Pair of local boys arrested after series of break-ins

Knives, guns, tools and liquor found at suspect's residence.
Scott Seitz2
Jun 14, 2014


A pair of Exchange Road boys have been arrested for their alleged role in numerous break-ins in the Fitchville Township area.

Huron County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said the boys were 15 and 16 years old.

"These boys were already on probation," Patrick said. "They were released to their parents and their probation officers were notified."

Patrick said the boys had allegedly broken into nine unoccupied structures in the past month.

Detective Eric Bardar and Corporal Jeff Kerber conducted the investigation.

"We had received several calls regarding the break-ins," Patrick said. "Detective Bardar had handled one of the break-ins and during his investigation he received a tip as far as who may be involved."

Bardar subsequently interviewed that individual who later admitted to the crimes.

Many of the items taken during the break-ins were hidden in one of the boys' home, according to Patrick.

"There were knives, guns, tools and liquor," he added.

"Detective Bardar and Corporal Kerber worked very hard on this case to bring it to a conclusion," Patrick said. "This should provide some peace of mind to the residents in the Fitchville area, who were quite concerned that a thief or thieves were on the loose.

"I'm sure they are glad to see this stop and have the two boys brought to justice," he added.

Recovered at one of the boys' homes were the following:

Three bottles of hard liquor and one bottle of Bud Light beer.

One green gun case containing a Ruger Model 10-22, .22-caliber semi-automatic rifle, serial number 352-77572, Burris 2x-8x scope, one 10-round loaded magazine, two boxes of .22-caliber ammunition.

One black camera case containing a red Canon Power Shot, model A340015 HD digital camera.

One Browning case containing a knife and file.

One pair of Robo Grip pliers.

One pair of red-handled needle-nose pliers.

About $347 in U.S. currency.

One Pro Series folding knife.

One wooden handled dagger in leather sheath.

One silver dagger in metal sheath.

One fixed blade knife with a black handle.

One Black gut hook knife.

One Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops folding knife.

One Craftsman folding utility knife with black handle.

One red folding Swiss Army style knife.

One black folding Swiss Army style knife.

Two NWTF (National Wild Turkey Federation) silver folding knives.

One set of gold knife handles with Whitetail deer scene.

One blue pen housing containing powder suspected residue.

Three Chinese throwing stars.

One set of three throwing knives in sheath.

One leather handle fixed blade fighting knife.

One NWTF exchange a blade knife set with four blades and sheath.

One Guidesman multi-tool in sheath.

One four-piece Snap-On pick set.

Three stolen Mountain Dew multi-color tall aluminum collector bottles were also recovered from the other juvenile's residence, deputies said.


local man

Lock them up until they are 21, obviously they didn't learn the first time to stay out of trouble.

sic-of - loudmouths

Seems Dusty was right!!!! The search warrant at 1732 US RT 250 S New London was the wrong address!!!!!! A law abiding citizens home was invaded and all his guns were taken. Sheriff's office does it again!!! Who will hold them accountable for this? I have the paper work to prove it!!!! I will take it to the NR on Monday............ Louis Riskey's rights have been violated!!!!!!! Address to be searched was 1734 not 1732!!!!!!! sheriff's office jac booted band of thieves have complete disrespect for the rights of the citizens of Huron County.


Ashby should know, he was there!

sic-of - loudmouths

Ashby!!!! You need to contact me ASAP!!!!!!!!! This needs to be reported!!!!!!!!

swiss family

like he knows who you are...


Call the SR they broke the last story when they went to the wrong address. I think Ashby was whih them on that one too unless the Sheriff provided photos.

sic-of - loudmouths

Hey Swiss Tard!!!! If your brain had any storage area you would remember that you provided a email address as well as you name and other information about your narrow minded uneducated self!!!! Try removing head from rectum before opening your piehole!!!!!


Swiss has no brains or storage just a head and a rectum that are very in touch with each other.

swiss family

I am hoping that this is a summertime project that your teacher gave to you to try to advance past the 3rd grade, it is getting embarrassing, I mean, being 16 and still in the 3rd grade has never been done before, and it has to be awfully cramped in those tiny little desks,,,So keep up the good work you are doing and I hope your teacher is reading all of your stuff, and just maybe you will be allowed to enter the 4th grade in the fall, you know what they say...."dream that impossible dream!!!!!!" lolol

sic-of - loudmouths

It's long and hard on me Swiss! But it sure isn't the 3rd grade. Nothing more than a stool sample between the ears. Don't go away mad just go away! This one is way beyond your mental capacity....

Chef Julio

Guns? Looks like there was only one gun, a .22.


...I'm not missing any guns, but someone walked off with my antique, patagonian onyx handled tapir snout...


What say you GI Joe?


The New London cops are cracking down on vandalism, by the way, the people who had their property defaced deserve restitution. After numerous break-ins in the large metropolis of Fitchville, the sheriffs finally catch some more juvenile delinquents who were terrorizing their neighborhood. The heroin in safely flowing through Huron County, thanks to the inept performance of various local departments. In a slight of hand trick the con man distracts you with one thing as they steal your money. That is how these departments operate. The crimes against residents of New London & Fitchville are obviously a great inconvenience and totally disrespectful, I'm only trying to highlight the level of severity of the issues plaguing our county compared to the articles that the departments have printed in the paper. Still no massive heroin busts, thank God that girl is being sent to prison for heroin, apparently she's the mastermind of the whole heroin epidemic plaguing our county. I'll say it loud and proud, someone is dirty.


Who knew Super Troopers was based on Huron County!!!!!

sic-of - loudmouths

You are so correct in what you say!!!! The people need an attorney with a spine that will uphold their sworn duty and bring a civil RICO charge against these jac booted thieves!!!!!!


Personally, I would love to know IF any local businesses are in the " business" of fronting for heroin distribution and other drug trafficking.

Ahem. ..Hmmm...

sic-of - loudmouths

Yes there are!!! It's called the Huron County Judicial system. People couldn't fatham the money the cops, the lawyers and the judges are making off keeping this product on the streets. The largest cash crop in the world is grown in Afghanistan!!!!! Hence!!!! Us at war there???? The thought ever cross any ones mind????? Our youth are dying every day while our wonderful government makes mega $$$$$$$$ off this poison!!!!!! Why would a very successful business stop the largest money making product they have ever had??? Wake up people!!!!!!! Also consider the bigger picture of this whole mess!!!!! It is called GUN CONTROL. Hang a feleony on as many citizens as they can through any meens possible. When thier done the citizens that will be legally able to own guns will be down to a no threat level.


You make good points , however, I wasn't referring to the court systems but rather, regular businesses. Other people's pockets are being lined for sure, and I don't mean the suits.

Have you ever thought what shipping routes are used to transport up here? Most of the heroin is coming up here from Afghanistan through China across the pond to South America, then Mexico, as I've stated many times before. I don't recall the exact route, but you get the idea.

sic-of - loudmouths

Your right Starry!!! I get the idea! Not to be mean in any way but u really need to get a grip on the fact the judicial system, being local, state and federal. Are all huge revenue generating businesses that fund an entire nation of lawyers. That are destroying this great UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Our forefathers fought and died for the very rights we the people are sitting back and watching the be taken away from us on a daily basis. Because it takes no effort to sit back and do nothing. In a world full of complacent lazy people that don't think this effects them!!!!!


Yeah, I know judicial and LE can be just as crooked as any politicians or lobbyists ... but I am focused on the business owners themselves, who, let's say, come into the area for start ups and have greasy palms/give or take kickbacks etc. Sadly, there isn't much us little people can do about it.

Oh, and a little off topic; let's not forget many school systems are corrupt.


Heroin in Huron County is rumored to come from people who illegally enter this country as they transport large amounts of illegal drugs. Test this theory, take 50 pounds of marijuana and a few guns and illegally enter Mexico. If you are caught, will your treatment be the same as people doing the exact same thing entering our country under the same circumstances? The answer is you will rot in a crap hole Mexican jail. Thank God for corrupt politicians, from Washington, Columbus, and locally.


ROB your exactly right they smuggle stuff from mexico into usa and get slap on wrist however you smuggle anything into mexico you would do hard time!

the big prob nowdays is this these kids get slapped on the wrist. In old days you would went straight to dh in the new london incident 1 the boys was out running down next day9great parenting). I can say this the new london stuff was pathetic tearing up elderly peoples cars home if i had a son did that kind stuff he wouldnt need a trial id whip his ass with belt till no skin was left id make him work on a farm pay all the victims back plus extra!


Unfortunately, now they would call that child abuse.


This is what you get when you get the kids slide for so long. It's only going to be a matter of time before someone screws up and this is the end result. Had they been proactive on curfew all along this might not have happened. When you get lazy it turns around and bite's you in the you know what. After the fact there cracking down in New London but it to little to late.


a Ruger is a mighty fine rifle..