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Norwalk School Board is considering making bowling a varsity sport at Norwalk High School. I would encourage the board members, Rob Ludwig, Janet Broz, John Lendrum, Mike Grose and Scott Truxell to vote for this measure. Per United States Bowling Congress, 60 to 90 percent of students who participate in high school bowling do not compete in any other sports. Many studies have shown that students who participate in extracurricular activities are much more likely to attain higher grades and they have lower drop-out rates than students who do not participate in any extracurricular activities.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


Norwalk School Board is considering making bowling a varsity sport at Norwalk High School. I would encourage the board members, Rob Ludwig, Janet Broz, John Lendrum, Mike Grose and Scott Truxell to vote for this measure.

Per United States Bowling Congress, 60 to 90 percent of students who participate in high school bowling do not compete in any other sports. Many studies have shown that students who participate in extracurricular activities are much more likely to attain higher grades and they have lower drop-out rates than students who do not participate in any extracurricular activities.

Bowling has no age, size, strength or gender limitations. This means we could offer students at Norwalk High a varsity sport that every student could potentially participate in. We could target a population of the students that can’t compete in the sports that we now offer at the high school.

This sport has a minimal start-up expense. There are no facility maintenance costs or equipment expenses. We have our local bowling alley, Kenilee Lanes, which would act as our home alley.    

Dr. Babcanec, Norwalk City Schools Superintendent, has reservations because the Northern Ohio League does not recognize bowling as a varsity sport, but Norwalk High School supports four varsity teams that are not recognized by the Northern Ohio League — boys’ swimming, Girls’ and Boys’ soccer and Girls’ golf. I think this trend makes Norwalk High School a leader in the opportunities it gives its students and should not be an argument to not bring more varsity sports to our school.

Finally, there are many collegiate scholarships available to varsity high school bowlers. In 2007, the first national high school championships were televised on ESPN. The high school bowlers competed for $10,000 in college scholarships.

Let’s reach out to our students who not currently involved in a varsity sport at NHS and give them a chance to proudly represent their school.

Julie Cowin



swiss family

sorry, but bowling is not, and should never be considered a sport with the potential to letter in....

bowling is a great past time, and a lot of fun, but it does not have the same criteria of challenge, and precision that a sport that deserves a letter demands..

any sport that fat people do, while drinking beer, and smoking cigarettes, can not be deserving of a school letter..

it would almost be embarassing, and laughable to get a letter in bowling..what would be the next thing that would be acceptable in getting a letter in... having matching clothes all year???having your pencils sharpened properly.. and always carrying a spare pen, in case your first pen fails???

some parents just want their kids to get what everyone else has, the difference is, other kids worked for , and sacrificed, and practiced endlessly to earn a letter...

if letters were supposed to be so easy to obtain, they would just pass them out when you got that years school books, and there would be no pride in getting one, and more importantly, no sense of accomplishment!!!!

bowling is for fun, and after school, and dating.. but certainly not for trying to get a letter

swiss family

this is almost laughable... bowling as a varsity sport...

when you go bowling, don't most people eat chips, and hot dogs , and burgers, and drink, either soda, or beer???and this is supposed to be a sport....hahhahahahaha

swiss family

you state that the start up fee is minimal... says who??? have you priced how much your own bowling ball costs??? and what about having your own shoes?? and of course, a wrist brace to improve your game, and a towel, and maybe some chalk... now you are getting into alot of money... definately more money than it costs to supply the needs for being on the swim team

swiss family

do you remember the old "Roseanne" show??? she and her husband Dan were on a bowling team... do they symbolize athletes??? athletes who are deserving of a school letter, or a scholarship????

swiss family

bowling is the only sport that i can think of that you can actually gain weight when you are finished>>> it all depends on how much you eat and drink while you are waiting for your next turn

is bowling fun??? you bet.. should it be considered for a varsity sport...this has to be an April fools joke, isn't it??? good one!!!!!!! lolololo

David Deerest.

5 comments, all from swiss, talking to themselves..

Who's the idiot?


i love bowling. to bad norwalks bowling alley is the size of a closet. who says you have to purchase your own ball, shoes, chalk, towel, etc... it is good cheap fun for the entire family. the beer drinking can wait til adult nights only. h@ll, if you bring your own chips in, it is REALLY cheap then.

Dave Rimmer, Li...

Bloody hell Swiss, I thought I could waffle but you take the biscuit. I assume this story is about 10 pin bowling coz being a thick Brit I thought it could have been about Crown Green Bowling, Flat Green Bowling or even Bowling as in Cricket. Bet Deer Dave could get a strike every time if he used his 12 gauge instead of a bowling ball. There I go waffling again.



swiss family

wilburcat... i agree that bowling is good clean, cheap fun, and entertainment.. but we aren't talking about it as an outing for fun.. what we are talking about is the fact that someone wants to turn bowling into a VARSITY SPORT for the high school !!!!!

if someone is going to be on a VARSITY TEAM, it is unlikely that they will use the alley's bowling balls, they will undoubtedly want to have their own, and then if they are wanting to get a VARSITY LETTER you just know that they will have ti have all of the latest equipment , to look the part of someone who deserves a LETTER which would include having their own shoes, wrist brace.. etc.

so , in theory , i do agree with you.. bowling is definately good cheap family fun... and that is exactly why it is not worth of earning a VARSITY LETTER. like some of the parents are pushing for!!!!!

swiss family

to djrimmer... i can't understand what your point is.. over here in America, we speak English, not that garble that you are speaking..

i am sure that you have valid points, but they are being lost by your warbling.... so, please get an English text, trans later.. so we can all communicate with you, and a good "pip pip, and cherio to you, and God save the Queen as well" and God bless you too, or am i repeating myself here????

Dave Rimmer, Li...

Over here we speak English! that's rich from you Swiss...... don't wish to be rude to my American cousins but I do think history records that we have been speaking English for hundreds of years more than you have. If you don't understand my post and the humour it contains then I`m afraid there is no hope for your personality to develop into one that has knowledge, common sense, humour and indeed spelling (trans later, don't you mean translator, and you reckon you speak English)

David Deerest.

Wow! Every story on here contains some sort of rant from Gladys. (what I now call swiss) DaveR., what exactly was the language your country was founded upon? English? Maybe that's why you have England, and all we have is New England lol. It's sad, I don't even feel the need to apologize for the manners of 'fellow Americans' anymore. You know what it's all aboot. (that's how they say about in Canada, since we're getting so technical) Next time you come to the states, I'll teach you how to bowl, and yes, we'll use guns. That would be sweeeeeeeet.


Dave Rimmer, Li...

Talking of guns Dave, you know I'm not a fan but last time I was in Florida, my brother (Ex British cop who had had firearms training in this country on a .380) wanted to have a go at the big guns (forgive the pun)So we went to this range and he said I want a go at the biggest hand gun you have. I kid you not they brought up from behind the counter what I can only describe as a bloody great cannon. It was described to us as an enlarged desert eagle firing a .5 calibre round. Well he was told to use two hands and lock out his elbows and wrists. He stood there pointing the thing down the range with the whole weapon shaking in rhythm with his hands and gently pulled the trigger. The next thing that happened was hilarious. The barrel recoiled over his head and the spent shell hit my missus on the head. Well, she was running back and fort along the back wall of the range trying to find the exit door and screaming

at the top of her voice "f*cking well let me out of here"

When me and our kid left the lads on the counter were p*ssing themselves laughing coz they told us they knew what would happen. Aparently most of the British woment that go in the rage to watch their macho partners, run a mile when they hear the things go off.

Hope the story makes you still makes me laugh every time I think about her panicing trying to find the door to gat out of that range


TTFN, pip pip, chocks away, cherio and anything else Swiss can come up with


Against my better judgement, I am going to comment on the harsh comments that "swiss family" has posted here. I found myself angered and discouraged that someone could be so negative on something that is so positive. ALL sports require discpline, practice, skill, and dedication. To say that one is better than the other is simply not right! Bowling is a sport that will give kids who wouldn't normally go out for a sport, a chance to represent their school doing something they enjoy! What is wrong with that? Why shouldn't they receive a letter for working hard in a sport? Last time I checked, bowling championships were on ESPN, a SPORTS network. Imagine that! As far as the cost, all sports have a cost. There is the pay to play fee, plus anything else you need for the season! Big deal! Quit being so narrow minded "swiss"! Let's give ALL kids a chance to excel and do something good!


Poker and golf are also on ESPN. I would submit that a true sport cannot be played well while smoking and drinking beer.

Therefore we must eliminate golf, bowling and slow pitch softball from the sport category.

David Deerest.

Hey rogerthat, meet me on the hill for a beer. You'll change your mind...


Dave Rimmer, Li...

You got insomnia Dave, you`re not drinking all that beer are you, you know its not good for your health.

Dave Rimmer, Li...

Oh... I know now, her indoors has kicked you out of bed

swiss family

to djrimmer.. before you point out my spelling mishaps, please take a look at your posts, and please tell me how exactly one runs"back and FORT" lololol that's a good one.. and what exactly is an "English WOMENT?" and also tell us what direction is it, when you say that she "GAT" out of the range????lolol

you are priceless... so, you see i had one misspelled word in my script, and you had how many.. and we won't even get into the fact that you keep spelling humor as humour... what a moron....

so, pip pip, and cheerio.....and God save the Queen...and you as well.. or am i repeating myself????

i expect to get cursed out by your "special friend" Deer Dave... he hates it when i disagree with you, or when i point out your misgivings!!!!


swiss family

i do agree that bowling is fun and relaxing... but to consider it as a varsity sport is absurd

what will be next, badminton? lawn jarts? horse shoes??? these are also sports that are fun and relaxing, and can all be done with a beer, or soda, near by, along with a bag of doritos too.. just like bowling!!!!

the truth is, i feel badly that your kid doesn't excel in any of the other varsity sports.. that is just the way that life is sometimes!!! but to think that , that is the reason to make bowling a varsity sport, so your kid can get a varsity letter, is absurd... it cheapens the whole honor of the letter.... a letter is supposed to be an achievement of excellence, in a competitive sport, where you risk breaking limbs, and really push yourself to the extreme.. to be the best that you can possibly be,that is what a letter represents... and if you cheapen it to something like bowling, you might as well give everyone a letter!!!because it will no longer be a symbol of excellence in achievement... you might just as well give out letters for dressing "barbie" in fashionable outfits..or putting on makeup flawlessly...

just face it parents, not all kids qualify for a letter.. that's a fact of life... quit trying to cheapen what it represents, by making it available to anyone who does anything...maybe we should hand out letters for having neat book covers on you school books too... it's ridiculous!!!


Actually, "Swiss", I find your comments ridiculous! What is your facination with stating how these sports are related to drinking and eating?? I've seen many a football, basketball, and baseball game, not professional, played while people were drinking beer and having snacks! I've never seen a "professional" bowler, basketball player, or football player drink a beer while playing! So please spare me the comparison! And how dare you say a child cannot excel or achieve great things by just bowling! Just because they may not "break a limb" while playing doesn't make it any less of a sport! As far as the varsity letter, it does not cheapen the letter by giving it to someone who does well in bowling. The fact is letters are awarded for doing well in your sport. Every kid who does a sport, any sport, only gets a letter when they meet the criteria set forth by the coach. So how does that cheapen it? You have to do well, and work hard with your team to receive this. Do you even know how many kids are interested in participating? The number goes over 50! Imagine that, 50 kids wanting to represent their school doing a sport they love! I'm not sure why you are so quick to put this down. Perhaps you aren't a good bowler??

David Deerest.

Gladyswiss, I would love to stoop to your level, but it's against my better judgement. Yeah, you're a smartie...there's really no partying going on in any professional sports. Just shut your pie hole. Give those God awful fingers of your a break. ttfnyfa!

DaveR., 'The Hill' is a place where we men gather to drink beer and talk trash before our ball games at the ball park here in town. Great time, although it's a rare thing these days...I think I'm in the 'antique' league. Not as easy on me as it was 20 years ago. Kinda hurts...Bowling is a SPORT that takes a lot out on me, too. Probably after eating all those salty snacks and drinking those 30 or so beers...


Dave Rimmer, Li... least I can spell English which is more than you can, my mistakes were obviously typing errors....I don't profess to be typist but hey ho the wind and the rain, who cares. I would not normally criticise someones spelling but as you seem to want to be constantly obnoxious, I made an exception in your case. Your last post is utterly ridiculous, as indeed Nikfrog (croak) has pointed out. If an individual participates in an activity to the best of his or her ability with 100% effort then who are you to say they are not worthy because you consider it not to be a sport

-... --- .-.. .-.. --- -.-. -.- ... - --- -.-- --- ..- ...

.-- .. ... ...

Dave Rimmer, Li...

Dave the Hill sounds good to me. I am not a big drinker but I do like a noggin before going to a football match which being an old fart is not that often these days. I ran a very successful works football team many years ago. Started in League 6 and went to league 1 in 6 successive years a record any manager would be proud of.

When you talk of ball games do you mean American Football or Baseball, suppose the only sport Swiss is interested in is Hang Gliding, or base jumping so they can break their neck....think that's all bravado....more likely to be tiddly winks or conkers

the mom

if kids want to play a sport but cannot because of a physical problem; weak ankes, bad knees, etc........ who are we to stop them? i was one of these kids in school so i was not allowed to play sports i was not medically cleared to do so. bowling was something i did every saturday morning at the maple tree and i got dam good at it. i will support the bowling at the high school level even junoir high and my kids do not even attend norwalk school systems. go for it guys and don't be quiet about it be LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the mom

hi nikfrog..................


Hi spldbrt! Thanks for the support!!!!

swiss family

why is it that we have decided that all kids deserve what everyone else gets???? what ever happened to the old way, of working for something, and then taking pride in the fact that they actually deserve to be honored for their hard work, and accomplishments????

why is it that some parents, now feel that, it "isn't fair" that their kids can't do well in the actual sports that have an achievable "letter" involved, and we all feel so sorry for them, and we feel that we should lower our standards, so all of the kids get a "letter"

please tell me then, what happens when some kids don't qualify for getting a "letter" in bowling?? will we make hop scotch a varsity sport?? what about checkers?? tic tac toe??where will it end??

we seem to be doing this more and more these days, we think that not enough of the underprivileged kids are getting good grades, so we lower our standards to make A"s and B's more easily attainable, which has come back to bite us in the butt.. now we have more kids getting better grades, but leaving school without knowing even the basics of education, like reading and writing...

not everyone should be rewarded for just showing up... in the military, not everyone gets a purple heart, or other outstanding awards, so they really mean that they have done something outstanding.. please don't ever cheapen this by giving these awards out to everyone.. it should be the same with a school "letter" it is meant for those who have really excelled in a competitive sport.. like football or wrestling.. it is not meant for kids who excel in activities, like bowling, badminton, chess, home ec...etc

swiss family

keep an eye on the prices that the local" fast and friendly" gas station owners , this past weekend were charging us .23 cents more per gallon than it was in Elyria... i can handle a few cents .. i guess i am being generous, by not complaining that they were charging about 9 cents more than Monroeville, or Bellevue!! but .23 cents is a bit much

i am officially done buying my gas in Norwalk... i am tired of them telling me, and bragging the fact that they have been my "friend and neighbor" for 20 some years!!! well my other friends don't try to rip me off every chance they get.. and smile at me and rob me!!!! i will travel at least to Monroeville.. with their cheaper prices, it is definately worth the drive..

Dave Rimmer, Li...

Swiss, I take particular exception at your condemnation of badminton as a competitive sport. I have played it for many years and can assure that it is a most exhilarating, skillful sport. Surely the other contributors on this post are well aware of this fact, unlike you. I may well be a 60 year old toothless fart as far as you are concerned but I would thrash the pants off you any day. And by the way, Chess is not any sport anyway, it is a game, all be it a very skillful game.

So get your facts right before you waffle