Airport, FAA officials search for solutions

Raceway seeks use of airport as exit during large events.
Scott Seitz2
Jun 21, 2014


A supporter of the Huron County Airport appeared to have a mixed reaction to a recent meeting held between representatives of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and local officials.

"The main issue ... discussed involved the construction of a privately-funded gravel roadway on airport property which would service Mr. Bader's vehicular exit issues and leave the airport permanently open for business during the raceway's special events," said Dan LeClair, president of the Friends of the Huron County Airport.

LeClair was referring to Bill Bader Jr., president of Summit Motorsports Park, and the raceway's need to use the airport as an exit during large events.

"The proposed roadway is supposed to be completed prior to the 2015 raceway season," he added.

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I'm VERY CONCERNED! I am making a plea to our County Commissioners, the Raceway, the Airport and the entire business community to work together and do everything you can to stop all the negativity that has contributed to lose of Huron County's great appeal to rest of the United States. I don't know what the exact issues are between the raceway and the airport. Tensions between both have been ongoing for years. There are opportunities that would benefit everyone involved if the past was left in the past and plans for a lucrative future of working together could be made. I support both the raceway and the airport. As a life long resident of Huron county, my first experience at the raceway was in 1975. And at the age of 18 I was able make 155 mph pass down the track. I was there in the Timing Tower, as an employee, for the 2006 season. I also was in customer service for the first National Hot Rod Association ESPN World Nationals debut in 2006.

Drag Racing and the accessibility of the airport could be a much larger draw to our county. I have attended car shows at the raceway and enjoyed a Airplane shows at the airport. If these two entities could come together to hold combined events it would be one more positive enjoyment for race fans and airplane buffs. Just think about the possibilities!
The raceway has been a huge source of income for the area and as a income for many diverse individuals. An enjoyment for race fans for decades.
The Huron County (Norwalk) airport as far back as 1959, when it was still located where the "former" Kmart building, Janesville Products and Industrial Powder Coating businesses where on Republic Street, was where my father and his friends flew out of. At the age of one I took my first ride in a Cessna single prop four seat plane with my father who was the pilot.

We don't have a Lake front, Islands, Cedar Point, Kalahari or many other attractions like those in Erie county but what we do have are great people with is a great history. I fear that all the negativity is just one of the reasons that our county has lost it's great appeal. Please DON'T allow this cycle to continue to our beautiful county and it's residents.

Happy Hermit

Thank you bjab for your perfect analysis of the situation. Yes, ALL factors should and could work together, because we all share the same great area in Huron County. LET'S STOP ALL NEGATIVISM.