Suhr Family Park to receive new LED lights

It's a money saver.
Scott Seitz2
Jun 10, 2014


In the next couple weeks, city crews will be installing four new LED (light-emiting diode) lights on West Main Street near Suhr Family Park.

"We've been looking at LED lights in the downtown for a while," said Josh Snyder, public works director.

"There will be a long-term payback with these lights," he added. "There will be reduced energy cost and reduced labor cost due to the lifespan of the LED technology."

Snyder said the new LED lights cost $345 each.

"They will be paid for out of the lighting fund," he said.

The current lights, which cost $15 each, are metal-halide.

"We're replacing the current bulbs every four years," Snyder said. "The LED lights last for an average of 16.3 years.

"The old lights also use three times the amount of electricity," he added.

The new lights will produce an annual energy savings of $228 and an average cost savings (maintenance) of $150 per year, according to Snyder.

Snyder said he has to coordinate with the general services department as to when the lights will be installed.

"I anticipate in the next couple weeks," he said.

The LED lights will be placed on the 18-foot tall, black, decorative poles near Suhr Family Park on West Main Street.

Why this area?

"All of Suhr Park is LED," Snyder said. "The night lights, the landscaping lights, those are all LED in that area."

This will be the only area, presently, to receive the new lights.

"I'd love to do this in other areas," Snyder said. "But, the initial investment is expensive."

The lights were purchased through New Haven Supply.

"They are a Sylvania product," Snyder said. "Right now, they are being stored at the general services department."

The actual light emitted will look different.

"It's a whiter, cleaner light," Snyder said. "We're trying to do everything we can to increase energy efficiency."




swiss family

good happy to hear this... maybe they could use the old "not bright enough" lights" to light up some of the ever increasing , crime, increasing, dark spots that they are aware of, and have become aware of , in town.. Instead of giving you the phone number of "Gary" from Ohio Edison, who comes down and takes a look at 1 in the AFTERNOON>> and says he thinks it seems bright enough!!!(obviously the alley is not the only thing that is NOT too bright here)and gives you lie after lie, and then will not return calls..How about it City hall...could you throw us your "scraps??? and make our neighborhood a lot safer again???


Suhr Park was declared to be an economic development project by the former mayor.

Let's hope that the addition of LED lighting enhances that goal.


.? whatever

Scott Seitz

Just an update, these new lights are now installed.


Love how a parking lot and gazebo constitute a park in this town.

Tippythehippy's picture

LMFAO! I was just thinking that!>.<

Fibber Mcgee

It's a park cause they can show movies on the side of the frontiers' building.:)