Jeremiah Diebler to lead M'ville boys' basketball program

He's excited about new job.
Scott Seitz2
Jun 10, 2014


Monroeville High School introduced Jeremiah Diebler as its new varsity boys' basketball coach Friday.

"I'm very excited," Diebler said. "I felt I was ready."

Monroeville is the 32-year-old's first head-coaching job.

"When I heard this job had opened, I applied for it," Diebler said. "It's the only job I applied for."

Diebler, the son of Genoa head coach Keith Diebler, is a 2000 graduate of Gibsonburg High School, where he played his junior and senior years. His freshman and sophomore years, he started at Willard.

Jeremiah Diebler is currently a resident of Willard. He and his wife have a 2-year-old daughter.

It was a bit of a winding road that led Diebler to Monroeville.

Diebler said after he graduated from Gibsonburg, he tried to go to college, but just wasn't ready from a maturity standpoint, adding after that he worked various jobs for a few years.

At 26 years old, Diebler enrolled at Lindsey Wilson College in Kentucky, which is an NAIA school.

"I played there until I was 29," he said.

Diebler has a degree in sport and exercise, with a minor in health.

He said he will enter graduate school and also pursue his teaching license. Presently, he has been substitute teaching.

During the past couple years, Diebler has served as an assistant coach at Rio Grande University and last year at Genoa.

Diebler takes over for former head coach Zac Reer, who was non-renewed this spring by the school board after 10 years at the helm.

"Through my research, I know there is talent here and kids who love basketball," Diebler said.

"When kids have a passion and want to play, it will work," he said.

The Eagles will be high-tempo, high-energy this upcoming season.

Diebler said the home team will use the small floor at the West Street Gymnasium to its advantage.

"We're going to make this a nightmare for people to come to," he said. "I like this gym. We are going to press and get in your face."

His brothers, Jake and Jon, played for their father on Upper Sandusky's 2005 Division II state championship team.

In 2007, Jon, as a senior, set the all-time scoring mark in the state of Ohio and led the Rams to a state runners-up finish.

Jake played four years of college basketball at Valparaiso, while Jon was a standout at Ohio State.

Jeremiah Diebler's coaching style will be similar to his dad's.

"It's about 80 percent what my dad does and 20 percent my own touch," he said.

Ted Caldwell will serve as a varsity assistant to Diebler.

Anthony Langhurst, of Willard, will be the jayvee coach.

The school still is looking for a freshmen coach.

Both Monroeville and Genoa have scheduled 21 games for the upcoming season. Diebler said the two schools might play each other early in the season, setting up a father-son match-up.

Ben Paul, Monroeville athletic director, said Diebler's hiring is dependent on approval from the school board June 16.

There were 19 applicants for the position. A teaching position was not available.

"Coach Diebler comes from a family with a really strong basketball background," Paul said. "Coach Diebler is very energetic and enthusiastic."

Paul said the interview committee talked to the current players to see what kind of qualities they were looking for in a coach.

"The players said they wanted to play up-tempo and I think they will be excited to play this style of basketball," Paul said. "We wanted as much input as possible."



Congrats to both these fine upstanding gentlemen on these coaching positions. Diebler and Langhurst are both very knowledgeable about the game of basketball and have played on championship caliber teams. I see M'ville making a name for itself when it comes to basketball in the future.


I agree with you Jake and second the Congrats. The key to a lot of success is talent, coaching and the realization that your son may not be a pro. I have followed area sports for many years and there always seem to be more coaching from the stands. Monroeville, you have had some pretty nasty loud mouths in your stands over the years as well as others.


Looks like the random Reflector comment threats of the new building not going up due to the recent coaching change just landed in the dumpster with a thud. Diebler & Langhurst, wow what a find for Monroeville.

HS Sports Fan

Congrats to the new coaches. Anytime a Diebler is involved in high school basketball it can be very entertaining. Looks like I will be attending some Monroeville games next season. Good Luck Guys!


Let the circus begin!!! I guarantee there will be controversy BEFORE Christmas. I may buy season tickets! lol