Troopers seize $11.6 million worth of marijuana in traffic stop

Patrol's second-largest seizure involves following-too-closely violation and 2,330 pounds of marijuana.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jun 16, 2014


Two men are facing felony drug charges after Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers seized 2,330 pounds of marijuana, worth more than $11.6 million following a traffic stop in Preble County.

This is the second-largest marijuana seizure in Patrol history. The largest seizure occurred in 2005 when troopers seized 3,181 pounds of marijuana, also in Preble County.

Troopers stopped a 2014 Ford U-Haul, with Arizona registration, for a following too closely violation on Interstate 70, near milepost 13, at 2:26 p.m. on June 14. Criminal indicators were observed and a Preble County Sheriff’s Office drug-sniffing canine alerted to the vehicle. A probable cause search revealed 84 bundles of compressed marijuana, weighing 2,330 pounds.

The driver, Mario Arnold Mendoza, 29, of Port Arther, Texas, and passenger, Hector Andres Olea-Castro, 30, from Tijuana, Mexico were incarcerated in the Preble County Jail and charged with possession of marijuana, a second-degree felony.

If convicted, each could face up to eight years in prison and up to a $7,500 fine.



better hurry up and let a couple murderers or child molesters out of prison to make room for these two..


Yea, if our judge was a deciding factor !


Are you telling me pot is now worth almost $5,000 a pound??? So full of feces..ANYONE that buys pot for $5,000 a pound is a complete idiot. I haven't smoked in 25 years, but please, don't try to trump these charges up..good least make it reasonable..people are fkn crazy..$75 a 1/4 ounce...such BS...Trump up the price to make it look bad..they probably got it $1000 a pound or CHEAPER..put a real price on it...sheeeesh..all to make the cops and papers look better..


Taxed at 30% think of the revenue would almost pay for a trooper for a week. Over paid meter maids in fine cars.


...hmmmm ...anyone know where they're going to incinerate those 3,181 lbs.,
...I'll do it cheaper
... it might take quite awhile


How about a community bonfire? LOL


...windy! yes! A bonfire and circle the crowd with concession wagons!

Mr Spock

poor Mr Freeman now what will he do


So Pot is not worth more than gold and you guys have a stunning record of pulling people over for 'following too closely' or 'Changing Lanes without a turn signal' and just rounding up all these drug traffickers left and right.

You seriously think nobody can tell law enforcement is a MOB?

Im just glad there are no more murders and Heroin deaths that you guys can focus on the important issues.

Who knew Pot was worth more than gold, almost unbelievable isnt it?


...on a medical run to Colo., took a left toin in Albaqoikee and wound up in Preble Co...


Dayum! That's a lot o' pot. I bet people aren't too happy that were waiting on their re-up. Time to look for another source. This system has everything ars backwards. Let's let the heroin dealers off and bust the florists. Idiots!


...florists! Like!