Multiple suspected burglars among baker's dozen indicted by Huron County grand jury

Five of the indictments were drug-related.
Cary Ashby
Jun 20, 2014


A Huron County grand jury recently indicted 13 suspects Friday. Four of the defendants are charged with burglary and five of the indictments are drug-related.

Nicholas Bell, 27, of Akron, was charged with burglary in connection with an Aug. 23 incident on Chenango Road. If convicted of the second-degree felony, he faces two to eight years in prison.

The Huron County Sheriff's Office inspected the suspected theft of items including copper and electrical wiring.

"It was a house the owner was remodeling," Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff said.

Grand jurors indicted three other burglary suspects on separate crimes.

Eric L. Carroll, 21 of Spring St., was charged with burglary in connection with an April 13 incident.

Suspected co-defendants Adam J. Goodsite, 20, and Erikah M. Greszler, 19, both of 1260 E. 61, each face one count of burglary in connection with an April 20 incident.

The other defendants who were indicted Friday and their charges are:

• Jonathan Auble, 47, of 982 Timothy Drive, Willard, on one count each of cultivation of marijuana and possession of criminal tools, both in connection with a March 1 incident.

• Brooke A. Deak, 25, of 23 Newton St., on five counts of forgery in connection with two incidents on March 27 plus suspected offenses on March 31, April 3 and 7.

• William A. Faulkner, 53, of 144 S. Ohio 99, Monroeville, on one count each of menacing by stalking and attempted burglary in connection with incidents between May 11 and 12.

• Jade W. Fiske, 20, of 60 W. Seminary St., on two counts of trafficking in marijuana in connection with incidents on Sept. 20 and 23.

• Sean A. Goble, 29, of 20 E. Main St., North Fairfield, on trafficking in heroin in connection with a Jan. 16 incident.

• Jack J. Leimeister, 21, of 30 Woodlawn Ave., on possession of heroin in connection with a March 16 incident.

• Frederick L. Lyons, 34, of 520 Milan Ave., Lot 61, on possession of 5-Flouo UR-144 (aka synthetic marijuana aka "K2")in connection with an April 1 incident.

• Chad A. Maynard, 33, of 42 E. Main St., Berlin Heights, on four counts of theft of drugs in connection with incidents on Feb. 6 and 23 plus March 6 and 11.

In other action, grand jurors transferred the first-degree misdemeanor case against Terry L. Parrigan, 47, of 3728 Ohio 603, Plymouth, to Norwalk Municipal Court for further, possible prosecution. Parrigan was charged with one count each aggravated menacing by stalking and telecommunication harassment in connection with respective incidents on May 10 and 11.


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Continued judicial skullduggery !!!!!!!!!! Under order of the federal GOVERNMENT!!!! Felonies for everyone...... Gun control???????? AMERICA ONE NATION UNDER A EMPIRE OF LAWYERS!!!!!!!!!


WTF are you ranting about? Wow...take a 'lude, dude. It's's all gonna be alright....


I just pasted your comment in the Google search box and all I got back was, "That's stupid".


Disease or not who cares. The fact that someone over doses is teribble. And to here people say they deserve it is even worst... What kind of person would even say something like that. People die everyday for whatever reason but that doesn't give us the right to pass judgment on them. I am in no shape or form trying to justify there cause of death but to here some of you self righteous people is sickening..I only hope that you people never go thought what these family are going through right know.

Sitting In The ...

It's not a disease, it's a stupid decision to try a drug that has a history of ruining lives. Why should I feel pity on someone who willing uses this drug, suffers the consequences and has people call them "victims" because they were to dumb to say "no"?

Simply Amazed

"Sitting in the shadows" addiction is a disease most addicts are also suffering from other ailments such as mental disorders. I would suggest you research addiction before you make comments concerning them.

Sitting In The ...

Since you did the research I guess I can ask you, please explain why some people with the same mental health issues as the "addicts" never touch the stuff? I mean if that's what it is then wouldn't both of them do it ?.

Simply Amazed

If we tackled addiction as a disease as opposed to users being casted out as trash we could make a difference. I do feel bad for our addicts there is no help for them in our county. The answer to this epidemic is always county jail time and more jail time. It doesn't seem to be working. The heroin in our county is coming from one of three places Columbus, Cleveland or Toledo if you follow the news you'll notice there's seldom a major bust in those areas that's where our state needs to concentrate. They need to take down these cartels that funnel the junk in to our community.

J Cooper

So many indicted, more for Conway to let off..

Yall Make Me Sick

They chose to take the first hit, so don't blame others for someone else's dumb decisions. That's the problem, not everyone has a easy life that don't mean the right thing is to do drugs to try to block out pain & thoughts it's a decision that person made on their own. Cancer is a disease choosing to be a drug addict is a choice.

Sitting In The ...

Thank You !!!!! You've restored my hope in humanity. My life isn't easy and I never once thought "you know what would fix all my problems? heroin"

Simply Amazed

I don't have the answer to the epidemic but I most certainly do have compassion for those suffering.....and I personally know a lot of people struggling with this disease and want help but there's no help for them unless they have the funds to get to medical attention they need. I so wish I was wealthy enough to make a difference....there are medications to help addicts overcome the cravings and slowing ween themselves off the drug. But unfortunately it costs an insane amount to get these medications and the medical supervision through the process of getting clean. Not to mention the use of dirty needles that has caused most addicts to have contracted hepatitis. We're so out of touch with what matters in life it's truly scary. How many times do we have to hear about how much money "junkies" cost the tax payer. What maybe .13 cents a month. That argument is really getting old. To many heartless self righteous people living in or world. Also as I said the sharing of needles is a very serious problem and the users should have access to clean needles. I promise you the diseases such as HIV are going to affect the tax payers much more in the long and see.