8-year wage freeze ends in Monroeville

School board, teachers, union reach pact
Aaron Krause
Jun 17, 2014


The school administration and the teacher's union have agreed on a three-year contract after a couple weeks of negotiations.

Before this pact, the district's teachers had experienced an eight-year freeze on salary.

Under the agreement ratified last week by the Monroeville Teachers Association, teachers will get a 3-percent raise on base pay the first year, a 1-percent increase the second year and a "re-opener" the third year. That means during the third year, the teachers can re-negotiate their salary.

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Dr. Information

Even most factory workers have had a raise within the last 8 years.


Politicians like citizens to focus on public employee wages.

The REAL long term issue is the projected unfunded liabilities connected with health and welfare benefits.

"Public pensions hiding trillions in liabilities, SEC commissioner says"


Estrella Damm

Terri Boose still hates teachers.


It's a shame that teachers have to wait 8 years for a pay raise. It's clear we need to value teachers and education more.


Yeah right....I will bet that they have received steps all along though. Seems to me if you get any increase in pay it is still a raise in wages. Seems kind of funny where a person says the steps have nothing to do with their raise in pay.


The steps only apply to the FIRST HALF of a teacher's career, while they are gaining experience. How would YOU like to be an EXPERIENCED worker who DOES NOT get a raise for EIGHT YEARS?


Well then, has there been a wage freeze or not? Did some still get their steps? Is this headline misleading?


No wonder we are ranked 36th in the world in education, at least we're still ahead of Yemen and Nigeria.


So you think just giving more money to anyone helps make them better workers?

Maybe were ranked 36th because we have people holding jobs they cant do. Ever try getting rid of a bad teacher? Cost of it has been estimated in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You can not possibly believe every older teacher is there because they deserve to be, sometimes they just need to move on.


I think a profession that pays more will attract a higher quality candidate. No one wants to go and get a Masters with 100K student loan debt and take a job making 25k a year.

Teachers, as a profession deserve to make at least as much as a G.M. worker. You really don't argue that...do you?

Chef Julio

Windy: "How would YOU like to be an EXPERIENCED worker who DOES NOT get a raise for EIGHT YEARS?"

Well, if I got near zero co-pays on insurance and prescriptions, a retirement plan paid for by the taxpayers, earning WAY more than the taxpayer that pays my salary, guaranteed pension upon retirement, payed for by the taxpayers, discounts everywhere I shop, etc. etc. etc............ I'D SAY THAT'S A PRETTY GOOD #$%#ING DEAL!

I'd love to know how the union brainwashes everyone into believing that more pay every year equals no raise.

The solution is simple, get rid of the union, and if you are that good of a teacher, make the system competitive instead of compulsory. The cream would rise to the top, but instead, the worst teachers get the same pay (with raises) as the best teachers.


I'd like to know which teachers you are referring to. All the ones I know have co-pays, just like I do. They all contribute to their own pension plans, just like I do.

When ALL the taxpayers have college degrees, then we can compare the teachers' salaries to those of the taxpayers. Until then, we are trying to compare apples to oranges.

On top of their student loans, teachers have to pay out of their own pockets to take required classes after school and during the summer months in order to maintain their license. Many teachers I know work after school hours to grade papers and to prepare lessons for the next day. They use the summer months to get their lessons and classroom ready for the next school year.

Sure, teachers get discounts when they shop for certain items or at certain stores because they are most likely BUYING SOMETHING FOR THEIR CLASSROOM! Contractors get discounts at Lowe's - why shouldn't teachers get discounts at book stores,etc.? I know one teacher who spent OVER $1000 IN ONE YEAR OUT OF HER OWN POCKET to buy supplies for her students. Think about it - how many other professions require their workers to dig into their own pockets to buy the supplies they need for their job? Does EMS require paramedics to buy gauze or factories require their workers to buy nuts and bolts?

* There are teachers who bring in clothes for the students whose parents cannot be bothered to send/bring dry clothes for their child for when he/she has an "accident" at school, especially those who frequently wet/mess their pants. Then, when the child is sent home wearing these dry clothes, do you think the parents wash and send the clothes back to be used again? NO, the child KEEPS THEM!
* There are teachers who bring in school supplies for their students because there are parents who do not think it is important to send their child to school with the supplies they need to succeed.
* There are teachers who bring extra food for snack time because they don't want those without to feel left out.

The teachers I know don't expect to be thanked for all the extra stuff that they do for the kids, but they also don't expect to be trashed at every opportunity. They do NOT go into the teaching profession to become rich, they do it because they care about children.

We shouldn't be bad-mouthing teachers because we have only seen what teachers do from a student/parent's point of view. I'm sure I couldn't do what they do every day. Could YOU? If not, then keep your opinions about teachers to yourself. If you think you can, then I challenge you to put your words into action and go to college and get your teaching license. After you've taught for a few years, I'm sure you'll be changing your tune about the teaching profession!


Most local teacher's unions have given concessions to more industry-standard insurance plans over the last decade, because boards can't afford the plans they used to due to the dramatic rise in health care costs. You could easily access this information by attending a board meeting or getting a copy of collective bargaining agreements, but it's easier (and lazier) to gossip online. Not sure when teachers became the bad guys in this society!


Chef Julio will never understand that.
He seems to be stuck working at Taco Bell.


Re: "concessions to more industry-standard insurance plans,"

The poor dears have to stoop to private sector status? Bring out the violin.

Teachers still have a defined benefit (DB) retirement plan. How many private sector jobs still have those?

Health and welfare bennies are state CONSTITUTIONALLY guaranteed.

What private sector job has that?

Bennies are state CONSTITUTIONALLY guaranteed a cost of living allowance (COLA).

What private sector job has that?

swiss family

Kal-el...it looks like you might enjoy drama a little too much.. no one said that teachers were the "bad guys" .. but no one is saying that teachers are the "saints" either...teaching is a job, plain and simple, that is why you see , even in Norwalk, where teachers go on strike, and refuse to work, putting their needs and wants before the needs and wants of the students as seen when they did protest , but whenever they need something fom the community, they throw it on the laps of the "Kids" so that we are motivated by guilt looking into their eyes, and not wanting to deny them (the kids) anything , we feed the teachers all that they want..

So kal-el, lets be real..please tell us what other profession works 2 days more than a half a year, and makes a full years salary.. gets all holidays off , along with the best time off, summer, spring break, Christmas break etc... Tell me this if teaching were not such a lucrative profession, why is it that you could go to any college campus, close your eyes and walk in any direction, and run into at least 7 people who are studying to become teachers someday, within the first 10 minutes..


"teaching is a job, plain and simple" that explains everything.


Look, we all remember the good teachers. We also remember the bad ones (S.Z. Monroeville). Honestly how would you like to deal with various children with various scenarios? That has to be daunting. Hope the good teachers stay the same & the bad ones go away.