Loaded weapons, packaged marijuana seized from camper

Details released in case involving suspect with notorious criminal record.
Cary Ashby
Jun 15, 2014


Sheriff's deputies recently seized two loaded firearms and a large amount of suspected marijuana reported to be "packaged for distribution" when they arrested a male suspect with a violent past.

William M. McCullough, 69, of 1732 U.S. 250, New London, is charged with one count each of felonious assault and possession of weapons under disability.

Huron County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Ted Patrick shared the details on how deputies ended up arresting McCullough -- who spent time many years in prison for attempted murder and multiple drug convictions -- on a recent Thursday afternoon.

A male complainant came to the sheriff's office about 11 a.m., but the suspected incident happened much earlier that morning when the man was consuming alcohol with McCullough.

"An argument erupted over who was going to pay for the beer. The argument got heated," Patrick said.

The man left McCullough's camper and went to his own, which is on the same property owned by a third person. Patrick said the man reportedly heard McCullough threaten to kill him and also about 25 gun shots.

"He was not struck. He stayed in his camper until he thought he was safe. He was concerned about leaving the property," Patrick said.

After a short investigation, deputies obtained warrants for McCullough on felonious assault and possession of weapons under disability.

"He's not permitted to have a firearm due to his prior, violent criminal history," Patrick said.

In 1985, McCullough was sentenced to six to 25 years in prison for attempted murder for shooting his former girlfriend and her lover. Prosecutors have said they suspected the Dec. 31, 1984 shooting arose out of a fit of jealousy because McCullough watched the couple necking.

The victims, who were shot by an old-style revolver with low-velocity rounds, survived. The woman sustained injuries to her brain stem and thyroid gland.

On Thursday, Sheriff Dane Howard, several of his deputies, five deputies from the Ashland County Sheriff's Office and members of the New London Police Department met in the Fitchville area to set up a perimeter around where McCullough lives.

"It's a big junk yard is what it is," Patrick said about the property. "We had received information that McCullough was not coming out of his trailer. He was armed and said he wasn't going back to prison."

Howard said the amount of officers and establishing the perimeter was necessary due to McCullough's criminal history, the nature of the complaint and the possible presence of firearms.

"I took every precaution to ensure the safety of everyone," the sheriff added.

When deputies arrived, Howard said a witness reported McCullough possibly was intoxicated and in his camper with a loaded weapons, "which was consistent with the complaint."

"We were able to establish he was in his camper," Patrick added.

However, there were seven pitbull dogs near the camper.

"(That) made the situation even more difficult to handle," Patrick said.

Deputies contacted the Huron County Dog Warden's Office to retrieve the dogs.

After about 20 minutes of negotiating with McCullough, "he surrendered without incident," Patrick said.

Sgt. Bill Duncan and Detective Rich Larson were in charge of negotiating with the suspect. Howard said he recently had sent the two deputies to a week-long training session by the FBI.

"I had done the training myself about 15 years ago. It's very intensive," said Howard, who was the hostage negotiator for the sheriff's office when he was in charge of the detective bureau.

The sheriff praised the way Duncan and Larson handled negotiations with the suspect.

"It was the first opportunity they had to use their training. It was very successful negotiations," Howard said.

After McCullough was in custody, deputies used a search warrant to obtain several weapons from the camper. Patrick said there were two loaded firearms -- a Mossberg shotgun and .9 mm High Point pistol.

"There were two other weapons in the home that were unloaded," the sheriff's spokesman said about a 22-caliber Marlin rifle and an air rifle.

"Also in the home was a large amount of marijuana that was packaged for distribution," Patrick said.

McCullough has been convicted multiple times of drug-related and violent crimes.

In 1980, he was sentenced to one to 10 years in prison for trafficking in LSD. Prosecutors have said McCullough ignited fireworks during an incident at the old Richfield Coliseum. That same year, he also served time in a Columbus prison for trafficking in marijuana before being paroled in 1981.

On Aug. 25, 2008, McCullough was sentenced to six months in prison for attempted assault on a police officer. According to the sheriff's office, a deputy used a Taser on him when he reportedly resisted arrest at his home.

At the time of the mid-May 2008 incident, McCullough was arrested on warrant. He was charged with failure to report to jail on the original conviction of child enticement. The defendant served a 40-day sentence at the Huron County Jail.

McCullough was convicted of telling several boys and girls, ages 9 to 13, he wouldn't hurt them if they approached him when he was near a white van. One of the victim's parents told McCullough to leave after he told the child to put the Freeze Pop in the back of the vehicle, according to a Reflector story published Oct. 19, 2006.



Once again check the address on the warrant they get it wrong AGAIN! Seven pit bull? I thought there were only two? And how many guns were found? You guys need a fact checker when dealing with the sheriffs dept.

sic-of - loudmouths

Wrong address for sure!!!!! Search warrant was for 1732 the camper address is 1734. Why don't they tell about all the guns that were taken from 1732???? All it tell,s is what was taken from the 1734 address that they had no warrant for. I have the inventory list from both places and copy of search warrant with wrong address. Also have copy of address assignment for camper dated long before any of this took place. ANOTHER BAD DEAL!!!!!!!! Let's see when I take the paper work to the reflector today if they only work for the HCSO.......


A George Carlin sighting!

Estrella Damm

I thought Willie Nelson.


I did too.


sic, take your evidence to Sandusky Register, the NR will not report anything but what it is spoonfed by the Sheriff's Office, Have Lou contact John Gold, or Ed Rhodes attorney's.. also you can post on Ohio Cop Block, about the wrong address warrant. You would think that these super detectives, would know about the auditor's website where they can get the correct address for each living residence in our county. It plainly states there are 2 residences at that property parcel.

sic-of - loudmouths

Exactly!!!!! It is all public record..... I will call The SR!!!!!! COP BLOCK WILL BE NOTIFIED ASAP!!!!! THIS has to stop... Appointment for Lou at Rohde law offices tomorrow. Waiting on call back from SR. Cop block notified. HCSO violating the rights of the citizens of Huron county has to be STOPPED.........

Tippythehippy's picture

since the warrant was for the wrong address, does this mean it will all be thrown out? Hope so! Tired of this police state BS.....

sic-of - loudmouths

AT this point we all know HCSO is given the authority by the Judges of Huron County to invade and violate the rights of anyone they want to...The juvenile court judge signed the Collins warrant and this one. Seems Conway and Wisenburger!!!!! Won't get involved in their criminal activity......


I would think even a public defender could get this one dismissed

sic-of - loudmouths

Dusty! Keep in mind who pays that public pretender.......

sic-of - loudmouths

I bet all N E one who wants to wager that HCSO has no photos of suspect ever entering the said buildings at 1732 US RT 250 S. Can't wait to see what kind of BS the HCSO spokesman has to say to try and cover this up!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We know they had a video camera there, the Reflector posted a video.


And 25 shots fired..He'd have to reload at least once. I'm not buy'n there were that many shots. But if they say itI guess the NR should print it.

sic-of - loudmouths

That all changed at the hearing held Friday also. Three different stories so far. By alleged victim.....

sic-of - loudmouths

As per 1 of the HCSO inventory list for search warrant for 1732 left at 1734 it appears there will be less than 100 grams of weed. 2nd inventory list left at 1732 list 26 guns taken from law abiding citizen. F IN WOW!!!!!!!!!


Not sure this was done legally but i am sure this guy is trash i remember back when he was trying to lure young children into his van!

sic-of - loudmouths

Take a moment and get some education on the ruling of the Ohio supreme courts ruling on the child enticement law he was charged with.... Thats right it was unconstitutional.. Another unjust law made up by some judicial pit bull to destroy innocent people. Or just continue to make uneducated comments!!!!!!

sic-of - loudmouths

Last comment from you the whole family was TRASH!!!! Today just him. You are an obvious uneducated COWARD!!!!!! And that's all I have to say about that!!!!!!!!

Dave's other brother

This guys a piece of garbage. He beat my little sister for years before he shot them two people. He has no place on this earth. I don't care if the search warrants right or wrong you need to know the person doing the crime. Prison is the only place for him. Or let him come hang with your family so he can abuse one of your kids or family member. You'll see what I'm talking about.you people on cop block get your facts straight. Last year at bike week you stupid people thought I was a cop and put me on you tube, but all I am is a guy that takes pictures for a biker Magizine . Real smart.

sic-of - loudmouths

It must be on record??? What police did she report all the beatings to??? These are all public records. Copy and paste them to your comment. So as to show legal proof of what u print. We await the reports to back up your comment ....

sic-of - loudmouths

What kind of man let's any one beat their sister once???? Let alone for 2 years!!!!! Please!!!!!!!


I don't think anyone is saying Bill is a piller in the community. He's done some bad things in his life. I think we just want then to do there job right.


Scary looking man .

Dr. Information

Well at least we all know who sic of loudmouths is lol.

sic-of - loudmouths

Y ur no Dr. Atall u is 1 of m there psychic's!!!!!

swiss family


sic-of - loudmouths

Very well put Dusty!!!!! It's about the rights of not just the citizens of Huron County but the American people. Our forefathers fought and died for these rights!! If we don't stand up for them when they are completely ignored by those sworn to protect them and the people there will be no rights......


Sic, did you get ahold of the SR and did they sound interested?

sic-of - loudmouths

Rohde law firm tomorrow.