Airport board, supporters work toward common goal

President of friends of airport group says he has $100,000 in pledges.
Scott Seitz2
Jun 17, 2014


There was no drama at a recent airport board meeting.

Everyone in attendance, including board and audience members, were trying to figure out a way to renovate the office complex, with the hope of landing a potential client.

Dan LeClair, president of the Friends of the Huron County Airport group, said within the past two weeks, a number of individuals and businesses have pledged to contribute to the renovation of the office complex in the form of a 3-percent loan.

Once the client would occupy the complex, those investors would be paid back through the lease funds. "This is a no-brainer," said LeClair, who said he has pledges totaling $100,000.

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Enough of this playground.

The three commissioners still have not closed, ceased operations, or sold this albatross.

What are they waiting for? Make your vote count.


At the meeting held on June 12, 2014, FAA representative John Mayfield informed Commissioner Hintz that the ENTIRE Huron County Airport is obligated in PERPETUITY (forever) and that the county is obligated to abide by the signed federal grant assurances and maintain the airport to safe standards. This reiterates the results of the HCDC's Clark & Weinstock Report (dated June 8, 2011 and costing the taxpayers $7,500) stating that it is IMPOSSIBLE to sell the airport. Somehow many still have difficulty comprehending the perpetuity obligation and the fact that the county HAS to maintain the airport . . . even if it doesn't want to!

Happy Hermit

Your opinionated flatulence is consistent with your lack of respect for the good of all citizens of Huron County. A question that needs answered is would there be such a "push" to sell the Airport if it wasn't for the interest in the land to expand a lucrative out of town owned enterprise??


Instead of looking at transportation infrastructure which benefits the entire community, and county, "American" looks only at how the county owned facility will benefit the adjacent raceway owner. Sorry but I wouldn't call Bader's operation a "lucrative" enterprise except for the Bader family.

swiss family

would it be possible for any one of the pilots that use the airport , to take a picture from the air of the runways and the racetracks and roads and how they could connect of the Speedway and the airport, so that WE , who seem to have the ability to find answers most of the time... maybe it would be possible to make a connecting section between the speedway and the airport, so that traffic could funnel out better, and still have the airport open at the same time..I really do not think that just because the airport says it is open, that jumbo jets are anxiously arriving and departing there in mass if traffic was funneling, and a pilot called in that he was landing there, I am sure Mr Bader would redirect the traffic until the pilot landed, being a good neighbor, that is until he was being made a fool of.. I think you can allow the raceway to use the airport, and have the airport open at the same least with a little common sense and planning, and I forgot , when you are talking about the County Commissioners common sense is hard to find in my opinion


Swiss, i appreciate your comments. Look at a googlemap view. I tried to copy one here but couldn't. It's fairly obvious any parking lot north of 18 can proceed north to the airport runway and out to 20. Thats the good news.

As far as having a pilot call in and wait for the traffic jam to clear, couple of problems. First, it may take 30 minutes or more for the traffic to clear out. Second, the FAA regs just aren't set up for this type of scenario. Either the airport is open or it isn't. Fuel reserves don't allow for this type of situation for smaller airports.

The only clear answer is for the airport to get its act together and file for the closure within the requirements. I really don't know why they can't or won't.

swiss family

thanks for the suggestion on going to the google map to see the layout of the roads and runways and racetracks that are in question.. I will do that. I do have to disagree with one thing that you did say though.. When you said that "it might take 30 min or more for traffic to clear out" if it were any other company with any other crew and any other leaders I would agree with you, but obviously you have never been out to the track... Please go, sure the races are exciting, but watch the staff. they are a well run machine, they thrive on problems and conquer it with answers....they seem to know whom to ask and whom to follow and when to make the decision in my opinion.. if at the last minute if they heard that a plane was coming in and needed the runway , or road, or raceway lit up and cleared.. in a hurry.. it would be.. and let me add I do NOT know Mr Bader personally , but have seen what kind of leadership he instills in and with his employees.. and I for one am impressed..


I have personally watched race fans throw trash out of their windows as they drive down the runway after a big event. ALL of the trash must be picked up before any plane can use the runway so none of it gets sucked into propellers and turbine/jet engines. It would take AT LEAST 30 minutes to scan the runway and the surrounding areas and pick up ALL the trash, even with an entire crew, regardless of WHO your boss is . . . especially at night! I'll bet both the pilots and the drunk race fans are NOT going to want to wait the 30+ minutes. This is why the FAA wants the Commissioners/HCAA and Bader to come up with a better, more permanent, win-win solution.


The huron county commissioners have know since 2007 that the FAA wanted them to pursue other options which would leave the runway and airport open during Bader's special events. The commissioners chose to ignore thinking the FAA would not interfere with our small county. Now 7 years later, they find out the FAA was serious and do the commissioners negligence, the FAA will possibly hold up or deny the raceway's requested closures. Understand that runways are not meant to have vehicles drive on them for a number of reasons, the biggest being safety and potential debris and damage to aircraft. We need to place the blame on the county commissioners, and their selected airport board appointee, the likes of Essex and Frankenfield, who were placed on the board to ensure the airport's demise.


Looks like the group raised the money the commissioners wouldn't put into their own building to bring in businesses. We should be asking why the commissioners aren't supporting this venture and moving it along. More than likely they are trying to kill the venture from behind the scenes. It's no wonder we have such a high unemployment rate in this county with their complacency. I would say the Friends group have done the job the commissioners should have, and in a much shorter time span. Too bad the Friends group wasn't running the county, something might actually get done.


FAA is a good example of the "nanny state" interfering in local affairs. Funny how some of you airport users like it when it benefits you.


You're right. we should allow ignorant politicians that lack common sense, and Billy's well to do local friends to control this county. Already sounds a lot like DeMore, Russo, and Cuyahoga county. Already surprised Billy hasn't tried to take over the state road system around his facility. A little oversight is good when you are dealing with corruption, and stupidity.


This article is about bringing businesses and services to our community. It appears certain that the commissioners failure to finance and refurbish their own property points to the fact that they are not supportive of the venture. At least the airport support group tried to do something positive for the community by raising funds to fix the building up. At least they are trying to bring business here which is more than the commissioners have done throughout their terms, other than spend TARP money to repair an old jail that should have been torn down. Remember, the taxpayers will have to repay the TARP money as it was a loan. Talk about a waste of taxpayer money!!