Goodsite gets support as next Norwalk superintendent

Longtime Norwalk educator and administrator touted as replacement for Dennis Doughty.
Cary Ashby
Jun 14, 2014


Scott Ford said he would like to see Sue Goodsite as the next superintendent of Norwalk City Schools.

Ford spoke at Tuesday night's school board meeting. First, Ford thanked Superintendent Dennis Doughty for his dedication to the district during his five years on the job. Ford then turned his attention to Goodsite, the assistant superintendent/curriculum and grants director.

He told board members the district will be able to keep the momentum created by Doughty by considering hiring Goodsite as his replacement. Ford, a retired Norwalk teacher, praised Goodsite for her "time and talent," experience and knowing people by name.

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Norwalk City Schools needs to bring new eyes into the district.


So now she gets to retire again.?

swiss family

she might do a very good job.. I hear she would ... but I say show her the buget to work with for the next 5 years, and show her the expenses for the past 5 years , so she has a good way to judge the expenses, and let her and any other candidate study them and simply and directly ask all the candidates.. " WILL YOU BE ABLE TO RUN THE SCHOOLS WITH THE MONEY PROVIDED ...OR NOT??? it is that simple.. if you can not you do not qualify.. we are tapped out.. the well is dry. run it on the funds provided...

J Cooper

Give her a chance, but eliminate her current position as a cost savings to the taxpayers.


JCooper, who will absorb the responsibilities of her current position?

J Cooper

She and the principals, what other area schools of similar size has an assistant superintendent?


I agree.


In a perfect world JCooper, but that would not be the case.


Please enlighten us. What are the additional duties that would have to be delegated if the position of Asst. Superintendent was eliminated? If other school districts of similar size are able to handle the workload WITHOUT an Asst. Superintendent, why can't Norwalk?


Windy, I , by no means, am saying the distinct could not run without an Assistant Superintendent. I would never assume to know, however, I believe in change for the better. For that to happen, we need a new perspective in the leadership roll. Mr Doughty did a great job while in the Superintendent's position, but times are changing and I fear our school district is not on board based on recent rumblings.