Heroin dealer sent to prison

"I definitely have a problem."
Cary Ashby
Jun 14, 2014


A Bellevue woman agreed to undergo the prison substance abuse program while serving an 11-month term.

Sarah M. David, 30, of 1016 Northwest St., could have 20 percent of her sentence reduced if she successfully completes the risk-reduction program. As part of her sentence, which was imposed Wednesday, she must reimburse the Bellevue Police Department $35 to cover the cost of drug testing and had her driver's license suspended for six months.

In late April, David pleaded guilty to selling one-tenth of a gram of heroin to a confidential informant. The April 16, 2013 controlled drug buy happened while she was on bond through Erie and Lorain counties.

Reviewing David's criminal record, Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff said it's obvious the defendant "has a pretty significant drug abuse problem" and hasn't done well on probation. Judges in Lorain and Sandusky counties have revoked David from being on their intervention and diversion programs.

"I definitely have a problem; I know that. I know there are consequences for my actions," said David, who has yet to be sentenced in Sandusky County for an undisclosed felony.

As of her Huron County plea hearing, David was serving a 75-day sentence at the Sandusky County Jail on misdemeanor charges through Bellevue Municipal Court.



She needs intensive counseling, and the Lord to help her


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