Norwalk schools technology boss resigns, will study law

District also looking for a new superintendent.
Cary Ashby
Jun 15, 2014


In addition to a superintendent, Norwalk City Schools will be seeking a new technology coordinator.

Jonathon C. Elgin, of Shelby, will attend the Ohio Northern University School of Law on a full scholarship to study technology in law. On Tuesday, the school board accepted his resignation effective July 31 and authorized Elgin to work 22 days of extended time during July for the purpose of helping with the transition.

"J.C. has done a fabulous job for us," said Superintendent Dennis Doughty, who is retiring July 31 after five years on the job and 38 years in education.

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Maybe when he graduates he'll be able to defend those who have "lost" their emails?


Mr. Doughty leaves, a couple of teachers retire and now this gentleman quits.

Get out while the gettin's good?

That's all this world needs is ANOTHER atty.


That is my sentiments exactly !


and where do you go when you need legal advise or documents created


Re: "legal advise or documents created,"

Legal Zoom is handy and inexpensive for common stuff like wills, Power of Atty, et. al.

The U.S. has more attys. per population than anywhere on Earth. Guess we could use of a few more huh?