, it is not a right to be comfy cozy. Its jail for a reason, punishment!

Seymour Butts

Sheriff Joe also forces inmates to wear pink underwear. Is it to humiliate the prisoners or for his own personal amusement?

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

The Sheriff learned that inmates were stealing jailhouse white boxers, so he had all inmate underwear dyed pink for better inventory control.

swiss family

@.."I doubt, that " doing hard time " will ever reenter the American vocabulary. Which is too bad. Because just saying it. Makes most want to behave and avoid jail " is this meant as sarcasm?? because if this were true, wouldn't we be seeing the prison population decreasing?? instead of increasing???

swiss family

I am not so sure that Air Conditioning is an inmates "rights"?? and I do believe that the extra re-enforcement on the roof to support the unit is already in place which already held the old unit, so that is not the problem,and with my first reactionary thoughts, I have to agree with most on here and say, they don't deserve air conditioning, but then I get more rational, and realize that the only thing more unpredictable and potentially dangerous than a few cell pods full of criminals, is a few cell pods full of hot, uncomfortable, frustrated, angry,sweating, touchy,criminals.... the Sheriff Deputies still have to interact with these guys, as much as it goes against what I feel... my brain , not my heart, tells me they should be kept comfortable, for safety reasons


It is a lot hotter in Arizona and they survive without. Decades ago, they survived. They are in there for punishment. If the inmates cannot behave, cuff them to the wall. Lock them in a cell. They will behave or be locked to the wall. I am sure it will not take them long to learn.


I like the lock down approach. Maybe they should consider bringing back the old stockades to teach some discipline. People need to stop thinking of the chiller as being some kind of life support system.

swiss family

interesting idea...lets see.. when the stockades were used they had maybe 4 prisioners tops in jail at a time, and if they did it was too crowded and rare... so how many and where are we going to put all of these stockades now?? do you have any idea how many people are in the county jail at any given time??... and you lost me when you said that people need to "stop thinking of the chiller as being some kind of life support system"??? could you explain that more????


Try opening a history book if you need a lesson into how punishing the stockades were.

As for the chiller being a life support system, the prisoners don't need it to survive. How does that not make sense?


I find it very interesting that the Huron County Commissioners are so quick to waste OUR tax dollars to 'hire a consultant' in order to help them make decisions that are plainly obvious. Will this 'consultant' cost the taxpayers another $7500 like the 2011 Clark and Weinstock Report? Did their 'consultant' tell them to waste our money on fixing-up the old jail? Maybe we should hire 'consultants' to run our county and get rid of the 'three stooges'? That way we can eliminate the middle men and save our county some money.