Huron County grand jury indicts baker's dozen

Several cases involve burglary charges.
Cary Ashby
Jun 6, 2014


A Huron County grand jury indicted 13 suspects today.

The defendants and their charges are:

Eric L. Carroll on burglary;

Nicholas Bell on burglary;

Sean A. Goble on trafficking in heroin;

Jack J. Leimeister on possession of heroin;

Chad A. Maynard on four counts of theft of drugs;

Brooke A. Deak on five counts of forgery;

Jonathan Auble on one count each cultivation of marijuana and possession of criminal tools;

Jade W. Fiske on two counts trafficking in marijuana;

Adam J. Goodsite on burglary;

Erikah M. Greszler on burglary;

Terry L. Parrigan on one count each aggravated menacing by stalking and telecommunication harassment;

Frederick L. Lyons on possession of 5-Flouo UR-144;

William A. Faulkner on one count each menacing by stalking and attempted burglary.

For the full story, read Saturday's Reflector.



I don't think the headline "pun" is appropriate. If the NR (online edition) would like to be taken seriously..... maybe the quips should be left aside.


Really? This pun bothers you? Wow..another one that will B***h about anything...


Lighten up...maybe some of these offenders will get to spend some time with the muffin man..ha


My apologies.... I was in a particularly snarky mood last night. Upon review and a full night's sleep, it can be rather humorous.


Snarky moods are what make the comment section fun.