Arrest warrant issued for woman

Drug defendant a no-show at court hearing.
Aaron Krause
Jun 17, 2014


A judge has issued a warrant for the arrest of a woman who didn't appear Monday for a hearing regarding a motion for intervention in lieu of conviction.

Leandra M. Kimbro was one of four Lorain County individuals arrested in August by Huron County sheriff's deputies in connection with selling suspected crack cocaine.

Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway asked about the defendant's whereabouts.

Defense attorney Reese Wineman said he tried both phone numbers he'd been given and sent out a notice, but has been unable to reach her.

Misty Rose Brock, 32, of Lorain, is charged with one count each of trafficking in a controlled substance and tampering with evidence.

In 2013, after receiving a tip about a drug run to the Wakeman area, sheriff's deputies said they pulled over a vehicle on U.S. 20 and found a "significant amount of crack cocaine and about $640."



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