Vandalism upsets NL residents

16 residents victimized
Heather Chapin-Fowler
Jun 8, 2014


More than 15 households woke up to anarchist symbols spray-painted on their homes, cars, road signs throughout the eastern side of the village Saturday morning.

"They haven't even been out of school for a day," said an angry resident, Wanda Stewart, whose car and house were vandalized with the symbols, or "tags."

Stewart's car is only a year old and it was tagged in black. Her white garage door was tagged in red.

Sixteen residents were victimized, according to New London Police Officer Kevin Verburg, who went on a manhunt after receiving a tip that a stop sign was tagged in the area about 1 a.m., he said.

"We have identified one adult and two juveniles at this point. We're still trying to gather all the evidence," Verburg said.

Once the concerned citizen called police to notify them of the tagging, Verburg started his hunt with a spotlight on foot in the area of South Maple and East Main streets, the area targeted by the vandals.

During the search, Verburg located the 19-year-old former East Main Street male resident in the targeted area. The suspect didn't have any paint with him when he was stopped by Verburg, the officer said. However, Verburg declined to comment on whether he had any paint on his hands or clothing due to the ensuing investigation.

One of the male juveniles was located later in the day and spoke openly with police during an interview. The juvenile admitted to his involvement while the adult "totally denies any involvement in it," Verburg said.

The second juvenile has yet to be located as of Sunday afternoon, he added.

Verburg "absolutely" anticipates charges will come out of the investigation but it is a long process gathering all the evidence because some of the paint was able to be washed off some of the cars and homes with siding. The homes with wooden exterior will have to be repainted as will some of the cars.

A large apartment complex, Aster Court, on Third Street and High Street, also has hit. It has a wood exterior and won't be easy to clean off the two large tags on the side of the apartment facing Maple Street.

Many of the victims are elderly and living on fixed incomes, which made the crime that more heinous in Verburg's eyes.

"They're all on fixed incomes and it's like 'You've got to be kidding. How are you going to screw people over like this?' ..... I hate to see these people go through this. It really stinks," Verburg said.

While interviewing the juvenile, who is a New London High School student, the boy told the officer he had no reason "whatsoever" why they allegedly did it.

A local car repair shop on Walnut Street, Free Change Auto, that is new in town, helped many of the people get the paint off their cars early in the day, Verburg said.

"Mike Stevens (president of Free Charge Auto) did an excellent job and helped a lot of people out," Verburg said.

The police, having dealing with a similar graffiti rash a few years ago, have been vehement that the department has a zero tolerance for the destruction of the village. "It's a cycle that gets progressively worse if it isn't stopped," Verburg said.

At the time of the last rash of graffiti by the "Social Outcast Crew," tags of the "SOC" were found throughout the town and eventually covered. New London Police Chief Mike Marko echoed Verburg's thoughts about the zero tolerance of the destruction of the small village.

While no charges have been filed yet against the suspects, the investigation into getting quotes on the damages will continue as will the interviews.

As far as the total estimate of damage so far, Verburg said he didn't "even want to hazard a guess."

"I'm just hoping we can obtain a conviction and find everyone that was responsible for this. We can't have someone tearing up the town," Verburg said.

Meanwhile, the adult suspect is no stranger to the law. Last year, he racked up criminal trespassing, criminal damaging and theft charges, according to Verburg.



In the old days punks like this would have gone straight to dh. sadly the courts now days will slap them on the wrist order them to pay back damages which these people will probably never see

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This just disgusts me. Sorry for all who's property was vandalized.


...its more than destruction of property, its an assault on the property owners who will always have to fret over when the next wave will come...


I agree... it would be justice if these punks had something nice that those victims could vandalize. Give them a taste of their own medicine.


I feel awful for the people who received damage to their property. What a horrible thing to wake up to. I live very close to the targeted area and to drive around and see all the damage that was done is saddening. I really hope that all parties involved will be charged accordingly and not just be given a slap on the wrist.


Kudos to Mike Stevens for helping the victims get some much needed help. Hopefully they make the kids go apologize to each victim and give them each enough community service to clean the town, twice!

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Should make them work in his shop! That is hard work....make them repaint and clean up all their damages.


They do it to be doing it. To see if they can get away with it. They get their rocks off. Because they know the courts or the parents don't have the balls to do anything to them.

I say, get their parents' cars, houses and belongings and take them away or destroy them ; then maybe they will learn to put their brats on a short leash.

Screw the apologies, they are not sorry , just sorry to be caught.


We are all a product of our up brining. This is not the first time nor will it probably be the last time for this group.


I hope the parants are charged also, they're as much at falt as there kids are. If not more!


I also agree kudos to mike stevens!

Not sure whose those who did this are so dont know the parents however you cant always blame the parents lot parents try raise there kids right but lots kids now days dont listen to parents.

They need change laws post underage criminals to there no better then adults.

Not sure what justice is in this case these kids should be ordered to work on a farm earn income pay all damages plus some extra to each victim.

FAR as the IM SORRY that does no good in my opinion.

these punks need dealt a tough blow give them to me i got a nice belt to wear there ass out.


Where did these ba$tards get the spray paint, and did they buy enough that it should have made the cashier wonder what they were up to? An example would be teenagers buying a bunch of toilet paper late at night, but maybe it didn't take too many cans of spray paint to do the damage? Arm the stupid a$$es with some vandalX and have them start scrubbing.


Thought you had to be 18 to buy spray paint? My kids tried to buy some at Dollar General last year to paint props for the spring concert and were not old enough.


Thanks for pointing that out. Just looked it up and you're right about being 18, and they must show I.d. ...There is an exception though when it comes to school projects. Someone underage can make the purchase with a signed note from their teacher.


Wasn't a biggie for us. I just went up and got it. The kids were working in the garage. A couple were painting, a couple went to go get more. But if you are going out to vandalize makes me wonder, how the underage buy it. If you find the store that sells it to them. Or do they steal it out of mom and dads garage.

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Probably the "adult" that was involved. No one bats an eye at large paint purchases.....we use spray paint for bikes, cars, ect.


Why every time a kid does something , it's make the parents pay. for pity sake parents are not allowed to raise their kids any longer. you whip them (AKA spanking)your abusing them, you yell at them and your hurting their poor little psyche, and give them a poor self image, and that's abuse. When I was a kid had I done this,I would have been whip with a belt, and made to work for the money to pay for the repairs, Not my parents, ME. With any action there is a reaction, and with that thought in mind I learned how to think things through to see how it would all end.Nothing was done on the spur of the moment or out of boredom, we were never bored we had chores to do.


I agree.

Sitting In The ...

Invest in motion lights and security cameras....


Because in today`s USA you cant even whip your kid without being accused of abuse its why there`s PUNKS like this!

the courts tend to go easy on teens now these kids need there ass beaten need some time hard work labor!

anyone know who they are?


well geez ow sherrif whatya think we should do garf garf!!!