Edwards sent to prison

Former EHOVE instructor sent to slammer after being convicted of having sex with student.
Cary Ashby
Jun 12, 2014


Former EHOVE Career Center teacher Michael A. Edwards received a prison term for a series of sex crimes with a teenage girl and had his marriage dissolved on the same day.

Edwards, 48, most recently of Huron, received a 30-month prison sentence Tuesday for three counts of sexual battery.

The ex-EHOVE chef faced as much as 15 years for having sex multiple times with a 17-year-old female student. The defendant earlier resigned from his job as culinary arts instructor and surrendered his teaching license. Edwards taught at EHOVE for 13 years.

After his sentencing hearing Tuesday, Edwards attended a hearing in Erie County Common Pleas Court about his divorce, which he didn’t contest, according to a media report. “He agreed to everything. (His ex-wife) was very fair,” defense attorney Kevin Zeiher told the Sandusky Register.

On April 17, Edwards pleaded guilty to the three third-degree felonies on a bill of information. That means he agreed to be convicted without having his case presented to a grand jury for indictment.

Edwards was convicted of offenses from Aug. 1, 2012 through July 1, 2013. According to the Erie County Sheriff’s Office, he had an “ongoing sexual relationship” with the victim, which started with texting each other and then became physical.

Deputies have said Edwards and the girl had consensual sex multiple times in Sandusky, Huron, Milan Township and his family’s Wickford Place residence.



He threw EVERYTHING away, just unbelievable what a person will forfeit for a few minutes of satisfying their lust!

My hat is off to his wife, most would demand total destruction of their 'better' half, or should I say in this case the bad half!


The prison sentence surprises me a bit. Alexa Nasonti was a Norwalk art teacher who was convicted of a felony for supposedly having sex with a 17-year-old male student. Seems like the exact same circumstances, other than the genders - Chef E with a 17-year-old female. Alexa didn't even get jail time, let alone a prison sentence. What was the difference in these two cases other than the gender of the teacher? Here's the old story, in case anyone forgot - http://www.norwalkreflector.com/... I'm interested in what everyone else thinks about this.

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This chef has pursued other girls. They saw the text he sent to a different girl who declined his advances.

Neither one is better, but this POS has more than one victim. The victim requested for him to have prison time. Also different judges, different outcomes. Not really gender based.

Seen it All

I was thinking the same thing when I read the article Shannon2.


Actually, Shannon2, I had the exact same thought when I saw this article. JMOP: Miss Nasonti did have other victims as well-she just wasn't caught with them. This was a pretty commonly known fact however. Furthermore, the victims parents were very unhappy with the outcome, or lack of outcome in that case. They had asked for at least jail time as well. I'll give you the different judges one but I really do feel gender did play a role in the varying outcomes.

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So did Nasonti victim testify? Was the evidence in court about other victims? That could weigh in heavily on the sentencing.


So where are the hundreds of people who swore he was innocent when this article first came out?


So the girl in this case doesn't receive any form of punishment or fines? I'm not saying it's half her fault, but, i believe she should receive some kind of fine or probation/community control.


JMOP: you are right, I don't believe that the knowledge of other victims was entered in to evidence.


There was no evidence entered because there was no trial. Nasonti confessed to over 30 sex crimes but was allowed to plead to only one. Her confession was in the case discovery and in the Pre-Sentence Investigation report as was indications there were other potential victims which charges were not brought in return for her plea.


Good God, stop the comparison. There is so much difference in judicial sentencing it is a crime in itself. Besides, the kids just lost their parents. If you want to compare something, compare his picture to hers !


His hair is longer than hers.